"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Pain", from the work, "Fortress of the Soul"

"Pain" By: Eric Gajewski
From the work, "Fortress of the Soul"

Pain is not only necessary in the spiritual life it is thee only Way unto His Sacred Heart. There is no other Way out of this world and into the true world without uniting our hearts in with the Passion of our Lord. Indeed, this price of pains buys the rights to the path to perfection for with each blow of the Divine Chisel the soul is molded by grace further unto His Image, it reroutes the heart away from self, it awakens the heart from stagnation and idleness; it takes the carnal eyes away from this world and begins "to lift" the cataracts off if the "inner eye" which seeks to see all things clearly. Nature seekest comfort wilst grace embraces pain.

The state or nation will go only as far as it supports the Divine Law and the Church and thus too it must groan in pain. We now find ourselves in this revolution of self unto true liberty and freedom found only in and thru the Church which must be protected by a Catholic government/King. Does not the lands cry out now? Does not America cry out in great pain which is the result of a nation and constitution which speaks "to man" and not God nor His Church? Have we ever truly been one nation under God? Answer, in the negative for we are not united in the Catholic Faith. Rather, we have been falsely "united" upon on the natural level alone with the evil heresy of "religious liberty' as a basis for this pseudo- unification. It is only a matter of time now before the Hand of God cometh swiftly to this nation only to awaken it in Selfless Love. Subsequently, the pain shall be great which we must now endure in this transition into the Triumph of thee Immaculate Heart. Therefore, it is necessary to chasten, beat down and press this nation into a truly holy nation of Catholics supporting the Divine Law with a proper Constiution following obediently and submissively the Church as a good spouse ought. "Pain of the body maybe great but My Selfless Love is All."

Yea, it is Christ our King, Whom is Love, that has the highest Seat in the House. Therefore, pain need not be searched for but the heart in union with His still longs to suffer more. We ought long to do greater penances/sacrifices and acts of charity/mercy that would "sting the self" into further submission. In so that one day the soul can proclaim in spiritual marriage that the "self is dead" and now wholly alive in the Holy Trinity thru Mary. For although we cannot and must not make pain center of attention, we can offer this biproduct of Selfless Love's work up, in accordance with His Sacred Heart and put it to good use. Pain prepares the soul for the reception of the Fire and Light wholly, Who is God. Therefore do ye hideth behindst your pain or rather hideth in the Immaculate Heart and Sacred Hearts which is full of Love to endure this pain? For it is only this path which takes us along  unto perfection and safely molds us into the diamond God Wills us to be. But how few recognize this and even fewer will move forward after recognizing this fact but why? Answer: Self-love.

Pain is a product of showing forth that something is “alive”.  Is there much pain interiorly? Than often, we can exclaim, the self, is still, to some degree alive! The body which is "detached" from the soul that is afflicted feeleth no pain. So too, the soul, which is not afflicted by remaining in the dark, for the dark is their home and has no intent of breaking forth into the Light. If you do not have pain where sin was wrought it is proof the soul is dead. it is proof there is no firm act of contrition nor an amendment change. It is a further proof of how far the heart is from God. Further, worldly souls seekest no detachment whatsoever from earthly things and remain in the "dark of self" thinking to be free and fulfilled on the surface. But the pain I want to focus in on further is the "affliction to self" which with “the whip” trains the heart to be rerouted back unto the Divine Law and away from the law of self. For the Light and Fire first afflict the man both in sense and spirit repealing and stripping the soul from the smudges of sin due to self. The closer the heart seeks to come closer to His Sacred Heart the more the soul will suffer and why? Answer: Because it is painful to be completely detached from "self".  

Nature is hard and heavy but the yoke of His Sacred Heart is light and easy. Pain is due not to only to “just punishment” but due to the very fact the soul now "being likened" to the Fire and Light is not accustom to His Awesome Presence. Much like a hardened sponge over time can finally absorb the water under the spout that overruns it, so too, the soul, can not properly absorb the Fire and Light if he retreats from the Cross. Thus, the degree that the heart is still entangled with creatures and things is ultimately the degree to which it keeps from the Divine. Thence, there is more acute pain felt by the soul being stripped of self which moves 'at an accelerated pace". For this heart has long been away from God which now moves quickly back into His direction. It will feel as though he is going thru "hell" but this is not the case at all. The heaviness of sin due to self is simply being stripped and now the soul is being prepared for the Bridegroom's stay. The Bridegroom has said "I have no place to layest My Head" and this is because His Head was not meant for the worldly who live on the surface but rather meant to rest inwardly in the home of the heart of the detached.

Imitation of the Sacred Heart: Holy Suffering

Verily, even as the earth now groans for renewal in pain which is due to a world saturated in self, man too, now cries out from within. The same Fire that seeks to consume a soul within will send literal fire from heaven to reroute hearts back unto His (message of Akita). The heart which seeks His is grafted more into the Fire and Light and thus the soul ascends more upward and inward in the Fortress of the Soul. It begins to be accustom to Him very intimately and learns to love these afflictions. For such it is of His Heart, to suffer for us, it is only fitting, that in Him, we suffer until self is found no more. Than a man "can suffer all things" without suffering anything at all! The soul which is "void of self", willingly suffers, not in some sadistic ritual or as a masochist, but rather as a Soldier of Selfless Love, who in Union with His Sacred Heart, seeks to carry out the "work of redemption" in his own body. Wisdom sayest, "The dough is first pounded upon and molded before being placed into the fire of the oven." 

