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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Video- Ritual Murder of Christians By The Jews

Ritual Murder of Christians By The Jews
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The Catholic Boy, St. Christopher, was Killed by Jewish Ritual Murder on Oct 17, 1490 A.D., at La Guardian, (near Toledo) Spain
This is a most important case, the circumstances of which have been clarified for us by W. T. Walsh in his interesting book on Isabella of Spain, 1931 (Sheed & Ward), in which he devotes pp. 441 to 468 to his researches on this Ritual Murder charge. Walsh states (p. 441) that this case of Ritual Murder was "one of the chief factors, if not the decisive one, in the decision of Fernando and Isabel" (for the expulsion of the Jews from Spain). He shows that the complete record of testimony in the trial of one of the accused has been available since it was published in 1887 in the Bulletin of the Royal Academy at Madrid (Vol. XI, pp. 7-160), from the original manuscript.
The murdered boy was canonised as St. Christopher on the authority of His Holiness, Pope Pius VII.

 By: Donald Casebolt
In our blog Simon of Trent, Part 1 I noted that contemporary Catholics, and the highest Catholic ecclesiastical authorities in the 15th and 16th centuries, claimed that Jews, being murderers of Christ, were required by their religion to reenact Christ’s crucifixion vicariously in the person of a innocent Christian toddler.  They asserted that it was mandatory that Jews bake his blood into their ritual Passover bread.           Certainly this is an extraordinary claim; therefore, methodologically it needs extraordinarily convincing evidence.  Those composing the above mentioned website are aware of this and therefore continue providing what they believe is overwhelming proof; namely multiple legal proceedings found the Jews guilty of murder and condemned them to death.    First, the “case was prosecuted by Bishop Hinderbach and the Jews were sentenced to death.”  The Jews appealed.  Therefore, Giudici of Ventimiglia retried the case and confirmed the sentence.  The Jews were allowed a third appeal and “the case came before the court of Pope Sixtus IV. He commissioned the greatest and most famous professor of law at that time, Panvino, to serve as Chief Justice. Assisted by six cardinals, he too confirmed the sentence.  The court officially stated:
‘The Hebrews killed the little boy Simon, in order to obey a rabbinical religious law; their motive being to serve a most wicked piety and devotion by obtaining Christian blood for the celebration of Passover.’
Also Pope Clement XIV as legal counselor [sic] for the Holy Office, before he became Pope, verified the murders of both St. Simon of Trent and St. Andreas of Rinn (remember St. Dominguito del Val, Mártir) as cases of ritual murder almost 300 years later, in 1770. The boy [Simon] who was tortured to death at Trent was officially canonized by Pope Sixtus V. The Holy Infant Martyr, St. Simon of Trent's feast day is always celebrated on March 24th.”
            This site asserts that many other such cases of Jew’s murdering Christian children exist and were officially confirmed by popes who initially did not believe:  “There are numerous cases of blood ritual reported in the past centuries. Many have been investigated by the Catholic Church and were confirmed, some by popes who had been unbelieving.”  A case of being more Catholic than the Pope!  They also insist that other Christian babes have been canonized as saints after being murdered by Jews:  “The Catholic Boy, St. Christopher, was Killed by Jewish Ritual Murder on Oct 17, 1490 A.D., at La Guardian, (near Toledo) Spain.  The murdered boy was canonised [sic] as St. Christopher on the authority of His Holiness, Pope Pius VII.”  These Catholics go on to darkly hint that Jews even today are still murdering Christian children and sucking their blood:  “Yet, we are told many thousands of children disappear every year in the world. What has happened to them? Have there been any studies?”
            Even more extraordinary than the claim that the Jews consumed Christian babes’ blood for Passover rituals was the 1475 claim that the martyred Simon of Trent was able to perform numerous miracles and that therefore he should be made a Saint.   According to Wikipedia: “Over one hundred miracles were directly attributed to Saint Simon within a year of his disappearance, and his cult spread across Italy, Austria and Germany.” 
            Kertzer's book, "The Popes Against the Jews,"  provides the following historical context:  Prince/Bishop Hinderbach strongly supported the veracity of the miracles, the guilt of the Jews, and lobbied for the sainthood of Simon.  The Jews were repeatedly and hideously tortured to force confessions; the community patriarch, Samuel, was specially tortured and ill treated.  “On the way to the execution grounds, the guards tore out his flesh with pincers.”  All the members of his family “were all burned alive.”  More Jews were burnt at the stake -- intimidating some Jews to try to escape being burnt alive by requesting baptism.  They were shown mercy:  “The executioner beheaded them first, and only then were their bodies heaved onto the flames.”  Pope Sixtus IV, doubtful of Hinderbach’s handling of the case appointed special commissioner, Bishop Dei Giudici.  He was not impressed by the miracles.  He said that the “witnesses had ‘described [the purported miracles] in a mendacious, fraudulent, and deceitful manner.’”  He also found that the torture was so brutal that it was unlawful and inadmissible in court and “found evidence that the child might well have been killed by a Christian man who planted the body in a Jew’s house to divert suspicion from himself.”  Nonetheless, the local Bishop of Trent, Hinderbach, triumphed over the special commissioner and the Pope terminated the commissioner’s commission.  “Over a century later, in 1588, Pope Sixtus V formally declared Simon a martyr and saint, establishing an official Church holiday in his honor to mark the day of his murder. [i]
            Essentially, this was because between 1475 and 1588, hundreds of superstitious peasants reported hundreds of saintly miracles.   Additionally, starting with Bishop/Prince Hinderbach of Trent and reaching clear to the Emperor’s throne, the most powerful and learned of the nobility also insisted that Saint Simon really was a miracle performing saint.  
            For example, Archduke Sigismund was a supporter of the cult worship of Simon of Trent.  Maximilian, his nephew and son of Emperor Friedrich III, as a young prince erected a silver monument in Simon’s honor with an inscription in gold at its base to commemorate the building.  In 1495 he ordered Simon’s coffin to be opened in order for pious believers in his miracles to be edified.  When “Maximilian was proclaimed emperor in 1508, the relics of Simon were displayed in a procession in his honor.”[ii]   In Trent, a chapel in St. Peter’s was dedicated to his “martyrdom.” In 1588, Pope Sixtus V conferred official sanction on the local cult.  As late as 1902 Giuseppe Divina published a two volume Storia del Beato Simone da Trento defending the authenticity of the miracles and martyrdom of Simon against Protestants who questioned it and who noted that such stories reinforced popular hatred and murder of contemporaneous Jews.  Only in 1965 when the Catholic church was on the defensive for the Pope’s silence regarding the Holocaust did the Pope issue a papal decree abolishing the cult.
       In Part III, I will discuss some of the implications of the fact that millions of European Catholics believed that Jews murdered Christian toddlers for their blood and that being Christian martyrs they were capable of performing miracles.

[i] See David I. Kertzer, The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism (New York: Vintage Books, 2002), 152 ff.
[ii] R. Po-chia Hsia, Trent 1475: Stories of a Ritual Murder Trial, (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996), 129.

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited:

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  1. Pope Clement VIII: “The Bible itself says that the Jews are an accursed people.”

    That the Jews are cursed to be traitors like Judas

    “Judas Iscariot, which was the traitor.” (Saint Luke 6)

    And as soon as it was morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders, the scribes and the whole sanhedrin. And they bound Jesus and led him away, and they betrayed [tradiderunt] him to Pilate.” (Saint Mark 15)

    “The Jews who both killed the Lord JESUS, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are enemies to all men. [...] To fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God is come upon them to the end.” (I Thessalonians 2)

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