"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 20, 2014

(Resistance) Theological “Ebola”...

Theological “Ebola”
Titus 3:10
A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid

I have often been asked over the years by the Conciliarists, Pseudo-Traditionalists included,  “Why don’t you come into the “Church” and help restore Her. I, reply, what you deem to be "the Church" I deem to be a cesspool of heresy and therefore the Church teaches me to avoid. The pseudo traditionalists like Rorate and the Remnant do not have the same fight as us, therefore, how can we co-sign with such individuals in any effort of "pseudo trad ecumenism" for a restoration from “within”. Thou shalt not sow thy vinyard with different seeds, lest both the seed that thou hast sown and the fruit of the vinyard be sanctified together. Deuteronomy 22:9   

The Conciliar Church IS Protestant!
Now, it is true we ought still evangelize and “pick our battles”  but let us remember that those following the “new direction” of Vatican II have a different theology and gospel than us which pertains to man. This “impotent humanitarianism” which seems so attractive yet has been progressively “rooting out” Catholic doctrine has me to ponder over the Apocalyptic “zombie-like” infestation that has subsequently occurred since the Council. We must critically and objectively ask: “Is the Modernist a “believer” and the answer is a resounding , no! Therefore how do I “commune” with a “non-believer” who has an erroneous version of Catholicism? Do not work together with unbelievers, for what does justice have in common with injustice? II Corinthians 6:14

Question: Does Holy Mother Church allow for a Catholic to “commune” with non-Catholics? Answer: In the negative. Does She allow for us to receive Sacraments from (modernists)heretics? With exception to  “grave situation”  the answer once again is no! Therefore, how can I step onto the “Conciliarist battlefield” every Sunday and expect not to step on some “landmine” via modernist/liberal theology and/or novelty by way of the Liturgy? “It is an illusion to seek the company of sinners on the pretence of reforming them or of converting them; it is far more to be feared that they will spread their poison to us.” St. Gregory Nazianzen  Further, does the modernist think he is a modernist or know he has caught “theological ebola”? Answer: I would say humbly, for the most part, no he does not

The Remnant are "dressed
up" modernists/liberals
A modernist genuinely thinks that what he is teaching falls in line with Tradition and what the Church has always taught. And yet, we who are healthy, can clearly see, the symptoms of their disease arising on the surface. However, did not John Paul II assert in Ecclesia Dei that there are new doctrines? For if they have doctrines opposed to ours, it is not fitting to be mixed up with them for this cause alone. [...] What do you say? "Their faith is the same; these men are orthodox"? Why, then, are they not with us? St. John Chysostom  Further, take another example most recently, the “Remnant”,  posted to their face book page, an “implication” that the New Mass is, in and of itself, healthy, and therefore they continue to spread “theological ebola” which now others will pick up and spread themselves.  The Neo-SSPX has an alliance with them which speaks loudly!

Verily, there is a fine line between being charitable and being imprudent for the man who constantly surrounds himself with those affected with Vatican II “Ebola” will only eventually succumb to the disease much like the Neo-SSPX has.  They have been surrounding themselves with those who have had the disease for far too long and NOW it has overrun them and prevails inside their own Society. But do these priests and laity realize it? Answer: In the negative. The modernist/liberal does not always show the signs of their ailing disease on the surface so how deceptive our times have become. For the Church’s enemies “want” to stay within the structure of the Church wilst teaching their doctrines which remain “outside of the Church”. Therefore, “the building” is not what is the measure of “Catholicity”.  Rather,  it is where the true Faith resides that dictates where an individual may “commune with”.   

Pseudo- traditionalists like Rorate or Remnant pretend that they can be apart of this unhealthy battlefield and not be affected.  But does the prudent man enter onto the airplane which has “known passengers” affected with “theological ebola”? Answer: In the negative. Therefore, we try and draw souls out of the Conciliar Church rather then enter into its structure.  Nay, much like your Mother would give you an earful in charity for even considering to enter onto the airplane, Holy Mother Church, has likewise, screamed at the top of Her lungs, admonishing  us to avoid such infected places.
Moreover, St. Athanasius was prime example for how Catholics must react when “theological ebola” enters into the Church. And what was this response? It was to maintain that we must keep our distance from the disease wilst still recognizing the “disease carrier’s” authority.  

