"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, October 25, 2015

TradCatKnight Radio: John Salza, "Sedevacantism, Fatima & Masonry"

TradCatKnight Radio: 
John Salza, "Sedevacantism, Fatima & Masonry"
Talk given, 10/24/15
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Topics covered in the talk: SSPX Resistance is not Sedevacantist, St. Athanasius a practical sedevacantist?, to hold Benedict XVI is still Pope is not sedevacantism, Archbishop Lefebvre, new revealings of Sr. Lucia, space body coming?, Russia converted?, two Popes and Bishop dressed in white?, importance of Our Lady and Rosary, evil in Vatican, suppression of the actual words of Our Lady, 2017 the 100th year anniversary of Fatima, infiltration of Masonry into the Church, Masonry used as a divide and conquer, church's teaching on judgement, servant is not greater than Master, private judgements are not binding, different opinions of sedevacantists, feeneyite heretics, the Church is going thru a Passion, Church is both human and Divine, having more compassion for one another, recognize and resist is Catholic, Sedevacantism: a doctrinal, spiritual, emotional and psychological problem, Papal Infallibility, indefectibility, fixation and obsession of sedevacantists (error of excess), deception of splicing and misapplying texts, Masonry and Sedevacantism, Church Precedence is on our side, sedevacantism is protestantism, sede fundamentalism (raising of the thesis to dogma), sedevacantism trolling on social media, arguments of sedevacantists refuted (manifest heretic argument, ipso facto argument), unanimous opinion of esteemed theologians on how to deal with a heretical pope (John of St. Thomas, Bellarmine, Cajetan and John of St. Thomas: Báñez, the Carmelites of Salamanca, Billuart and Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange), process of deposition of a heretical pope, General Council officially/formally deposes a Pope not laymen, St. Athanasius still recognized Arian invaders as legal/lawful owners of the buildings(apostolic succession) who were formally later deposed, Popes who taught and sided with heresy and MUCH more!

Cardinal Juan de Torquemada [1388-1468] was a revered medieval theologian responsible for the formulation of the doctrines that were defined at Florence. Cardinal Torquemada, who is considered an ardent "papalist", teaches: "Were the Pope to command anything against Holy Scriptures, or the articles of faith, or the truth of the Sacraments, or the commands of the natural or Divine law, he ought not to be obeyed, but in such commands he is to be disregarded." [Summa de ecclesia (Venice: M. Tranmezium, 1561). Lib. II, c. 49, p. 163B

"What shall a Catholic do if some portion of the Church detaches itself from communion of the universal Faith? What other choice can he make if some new contagion attempts to poison, no longer a small part of the Church, but the whole Church at once, then his great concern will be to attach himself to antiquity [Tradition] which can no longer be led astray by any lying novelty." Saint Vincent of Lerins c. 445 A.D

Although John and I would humbly disagree on some topics (aspects of visibility argument, material heresies vs, errors, i.e) I hope you find this detailed talk beneficial in your defense against Sedevacantism. I hope that all begin to return to a stronger interior life with increased devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary and the Rosary.

John Salza, J.D. is an attorney and internationally acclaimed Catholic apologist, author and speaker. His Scripture/Fathers page is one of the most comprehensive compilations on the internet. Mr. Salza is also a world-class expert on Freemasonry (Salza was a 32nd degree Mason before his reversion to the Catholic Faith).
John Salza’s A Catechism on Fatima is the most concise yet comprehensive book on the topic of Fatima that exists. In a Q&A format that is very easy to read but meticulously documented (over 250 endnotes), anyone who reads this book will acquire an expertise on the message of Fatima, and a better understanding of the current crisis in the Church and the world.

Please be sure to check out all of Mr. Salza's websites, videos and books!
Website: johnsalza.com

Major points covered in this book on Sedevacantism:

1. Explaining their false Major Premise which leads to their erroneous conclusion (error of excess)
2. Sedevacantist error on sin of heresy versus crime of heresy
3. Sedevacantist error on Bellarmine
a. his teaching that we cannot separate from bishops by private judgment / Constantinope IV
b. his teaching on the manifest heretic based on Titus 3:10
c. their failure to understand crime vs punishment; how Bellarmine held same position as Suarez and Cajetan on crime
d. explain Jesuit vs. Dominican opinions
e. other (de bay case, novatian)

4. Three attributes of church: visibility, indefectibility, infallibility
a. Sedevacantism denies visibility (attributes apply to visible social unit, not individuals)
b. Sedevacantism denies indefectibility
c. also denies moral catholicity
d. misunderstands and denies infallibility

5. Jurisdiction - huge issue
a. legitimate apostolic succession; will always be ordinary jurisdiction
b. They either reject the teaching of Pius XII (all jurisdiction comes from Pope) or
c. argue there is a  Pius XII "Bishop in the Woods"
d. I will show that Sedevacantists, according to their own theory, do not have supplied jurisdiction for their sacraments

Stay tuned at the end of this talk for a special video included!

TradCatKnight Radio: 
John Salza, "Sedevacantism, Fatima & Masonry"

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