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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cardinal Muller: The "Guardian" of Catholic Orthodoxy??"

Cardinal Muller: The "Guardian" of Catholic Orthodoxy??"

“I want dialogue and teamwork in my Congregation”

“As the Church is very big, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith needs to work as a team, that is there needs to be dialogue and an exchange of theological trends and listening to one another.” Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller stressed this in the speech he gave at the University of Leuven for the international Omnes Gentes conference organised by the Belgian Bishops’ Conference on “A Church in dialogue: reviewing the Second Vatican Council”.
In his opening speech, the cardinal focused on “the need for dialogue in the Church in general and in specific institutions,” referring to the work of his dicastery as an example. Many describe the work of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith a case of “non-dialogue” and “rejection of dialogue”. “It seems as though the Magisterium makes authentic dialogue impossible; as though by constantly and persistently referring to the deposit of faith, it definitively closes the door on discussions regarding issues that are still pending; as though it stifles dialogue. In actual fact, this is not the case,” he assured.
Indeed Müller explained, “the issues that remain pending are continuously analysed by those in charge of the various dossiers - 40 people from across all continents – and are addressed in a weekly meeting with the Congregation’s superiors. Furthermore, the most complex cases are passed on to 25 advisors who hold regular meetings to discuss things from a theological point of view. Finally, all key decisions are taken by the Congregation’s members – thirty or so cardinals and bishops – in the dicastery’s monthly assembly, these are then presented to the Pope during a private audience."

We see him at a World Youth Day
embracing two punk girls.
Ah! Yes! More of the Vatican II "dialogue language". I must remind all that Vatican II newdoctrine does  not teach conversion to the Faith, a Faith, the modernists do not possess. Let us be reminded Muller is an egregious modernist heretic who denies the the perpetual virginity of Our Lady and transubstantiation


He is also an ardent supporter of Liberation Theology, even co-authoring a book


He also reinstated pedophile priest Father Peter Kramer. In his well-researched case study on the Fr. Peter Kramer case, Dr. Leon Podles exposes that Bishop Müller refused to take responsibility. Although he expressed sympathy for the victims at a news conference in September 2007, Müller always pretended that he had made no mistake.

He blamed Kramer and the diocesan staff. “The culprit bears the responsibility for the offense. I am not responsible for everything our clerics and coworkers do,” he asserted, adding he could not control all the actions of his priests. He also blamed the therapist who claimed Kramer was cured, and the judge who did not send the report to the Diocese, even though the case was public and it was the Diocese’s duty to request it.


Muller on the Protestants:
"We are the same Church"

He also believes that Protestants are already apart of the Church http://www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/Q001_Justification.htm 


So, the question remains when will these Conciliarists wake up? Modernists believe they teach in accordance with Tradition yet they do not and thus the infection clearly continues on these novus ordo apologetic websites (Vatican Insider) insisting Muller is "orthodox". If Muller is the "Guardian' of "Catholic Orthodoxy" than I would hate to hear what these modernists claim Francis to be. Thus,the only question for me remains what planet do these modernist writers live on?

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  1. Once the modernist, freemasonary and communist bishops reach a critical mass all the dogma, doctrines and magesterium of the church will be overturned. What Pope Francis called "the church becoming mature" when at the end of the synod on the family he reinserted the voted out paragraphs and gave the bishops a year to 'mature' before looking at the proposals again.