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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How Long Might We Suffer Antipope Francis?

How Long Might We Suffer Antipope Francis?
By:  Eric Gajewski

As many more are coming to the conclusion that Francis is a true Antipope I am sure this thought has crossed your mind.  How much longer must we suffer Francis (given the prophetic timeline)?  And this is a very natural question to ask but let us remember that part of this chastisement is the “spiritual side” of things wherein God has allowed for very poor leaders not just in the world but in the Church.  I thought about this myself today as new information has come in this week about Maitreya’s star sign.  This new information as to when the Antichrist’s star sign would potentially occur allows for us to further speculate.  Please keep that in mind as I am only relaying my opinions (which change due to new or improved information on what I already know in general) in this article.  Many might be asking just how long a duration has any antipope supposedly “reigned” over the Church?  I thought about this myself today as well.  Off the top of my head I thought it would have been around a decade (being the longest) but I was wrong.  Let us take a look into history and perhaps provide some further analysis on this current endtime crisis.

Longest illegal pretender (antipope)?  There were a few antipopes who illegally pretended to be the Pope for about 10 years as I suspected (Felix II, Leo VIII, Honorius II, Anacletus II, Calixtus III, Clement VII and Felix V) however the longest period for an antipope was 20 years which was held by Clement III.  I am sure most people do not realize this.  We know from Church teaching there cannot be a two-pope scenario.  A true Pope and a antipope yes but not two popes.  Francis has implied (in his off the wall interviews) that it is possible and good for the Church (two pope scenario) which should not surprise anyone who sees with the eyes of an eagle at this point.  Just this past week more people have finally spoken out publicly that “Francis is an antipope!”.  And no Mr. Pseudo Trad we do not need authority to make such a claim!  This comes on the heels of Francis openly stating that he may very well be the one who splits the Church.  Folks, the enemy doesn’t even hide it anymore! Wake up and smell the new religion Francis is not Pope.

If Francis persists/lives until the False Prophet arises how long would we have to suffer Francis?  (2013 to 2023?)  FrancisMafia ousted the true Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 and that is not conspiracy. It is a matter of public admission by the St. Gallen Mafia themselves (on the basis of this alone per canon law BXVI is still Pope).  Benedict XVI fits the description of the long awaited endtimes Pope to flee Rome and with new knowledge concerning Maitreya’s star sign I will further speculate.  Many seem to have the idea in these modern times that we may only be fooled for a few years by an antipope but clearly from history this is not the case.  Of course, sedevacantists would argue “a seriously long period” of sedevacante (due to a series of antipopes since John 23rd) but I am not of the same mindset.  IF this star sign indeed arrives in December 2022 as the mainstream news and jews are now reporting this means that Francis may very well be around till 2022/2023.  I know get your Xanax and Pepto Bismol handy.  On the Day of Declaration Maitreya will show and introduce his “masters” one of them being the False Prophet “master jesus” who will “takeover” Rome and assume power without any conclave and formally unite all religions into One.  Supposedly Francis will aide him thus I thought maybe we might have to suffer Francis another year or two but it now could be worse than that.

I say all of this because if the False prophet arrives in 2023 we may potentially have to suffer Francis another 7 years!  If he remains healthy and he doesn’t bail out beforehand I believe many more will come to the conclusions we have but this can be truly hard to believe.  I am not suggesting this to cause everyone to go into despair because real catholics at this point aren’t paying attention to this heretic but I say this to prove the point that we are being seriously chastised by a God who wants us to value the Faith yet again.  Furthermore, this would put Francis at about ten years as an antipope (in the end) which may seem pretty long considering how this antipope (possibly of ten years) is different from the others due to all the heresy which is currently being taught.  This would make Francis 87 years old.  Many are already suggesting he has some form of mental illness due to his nonsensical teachings nevertheless I think it is safe to say that we are in for a real  “doozy” the next five years of so given the new timeline I have just presented.  Keep in mind Francis has said he maybe another “pope” to resign however antipopes do not hold that office to begin with.  In addition, in complete madness, we have Cardinal Sarah recently saying that 2017 will be a “better year” due to it being the 100th anniversary of Fatima.  This pretty much sums of the conservative Novus Ordo cardinals.  We are on the precipice of the worst period in human history and now all of sudden without any intent of conversion the situation will get better?  This is why I cannot attempt to debate the false traditionalists any longer.  I cannot help the blind to see outside of praying for them.

In the end, did not Our Lady warn that the apostasy would start at the top?

List of antipopes and duration:

Fr. Martin: 3rd Secret of Fatima, "Apostasy & Chastisement"