"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, October 16, 2014

TomorrowLand, Satan's Play Ground

TomorrowLand, Satan's Play Ground
Warning: Sensitive & Disturbing imagery!

TomorrowLand is perhaps the worlds biggest music festival. It's held annually in Boom, Belgium during the final weekend in July and in other locations in Europe. Because of it's popularity it's being held two weekends in a row, on both the 3rd and 4th weekends. A spin-off called TomorrowWorld was held last year in the US, in Chattahoochee Hills southwest of Atlanta, GA. Wikipedia claims the event brought 85.1 million dollars into Georgia's economy.  It's big time popular!  TomorrowLand's celebration of the goddess of magic isn't really all that subtle. If you are familiar with her symbols you can see what is the more telling, the layering of Occult embedding.
 Tomorrowland Introduction - Official Trailer 
It begins with a storybook narrative, a reading from a book a story titled, The Key to Happiness.

“People of Tomorrow. Let me tell you a story that reveals the secret behind a magical key. In a time when darkness roamed and creativity and joy were forbidden, in the midst of all this misery there was a man, an intelligent inventor, with only one dream: Releasing the world from all its misery by building an instrument, assembled in an enormous work of art. To protect his creation, he fabricated a mythical key that would only be found by the purest of hearts.”

The visual of “when darkness roamed and creativity and joy were forbidden” seems to suggest the famous gargoyle on the corner of Notre Dame Cathedral. It represents the “mean old party pooper” Sovereign God, to the mind-controlled lost. Ironic, because Our Lady is the same goddess they worship. 
Illuminati in TomorrowLand

The mythical key is a goddess key. It has three loops evoking the triple goddess. The end that fits into a lock is the numeral 3. Code 33 (FreeMasonry 33 degrees). Resurrection. It's equivalent to the ankh. It's an Isis thing. We see the key fit into a complex mechanical system, which magically opens to a grove in the woods. A goddess wanders around. Like Eve in the Garden of Eden. She finds the key in a stream on a chain like a pendant, or Rosary. We see a crow or raven - Apollo-Horus. There's a one eye Horus Eye shot, and the TomorrowLand logo is reflecting in her eye. She is illuminated. With that, she takes off running then finds and rides a white horse, and we see her destination is the Tomorrowland Festival. There's an owl featured, just so we don't miss the goddess identity. There's also a wolf, Apollo, or the goddess Morrighan / Cailleach. The words “The Key Will Guide You” appear on-screen. The goddess of magic is herself, the key, with Horus attending.  
 EXPOSED: Dark energy rituals (with the machine) at Tomorrowland festival 2014.
One of their stages featured the goddess in what looks like a central video screen.

The logo is a magickal goddess symbol. It looks like a butterfly with an eye on top. It's a winged goddess, with the pupil of the eye being her head, wrapped around as she holds her hands above to frame it. It's rose colored, and yes, it's a rose. With 5 points illustrated. That's confirmed in their Global Journey version, which sets it at the center of a compass rose.
That one has the 8 rayed star of the goddess, and also exhibits the time element of the Pagan solar calendar with quarters and cross-quarters marked off.

In that regard, what is it about the scheduling of the event, the third week in July? It corresponds to the Satanic-Illuminati Grand Climax, which is 5 weeks and one day after the summer solstice. July 20-26 there is an abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of a sacrificial victim for the Grand Climax. On the 27th, a female, either adult or child, is the victim of oral, anal and vaginal sex ritual and human sacrifice.

TomorrowWorld: New Age Deception 

At the 34 second mark the 666 Hand Sign is thrown up.

Connect the 4 dots in their Global Journey logo, literally, for an XO mark of the beast symbol. You can also connect them to form a square, which is the squaring of the circle, a signal indicating enlightenment through ritual sodomy. Aaron observed how it resembles the LHC collider at CERN, which has four stops along the outside ring, with the two stations responsible for photography of the particles called ALICE and ATLAS. That huge effort is roughly akin to the Tower of Babel stargate work, and it's related to the goddess energy raising activity.

On TomorrowLand's special Global Journey travel package promotion page you will read, “Travel within a Magical Fantasy world, uniting the People of Tomorrow.” Isn't uniting the world falsely, via masonic ecumenism, "as people of tomorrow", what the New Religion is all about? I link the masculine name Viator with the goddess in connection with letter V signaling, from which the names Beatrice and Beatrix derive. It means traveler, voyager. This is a goddess theme.  
TomorrowLand and MKUltra/ Butterfly Symbolism (Related Articles)
This TomorrowLand logo is itself an XO mark of the beast symbol, considering the crossing suggested through the wings. The eye is a Horus eye. The eye in the rose presents the slang for an anus, rosebud. The purplish tint adds another distinctive sodomite gateway symbol. The butterfly supplements the theme even further because it's an anatomical diagram, picturing the phallus penetrating the pelvic structure. With the butterfly, the symbolism of trauma and ritual sodomy based Monarch mind-control programming is really pretty obvious. 
Sorcery of TomorrowLand

The 10th anniversary shield and crown coat of arms adds complementary symbolism. The numeral 10 is X in Roman numerals, the sign of the sun god Horus. The 10 is also signaling IO or Helios, the sun god. The crown has 5 rays and the shield has 5 points and sides, repeating the imagery of the 5 points of the rose. Venus! The shield is tilted and points to the W in the title. The bent elbow goddess cue.

The decoration on their site features plenty of Occult ornamentation, with roses, XO MOB symbols, 8 point stars, sun wheels, Code 33 gear shields...

TomorrowLand. A sexed up goddess of "love" magical music fest. Mass ritual energy harvesting. The goddess is on the job, preparing the world to meet their god incarnate.
Very soon, their objectives will be achieved and their hero (Maitreya) will manifest, due in no small part to the energy raised by such mass Pagan rituals . In summation, parents keep your children away from such Satanic/Paganistic events which are preparing men for the "New Age".

Tomorrowland: Satanic Mind Control, Illuminati 'love' Festival



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