"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, October 9, 2015

Cathinfo Cowards-II The Slandering

 Matthew McSlanderer, the Coward...

Matthew McSlanderer (MCDevitt) is a serious slanderer. My youtube, facebook and even personal emails have all been hacked into in past year. He keeps accusing me of being a fraud ...in reality he is just simply full of the devil, full of envy and pride. This man backed down from me when I confronted him on HIS OWN WEBSITE so why would anyone take his word?  He is a cowardly man hiding behind his computer. My promotional facebook accounts have been hacked into, my youtube (repeatedly). Look at those subscriptions idiot. Some of them aren't even English! Use what is left of your brain...What a moron! I have had to change my personal email several times this past year due to hacking issues. He runs around "implying" the worst then ends up looking like a fool in the process. This man is mortally sinning on a habitual basis. EVERY LARGE twitter account gets flooded with spam and porn EVEN priests (certain notable ones)!! Its impossible for me (at this point with as large a following as we do) to keep up with all the spam UNLIKE him I'm FAR TOO BUSY! Mr. McDevitt is a pawn of the devil avoid his venom and his impotent website...he bids the devils work...he is foaming at the mouth looking for fault like the ungodly do!  Be careful everyone...everyone is a fraud or spy according to Cathinfo! PATHETIC people..
KEEP running your mouth my effeminate friend your only doing the devils work and it may cost you your salvation! 

Give him a call....
830- 420-8364


  1. This man backed down from me

    1. Sorry to hear that Eric. I know you had lots of problems even
      on Facebook. Keep up the True Faith and pray your best. I will
      keep you in my prayers so you will not be attacked so much.
      Peace this day and night.

  2. Thanks to Paul VI, John Paul II, Francis and Benedict XVI we have to fight almost everyone, including those have-nots that use their brains to do evil. It's our fault for letting Freemansonry and communists into the Church but who opened the door? Sure it was bad people, bad evil people.

  3. It's no surprise that people who are scared of the truth will try to destroy it, let alone ignore it.

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  5. "He that fails to prove his accusation, must himself suffer the punishment which his accusation inferred."- Pope Hadrian I

    "Now backbiting by its very nature aims at blackening a man's good name. Wherefore, properly speaking, to backbite is to speak ill of an absent person in order to blacken his good name. Now it is a very grave matter to blacken a man's good name, because of all temporal things a man's good name seems the most precious...Therefore backbiting, properly speaking, is a mortal sin." -St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica "On Backbiting"

    "Since then railing or reviling essentially denotes a dishonoring, if the intention of the utterer is to dishonor the other man, this is properly and essentially to give utterance to railing or reviling: and this is a mortal sin no less than theft or robbery, since a man loves his honor no less than his possessions." -St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica "On Reviling"

    "Hence in the case of a crime that conduces to the injury of the commonwealth, a man is bound to accusation, provided he can offer sufficient proof, since it is the accuser's duty to prove...If, however, the sin be not such as to affect the community, or if he cannot offer sufficient proof, a man is not bound to attempt to accuse, since no man is bound to do what he cannot duly accomplish." -St. Thomas Aquinas l, Summa Theologica, "On Matters Concerning Unjust Accusation"

    Matthew McDevitt and his friends on that website seem to pay no respect or attention to the above statements. He and several other users on that website are backbiting and slandering people in or associated with the seminary in Boston, Kentucky( and therefore the seminary itself) without providing any sufficient proof, and have even accused the seminary of being a cult. They are also revealing information which nobody has any business knowing. People should stay away from Cathinfo.com.