"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Prophecy of Father Pel

Prophecy of Father Pel
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Fr. Constant Louis Marie Pel was born in 1878. In his desire to become a priest, he was directed by Fr. Antoine Crozier, the "saint of Lyon" - - who had the invisible stigmata. Ordained in 1901 after having received 2 doctorates, Fr. Pel became a seminary professor. He was a personal friend of St. Padre Pio and Bl. Charles de Foucauld, and spiritual director for a time of Marthe Robin.
Fr. Pel had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and would spend nights on his feet in church with his forehead leaning against the Tabernacle. He was the beneficiary of more than 3500 Eucharistic miracles.

Blessed with good health, it was a car accident that ended his life in 1966 at 88 years of age. Padre Pio frequently asked his French visitors: "Why do you come here to see me when you have in France so great a saint!

Fr. Pel was the founder of a convent for women and a seminary for men, and it was one of his spiritual sons, a seminarian, who wrote down the following prophecy that Fr. Pel related in 1945.
Since the sins of the world are increasing in horror, very great punishments from God will befall the world and no continent will be spared from the wrath of God.
France, being guilty of apostasy and renouncing its vocation, will be severely chastised. It (France) will be divided as by a line stretching from Bordeaux (in the southwest) to Lille (in the Northeast). East of this line, everything will be laid waste and set ablaze by peoples invading from the east, and also by great flaming meteorites falling as a rain of fire upon the entire earth and upon these regions in particular. There will be devastation everywhere: revolution, war, epidemics, plagues, poisonous chemical gases, and violent earthquakes. France’s extinct volcanoes will reawaken and destroy everything: Auvergne, the Alps, the Pyrenees and other areas.
France to the west of that line will be less affected - - the Vendée (the area evangelized by St. Louis de Montfort and then also as a result was the primary area that rose up to defend the Catholic Church in France against the demonic French “Revolution”) and Brittany - - because of the deeply rooted faith in these regions. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to stay far from the coasts, sometimes even 50 km (c. 30 miles) away, to escape the sea’s swallowing (of the land) as will take place in Marseille and the Riviera because of the sins and scandals committed at the beaches of these regions in particular.

But I must make known that the (evil) sectarians and the great enemies of God who would want to seek refuge there – hoping to escape the global cataclysms – will be put to death by the demons themselves wherever they attempt to hide, because the wrath of God is holy and just.
Thick darkness caused by war, gigantic fires, and fragments of flaming (burning) stars that will fall for three days and nights -- will cause the sun to disappear. Only candles blessed on Candlemas will give light in the hands of believers, but the Godless will not see this miraculous light because their souls are in darkness.
In this way, three quarters of mankind will be destroyed, and in some parts of France survivors will have to go 100 km (c. 60 miles) to find another (living) human being. It will reach the point where people have to eat human flesh to survive.
Several nations will disappear off the face of the world’s map. France will become very small, but as a small part it will survive until the end of time. And thus purified, France will again become the “Eldest Daughter of the Church” – renewed -- because all the Cains and Judases of humanity will have disappeared in this “Judgment of the Nations.” But this is not yet the end of time, which will take place later.
The Mediterranean Sea will disappear totally; the oceans will cast enormous jets of burning steam up to the skies and will deluge the continents in a frightful tidal wave that will annihilate everything in its path. New mountains will erupt out of the earth and the oceans, while the Alps and the Rhine Valley to the north will collapse as they are inundated by the sea. In this way, the map of the world will be totally changed; the earth will undergo great shocks (i.e., shakings) that will prevent it from turning normally on its axis. The seasons will be cease to exist for three years, after which the earth will once again produce it plants and vegetation. There will be great famine in the entire world. Paris will be destroyed by the revolution and burned by atomic fire (i.e., weapons being fired) from Russians in Orleans (south of Paris) and the region of Provins (east of Paris.)
In the future, when you see that this frightful time is near, take leave to Brittany (on the western coast of France) but go to the center, far from the coasts - - because they will collapse. This global scourge will begin on a cold winter’s night and with a terrifying roar of divine thunder – an unnatural sound filled with demonic screaming – that will be heard by the entire world.
It will be the voice of sin that terrified men will hear on that night.