This meeting with the Fire, expands the qualities, which have first been pressed down upon it, in preparation for the Fire. Yea, such it is in Selfless Love's work to first "constrict" the heart and soul and thence expand it to endure a more greater heat/temperature! Do not Saints carry the heaviest Crosses and thus ultimately "carry" more pain? Saints do not even realize they are suffering wilst the man of self quickly complains. It is why the Saints of God could be ripped into shreds, without uttering a tear, but only offering a smile, for in them wast found no self; their hearts and souls were fully expanded and wholly retained the Fire and Light of His Sacred Heart as One. Here, the heart silently exclaims before the Throne and as witness to Selfless Love, “My suffering and pain is great but Thy Love is greater, my bodily afflictions shalst cease one day but Thy Fire shall rageth on forever for Thy Love endureth all things.”  

Blessed Alexandrina da Costa
-Mystic and Victim Soul

Pain can either produce victims of the Sacred Heart or it can produce victims unto self in despair and pity. For the man who loves him self more than Christ can be no "good Soldier" nor victim of His Love. The man who is "upstairs" far away from the fireplace "feels cold" but as he moves closer to the Source of this Fire and Light he gets warmer and begins "to assume" that which he approaches. For in faith and hope does a soul grow and advance in the Fire and Light. I am an Eagle! Did not the three hebrew children endure the direct contact of thee Fire and walk out untouched? Souls who fear the Fire art still absorbed to some degree in self. Self seeks saturation/gain on the surface whereas Selfless Love seeks to serve at the very root which is the heart. Serve first God than thru our neighbor. It is only this principle with which we can begin to rebuild society after the chastisements start. Yea, pain presses down on the self to produce the fruit of Selfless Love. For no wine can be made without crushed and processed grapes. 

Nay, the senses art first pained because man in nature livest there and by nature seekest to stay there. The man of self has very little to no interior life nor has concern yet for those things of the spirit, therefore, pain starts at the surface and eventually presses down even to the spirit of the man leaving him eventually "crushed". In so that now, the heart loosening itself from all inordinate desires, can wholly absorb the Fire and Light alone, which is our Source and End. Pain, is often, a product of what ye want rather than what God has designed for you and yet the self "resists" foolishly as if it knows better. But, pain too, can be a source of great disorder, for such it is with dark souls who please only themselves in afflicting themselves on purpose or to others for their hearts and minds are dark and like devils arrive at a perverted pleasure whose source emanates from self. In summation, the man of self cares too much for things he ought not care for and a Saint cares only to satisfy the Heart of Christ in all things in which he endeavors. Wisdom sayest, "As often as I would search on the surface I only was met with the "pain" which drove me further inward to His very Heart."

“Prayer against Self”                                     

Forgive me, O' Holy Trinity, more specifically, Thy Sacred Heart in both any mortal and venial sins. For having chosen my own self will over Thee I have become less likened unto Thee. Therefore, I do solemnly profess to amend all my ways with proper contrition, to do just penances for my past, for having aborted thy grace in mortal sin, thy Infant within, which is Life and Light unto my mind, soul and body. It is due to my own selfishness, my own hearts tyranny, that I resist Thy Will for I am still attached to earthly creatures and things of which I keep “self” enthroned and which I do please. Recognizing how infinitely Thou art offended by my thoughts and actions which arise from my own fault I now have recourse unto Thee and Thy Sacred Heart for Mercy and with thy aide of Thy Mother I do pledge to convert further my heart unto thy very Own. I plead, forgive me when I have not forgiven. Do not overlook me even when I do not overlook the offenses of my neighbor so that I might be ever more ready to serve Thee.  Therefore, I accept all the due punishment owed that I might be ever more ready to give.  In the future hour of spiritual famine let me not succumb to self in pity nor despair but rather rise above nature in the grace uponst the eagles wings of faith and hope, above these turbulent storms of my mind, heart and ultimately my soul which the self and Thy Heart art so engaged in war over. In the times of temptation let there be "no self" found that I would seek further that which I am made for which is Thee. For everyday is a battle but with every prayer I canst winneth the war. Mayst Thou forgive me for I am naked without thy grace exiled from thy New Garden without Thee. Forgive me of my past, fortify me in thy present and forget not thy servant who accepts, embraces and works wholly in intent with Thee and thy Catholic Truth.  ~Amen

“Cross My Heart”

A Cross is not a Cross unless it hurts and causes pain,
So why stand under the sun and expect the rays
Why stand under the clouds and not expect the rain
A Cross is not a Cross unless its signed in Love's sorrow
So why expect comfort instead of toil
Why make excuse today for your transformation; why wait for tomorrow
Drops of sweat arise to cool the body from heat
But His Blood ran red from His Sacred Heart to His feet
Muscles have memory but the soul has eternity
Thence the heart must be bound to His Cross perpetually

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