"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"The Vatican changes its image by relying on the Accenture agency, a backbone of LGBT propaganda"

"The Vatican changes its image by relying on the Accenture agency, a backbone of LGBT propaganda" 
by Finan Di Lindisfarne
They give news, translating from the French, the editors of the UnaVox site (http://www.unavox.it/ArtDiversi/DIV2275_De-Villasmundo_Nuova_immagine_Vaticano.html).

The hierarchy, in the person of Monsignor Viganò, has entrusted the change of image (already this concept sounds bad) to a rather famous agency (Accenture), which stands out for its marked LGBT propaganda.

To such an extent that inside the company itself is organized once a year - according to sources - a day of homosexual pride.Being a digital communication, the Vatican chose to use the 'top' of agencies to proselytize. But not to evangelize, we understand.The important thing in this case is to model itself on any mundane scheme, whether it is advertising and effective.The purpose is to save souls? No, let alone. This is a Church that will no longer disturb anyone, because it is good for everyone.What is the use of saving souls if St. Luther - now finally rehabilitated after centuries of obscurity in the Church - has already declared everyone safe? Sin is a concept of the Late Middle Ages and it is not appropriate to talk about it anymore; not to discriminate, no?Of course, they will always say to bring people to Jesus, while their backs meet their fingers.Among the many aspects that make you indignant - leaving aside the LGBT - issue of this choice VOLUTA E CONSAPEVOLE (let's stop attributing ingenuities that do not exist) is the contradiction that passes between the words of the Supreme Pontiff on the question of the poor, of favoring the marginalized and a choice completely addressed to the strong powers.And if it is not chosen, it is a consequence of the attitude of the monkey (I do not see, I do not speak, I do not hear). Gnorrism is king.As you can see from the articles in French that UnaVox has linked, the great result of this communication choice are movies worthy of any commercial company, with impressive music (on the style of a movie trailer), spectacular shots, nuances and a final message that it makes me shiver:"REFORM TO GIVE A NEW FORM TO THINGS" signed by Pope Francis, followed by the tide of famous people like Father James 'Gacomina' Martin (sorry the bad joke but the scenario is very bad).Now everything is revealed, they say it themselves: the aim is to change, to change, understood as canceling what was there before to set up a new, different church, the neochiesa.They are telling us this openly because they have made unimaginable progress over the past two years. They thought they were facing more obstacles, but no.So, forward all the way to the instinct of a church that is no longer Catholic.The church of the queens (and the more you are and more you are estimated), that if they do not openly claim to boast of their sin (I speak of the prelates) it is only because they are afraid that it is too early.In fact, the only one who had the courage to tell the truth was the former Monsignor Charamsa, who, like a devil forced by an exorcism, came out into the open, drooling anger against the "Homophobia Bible".This Church seriously injures the salvation of souls and instead of protecting the faithful from the fiery darts of the evil one, it causes him, helping him, to do even more harm.Congratulations, Mons. Viganò, excellent choice!Christ really needed pro-gay publicity stunts for the proclamation of the Gospel. Who knows why he himself did not recommend it to the Apostles. Strange indeed, does not it find?Dear readers, we are no longer talking about Prelates who are coming out of the Doctrine of the Church, here we are seeing an institution that wants to do ONLUS, wants to make ecology, wants to propagate a concept similar to communism, wants subjective morality (in all fields from sexual to everything else), but it is not Catholic Church.We are in the hands of usurpers. We have to wait for the Chief (the real one in heaven) to decide when and how to bring things back to justice.

St. Bosco "Hell, The Two Pillars & Effeminate Rome"  

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