"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

(Jeremiah 7) Jeremiah’s Warnings Still Applicable Today

(Jeremiah 7) Jeremiah’s Warnings Still Applicable Today
By: Eric Gajewski
The temple of God shall not protect a sinful people, without a sincere conversion. The Lord will not receive the prayers of the prophet for them: because they are obstinate in their sins.

What can you do with individual’s who do not recognize their erroring ways?  How much longer can we warn those following Vatican II that they are being setup for the formalized One World Religion?  How much longer will the Father hold back His Hand before His Wrath pours out upon the nations and His peoples?  These are all questions true Resistant minded folk are asking these days.  Thanks to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary more and more individuals are leaving the “false obedience routine” and now courageously clinging to Tradition in their rejection of the Vatican II Revolution and I pray many more do.  We must remember that simply because one is in authority does not dictate that he is keeping the Faith (Arian crisis is an example of how the majority of bishops were heretics).  And to follow up on that point on the basis that he has not yet been deemed by just authority as such (heretic) is no argument to stay in those buildings if we are to truly please Jesus.  Today, we take a look at how the Prophet’s warning still applies today by analyzing 5 main areas of Jeremiah 7.

Jeremiah 7:19 Do they provoke me to anger, saith the Lord? Is it not themselves, to the confusion of their contenance?  Due to the laxity of His peoples God permitted the evil called Vatican II wherein “cult of man” principles were introduced into the Church via the disguise of freedom and human dignity.  This is the New Religion’s play.  We have angered Our Lord and the many are still obstinate thus we must prepare to suffer in an incomprehensible way (Beginning of Sorrows/Great Storm).  What has Vatican II wrought?  Assuredly, in the very least, it has brought confusion which is a clear sign this work of man was not of God’s doing.  Archbishop Lefebvre was right God did not protect this nondogmatic “Council” which was the first of its kind.  God’s anger will pour out uponst the nations as a testimony of His distaste for this Revolution and unless the Church authorities get their act together and have this intent on removing Vatican II and New Mass God will have no such intention of calming the Storm.

Summarizes many of the Novus Ordites: 
Hear no evil: see no evil and speak no evil = Spiritual Blindness = Lack of grace

Jeremiah 7:24 But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear: but walked in their own will, and in the perversity of their wicked heart: and went backward and not forward.  I have been evangelizing for a good number of years and thus I can say that the majority in the Conciliar Church are shutoff from ever wanting to arrive at the truth in this apostasy.  Thus God must chastise.  They listen but do not incline their ear.  Thus an eagle cries thrice from above, WOE, WOE & WOE! Those in the Conciliar Church are not moving forward with God but rather moving backwards in the New Religion as man.  They are being prepared for the formalized New Age Religion.  This is not a deepening of Our Faith but rupture.  This is not progress but a regression.  Men of self who are always looking for an experience rather than holding to dogmatic truth.  They walk in democratic fashion to falsehoods because they believe the majority are doing so as well.  They feel safe as long as they fell they fit in.  Well, not for long as God will bring down the false city being build up by the Novus Ordo.  What sad times when truth is said to be a lie and those clinging to the true Faith are called heretics and schematics on the basis of not wanting to follow FreeMasonry.  These souls are going to have it rough before Our Lord even standing before Him guilty in ignorance.

Jeremiah 7:27  And thou shalt speak to them all these words, but they will not hearken to thee.  Harken heareth the eagle speak, “And you shall reiterate these words written and they shall still not listen”.  Therefore God has no other choice in order to reroute hearts back unto Truth and the true Faith lost since Vatican II.  Jeremiah’s warnings still apply today.  Over and over in Scripture and in Church history we see this trend of the disobedience of His followers and the subsequent warnings before the Hand of God striking.  The Modernist’s of Vatican  II are caught up in this world trying to please it.  We no longer seek the conversion of those in false faiths but rather just say we are all okay.  We now place environmentalism ahead of proselytism.  We now put Religious liberty (heresy) ahead of the Social Kingship of Christ and call all those not wanting to go along with this charade heretics?  The world, specifically, wayward churchmen, are in BIG trouble to say the very least.  As we approach the midnight hour let us continue to pray for those still blind for we all have them in our families and amongst our friends.  Everyday you should be praying for the Pope, prelates, priests, souls in Purgatory and for poor sinners and if you are not then why aren’t you? 

Jeremiah 7:28  And thou shalt say to them: This is a nation which hath not hearkened to the voice of the Lord their God, nor received instruction: Faith is lost, and is carried away out of their mouth.  What good are my words if they fall uponst deaf ears sayest the prophet.  Since Vatican II Archbishop Lefebvre and the few correctly recognized the Faith was lost!  Vatican II was the pastoral implementation of the Novus Ordo Religion which will soon give rise to the formalized new Age Religion in Rome.  This, of course, has come under the guise of “hermeneutics of continuity” which no Catholic can accept.  They will not listen; they will not come back (largely) thus I will chastise sayest the Lord.  They will carry on pridefully with the ways of their mouths and will not receive instruction nor admonishment therefore the chastisements will be sent form God Himself because He loves us.  Our Lady of LaSallete (approved) in 1846 warned Rome would lose the Faith and generally speaking this has already occurred since Vatican II.  Yet, there is still more.  Soon, in Rome, under the False Prophet (Master Jesus) their will be a formal uniting of all religions as the backdrop of war looms.  Soon men will have to decide as to whether or not to take the counterfeit seal/baptism of the New Age called the Mark of the Beast.  If you will not stand now as an eagle and fight loudly how will you do so then?  Many of you (due to ignorance) are stabbing Our Lord in the back will you do it consciously in those days ahead of us?

Jeremiah 7:34 And I will cause to cease out of the cities of Juda, and out of the streets of Jerusalem, the voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride: for the land shall be desolate.  The Novus Ordites right now are comfortable.  They are dancing in their charismatic circles and at World Youth Day but this is only short lived.  What will happen when “everything” you thought to be true turns out to be a lie?  This is, in part, why Fr. Martin did not publicly relay the 3rd secret of Fatima.  He knew many would leave Religion altogether recognizing they were backstabbed by the authorities with falsehood.  Yet have no fear nor succumb unto despair for Our Lord too was backstabbed by His own.  This is a great suffering we all do share in.  This false joy or second supposed Pentecost of Vatican II will be exposed.  For our true joy is the Cross.  We will not try to run from suffering as the modernist's do.  We will embrace the sorrow and the Great Storm ahead as eagles.  Nations will eventually be destroyed warned Our Lady at Fatima and thus the Prophet’s warning again holds true.  After Planet X’s passing and the solar kill shot from the sun has begun and the world is chastised in the Fire from above what will those who remain alive say?  Our Lady answered at Akita and said those alive would envy the dead.  Indeed, the lands shall be desolate but will your heart be empty of grace and God this is the most important question.  The time is now to study, to prepare and make reparations for this is the underlying message of Fatima.  In the end, without conversion, God will not hear your prayer nor will the Temple protect you because the pride in you persists.  O’ ye of Vatican II….Convert!