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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cardinal Cupich, the "sex jihad" and "crushing the skulls of infidels"

Cardinal Cupich, the "sex jihad" and "crushing the skulls of infidels"

At Holy Name Cathedral yesterday, to kick off National Immigration Week, Cardinal Blase Cupich had two "migrants" speak from the altar.   

One of them was the Syrian Muslim, Feras Shawesh.

Who is Feras Shawesh? According to the news accounts, he's a Syrian medical professional who was earnestly studying medical textbooks as the bombs were falling in Syria. He came to the United States with his wife, Rehab Alkadi for a better life.

She's the one on the left.

From his Facebook page, we know that Shawesh is also an adherent of the Muslim cleric, Sheikh Mohammad al-Arifi, who has a substantial following in the Islamic world for his unapologetic opinions. The first video link (there are a number of them) is only three links down.
Arifi is a well-known Muslim advocate of the classical Koranic theory on wife beating (yes, but only if the face is left unblemished) and a proponent of Western Muslims joining the jihad in Syria and Iraq. Indeed, he once said this about the jihad:
Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer. Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight.
He also somewhat famously issued a fatwa in support of the "sex jihad" - Muslim woman offering their sexual services to jihad fighters in the interests of...well, you know, to make them more comfortable in their jihad. For these reasons and others, Arifi has been banned from entering Britain and Switzerland. In addition, he's been in trouble with various Arab governments for supporting terrorism and subversion in Egypt, among other places.

He's also against Valentine's Day and doesn't like children's cartoons.

Shawesh has other links on his Facebook page. There's a map, featuring the towns and cities of Israel and environs, where all the Hebrew names have been replaced by Arabic names. There's a link, talking about a Zionist plot to blow up the Kaaba stone in Mecca. And so on. To be fair, there is also more "moderate" Muslim material - pictures of bombing victims in Syria, a plea to end the culture of "hate" in Lebanon, advice on how to best celebrate Muslim holidays - along with pictures of kids, snowmen and medical devices.

Also to be fair, Sheikh Arifi is popular enough that I'm sure many other "migrants" have links to his videos.

Which is of course part of the problem.

Is all this guilt by association?

By way of an answer, let me mention that Cupich advocated expelling a group of young-women from Catholic high-school for merely being part of a social media conversation where the N-word was used (only one woman actually used the word) during a private exchange about Black Lives Matter.

"Racism is a sin and has no place in the Church."

Shawesh uses social media to share videos of Islamic hate preachers. And he speaks from the altar of Cupich's church.

Is Cupich aware of Shawesh's views or links?

Who knows.

Does he care?

Of course not.

Cupich cozies up to those who may be part of the extremist Muslim milieux without asking any questions. The Cardinal claims to have "liberal" concerns for homosexuals, women and so on, while at the same time giving his support to people and views that oppress them. Because...

Well, because he doesn't really give one flying freak about, say, homosexuals or women. He cares only about himself and his "liberal" reputation, which for somewhat arbitrary and random contemporary reasons means cozying up to Islam, including, say, that part of Islam that views women as chattel whose sexual "services" may be productively utilized by jihadis.

I'm sure even Arifi wouldn't grant homosexuals that role.

But back to Cupich. Cupich is a fake. If he were a true liberal in the old sense - one who honestly wanted to promote the alleged humanist rights of people against the alleged "conservatism" of the traditional Church, that would be one thing. At least it would be honest, in its way.

But Cupich is not honest. He says he wants more altar girls. He also is perfectly happy (or so it would seem) that hundreds of millions of Muslim woman live in brutal subjugation to their husbands, their religious figures and (in much off the Muslim world) their governments.

Mrs. Alkadi is the one on the left. You can see a bit of her hand and part of her face.

Faithful Catholics know that Cupich isn't really a Catholic. But he also isn't really a humanist, even in the "liberal" sense.

He's only interested in self-aggrandizement and power.