"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, December 25, 2017

FATIMA WATCH: NATO wants to attack Russia, starting World War III

FATIMA WATCH: NATO wants to attack Russia, starting World War III

NATO obviously doesn’t like Russia because Russia has meticulously changed the political and ideological climate in Syria and elsewhere. As US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work put it last summer, “Our adversaries [Russia], quite frankly, are pursuing enhanced human operations and it scares the crap out of us.”

TradCatKnight: (3rd Secret of Fatima) Kiev, Ukraine & Russia
If you still don’t think that New World Order organizations like NATO are insane, crazy, or even diabolical, then think again. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has recently declared that NATO, according to Sputnik News, “has doubled the number of its military drills since 2012 in the vicinity of Russia’s borders, adding that Moscow is scrutinizing the exercises.”[1]
“Speaking at the final meeting of the Defense Ministry’s board, Sergei Shoigu said that the US missile defense system in Europe has been brought to the level of ‘initial operational readiness.’ The number of the bloc’s servicemen deployed near Russian borders has grown from 10 to 40 thousand in three years, he added.
“While the bloc conducted 282 military exercises near Russia’s borders in 2014, in 2017 the number of drills grew to 548. He also said that the NATO member-states have intensified their surveillance operations near Russia. ‘We resolutely suppress any attempts to violate the Russian air and sea borders,’ the Minister of Defense added.”
NATO has been pushing Russia to do something stupid since the beginning of time.[2] Even this year alone, NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Adrian Bradshaw, perversely and incoherently argued that that 1) Russia has meddled in the US election, and 2) this represents an “act of war.”[3]
Bradshaw moved to say: “It is hard to imagine any future conflict that doesn’t include a substantial cyber element. It’s not just the threat of overt military attack, but it’s a raft of other measures, including covert, paramilitary, and non-military activities, some of which will be coordinated by the intelligence arms of Russia. And we as NATO need to have our antenna tuned to the signs that this sort of hostile activity is going on.”[4]
Bradshaw’s logic is pretty simple here: Any country that involves in “substantial cyber element” must face severe consequences, which may include a military coup and covert operations. Russia allegedly hacked the US election; therefore, according to this logic, Russia must pay.
Russia must accept the challenge because that would prove the end of the New World Order as we know it. Bradshaw certainly should retire from the military because obviously his memory is fading away. Back in 2012, both the United States and Israel created a computer virus called Stuxnet. Why?
NWO agents in Israel and the US wanted to hack Iran’s nuclear facilities and destroy their projects.[5] The program itself was developed and tested in Israel.[6]
“Overall,” the Washington Post itself reported then, “the attack destroyed nearly 1,000 of Iran’s 6,000 centrifuges…”[7] NWO agents bragged about how they did a good job, but no one did say that America and Israel ought to be bombed for this violation.
Can General Adrian Bradshaw explain this perennial contradiction for us? Does he really want us all to believe that Russia is actually the aggressor while NATO has already placed thousands upon thousands of troops around Russian borders? Does he mean to tell us that NATO is not advancing its troops in major countries in Europe?
You see, people like Bradshaw cannot make sense because they have abandoned the moral and political order and have embraced an essentially diabolical ideology, which can manifest itself in several ways: covert operations, colossal hoaxes, complete fabrications, and just plain lies.
NATO obviously doesn’t like Russia because Russia has meticulously changed the political and ideological climate in Syria and elsewhere. As US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work put it last summer, “Our adversaries [Russia], quite frankly, are pursuing enhanced human operations and it scares the crap out of us.”[8]
So, even if Russia accepts the stupid challenge that they hacked the US election, New World Order agents will still find themselves in deep dodo. As professor Stephen Cohen of Princeton University put it,
The orthodox, consensual, political media establishment view is that only Putin is to blame. We are completely innocent. We never did a single thing in the 25 years since the end of the Soviet Union to bring about a cold war. That isn’t true. But if we try to discuss it…then comes the cries, ‘Puppet of the Kremlin, agent of Putin.’”
Cohen again declared: “This guy [Putin] gives more interviews, more speeches, it’s all available in English” and “no one paid any attention to what Putin said.” Cohen is absolutely correct. And if New World Order agents slightly pay some attention, they always end up twisting Putin’s words in order to poison the minds of naïve observers.
For example, NWO organs like Newsweek know that NATO has been antagonizing Russia for years. But instead of reporting the major facts, they came up with a silly article entitled, “Lithuania accuses Russia of ‘simulating attack’ on NATO with drill.”[9] At the end of the same article, we read this: “NATO has pledged to rotate 4,000 allied troops through Poland and the Baltics as part of a wider reinforcement strategy on its eastern flank, bordering Russia.”[10]
Well, isn’t that a problem? Can you think of any country in the world that will accept military troops around its borders without serious consequences? Will the United States ever accept such a covert activity? What if North Korea sends just one hundred troops in places like Hawaii? Wouldn’t the United States consider this an act of war?
If so, then why are NATO and other organizations imposing a diabolical worldview upon Russia when they themselves are not prepared to live by the same worldview? Who are they really fooling?

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“Prepare For a Big Ass Fight” U.S. General Tells Marines “There’s A War Coming”



As much of the world celebrates the Christmas Holiday, it’s business as usual on the geo-political front. And as we have repeatedly warned in recent years, numerous countries including military super powers Russia and China are actively mobilizing their armies for a widespread armed conflict.
With North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowing this weekend to never give up his nuclear ambitions and President Trump having made it clear that the United States will not allow the North to possess nuclear weapons capable of striking America, it appears that confrontation is inevitable.
Further signaling what may come to pass in 2018 is General Robert Neller, who spoke to Marines in Europe during his annual Christmas tour:
Neller emphasized to the Marines that they should remain ready to fight at all times, predicting a “big-ass fight” on the horizon.
“I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Neller said. ” … You’re in a fight here, an informational fight, a political fight, by your presence.”
Neller later told the Marines that he expects the Pacific and Russia to be the service’s operational points of focus as the nation looks beyond the fights in the Middle East that have stretched into the better part of two decades.
Source: Military.com
While it may be difficult for most to fathom the possibility of a massive confrontation on the order of the 20th century’s World Wars, the fact is that tens of thousands of troops and machinery have already been deployed around the North Korean conflict zone.
North Korea may be the obvious trigger, but tensions in the Ukraine and elsewhere could rapidly catalyze a war of unprecedented proportions should cooler heads fail to prevail.
Will 2018 see an event like the June 1914 assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which subsequently led to declarations of war a month later and over a million dead by the end of that year?
Time will tell, of course, but preparing for the worst case scenario may be prudent. There’s a reason why West coast cities, as well as the State of Hawaii, are warning residents to prepare nuclear contingencies in the event of war.

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