Further, we must hold to the Church’s teaching on Judgement, therefore, we acknowledge that these “infected souls” still have legal/lawful ownership over the buildings wilst objectively recognizing that mystically/interiorly they do not belong to the Body of Christ. I have no authority to officially depose of a superior because I am not “just authority” I can only “warn against” as opinion until just authority in the future decides. This is true prudence and it is not the Neo-SSPX flavor. And what clear vision did Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre have by stating that we could not “officially” reconcile with lawful authority until they themselves reconciled with the Catholic Faith. For it is the superior which forms the subject, therefore we must wait for a Pope who has an intent of getting rid of Vatican II altogether. Then, from there, wilst the chain of command flows from a Pope in “his right mind”, in conjunction with the severe punishments coming from the Hand of God, we can then begin to become officially apart of the structure of what is called on the surface…Catholic. 

Hazmat suits required to resist
Vatican II Modernism/Liberalism
And so, the Conciliarists look around them and now see that there are others whose symptoms are more advanced than they and now wonder? Have I too been infected? We are beginning to see a good number of “good willed” Conciliarists begin to understand that Vatican II and its modernism or “theological Ebola” was and is the problem. And so they come unto Our Lady and Tradition for the cure. Related: http://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-conciliarist-awakening.html    

They come unto Our Lady asking and pleading for this disease to be taken from them and she shall grant them this grace for those of good intent. They see these prelates who are so far advanced in their disease and this frightens them for assuredly nothing but death arises out of these errors and heresies promulgated by these Vatican II modernists. 

So, soon, Vatican II NewChurch, objectively speaking, turns into the Harlot, that is, the formalized One World Church of Apostasy and can anyone doubt the severity “of effect” that these “zombies” will further have upon the world. As the Church Militant, we are called to fight in this battle but to do so prudently. Who can accept the Neo-SSPX’s version of “prudence” these days? Answer: the man stricken with “theological ebola’ can.  It is therefore unlawful, and a profanation, and an act the punishment of which is death, to love to associate with unholy heretics, and to unite yourself to their communion. St. Cyril of Alexandria  

Michael Voris, Pseudo-Traditionalist
Sure, they maybe not as advanced as others like Michael Voris or Father Z but they still have the disease and it is progressing for the worst. Did not Lefebvre say to “wait!” but what is the Neo-SSPX response… “What do we have to wait around a couple hundred years to be “recognized”?.... Ugh! A clear lack of grace on behalf of the Society!  

"I shall not give the Church's destroyers an easy conscience by handing over to them what belongs only to God, to the Faithful, to the Church of all time.....
Father "Z", Pseudo- Traditionalist

...This is what makes our situation with the Vatican appear deadlocked. But it is only an appearance. The time will come when the Church will triumph as she has always done... What are a few years, or few tens of years, compared with eternity? As I said to you a little while ago, all we need do is wait." ("Talks of Joseph Hann with Archbishop Lefebvre," ed. Stock, Paris)  

Yea, the Neo-SSPX leaders are so blind that they do not realize that to have an intent to accept an agreement before Romes conversion (Vatican II’s removal) is to imply Rome need not conversion at all! You help the ungodly, and you are joined in friendship with those who hate the Lord; and therefore you did indeed deserve the wrath of the Lord. II Paralipomenon 19:2  

Furthermore, the incubation period for Ebola is said to be 2-21 days. So, as an analogy, these pseudo traditionalists, don’t always show the “worst signs’ but they sure do show us they are infected like Menzingen and Bishop Fellay. The worst possible situation is to think there is nothing wrong with me or there is no chance of catching this modernist disease but how many different groups have fallen like the FSSP or Institute of Christ the King who have a Latin Mass but still continue to “vomit up their vile doctrines” from the pulpit and still “sweat out” their acceptance/tolerance of the “bastard new rite of Mass” which is illicit and schismatic.   

Order the  "Impossible Reconciliation" that
unmasks Fellay and Neo-SSPX
Moreover, it was Bishop Fellay in 2012 who “threw up” all over the plane which infected his surrounding subordinates.  And now the majority of them have this disease as well. But assuredly the early symptoms were present for many years with his “watered down” statements and/or positions on the Council and the subsequent Conciliar Church. Therefore everyone should be “running from” not flocking to the Neo-SSPX. This is prudence!  Indeed, one needs not wait for the Zombie Apolocalypse to arrive  for we already find ourselves in the midst thereof. “Among the strangest things that I saw, were long processions of bishops. Their thoughts and utterances were made known to me through images issuing from their mouths. Their faults towards  religion were shown by external deformities. A few had only a body, with a dark cloud of fog instead of a head. Others had only a head, their bodies and hearts were like thick vapors. Some were lame; others were paralytics; others were asleep or staggering.” Blessed Anne Emmerick on the Vatican II Modernists.

Specifically, Ebola, strickens the “innards” and therefore kills a man from within. Therefore, it is no different with heresy; it is no different with Vatican II’s whole new subjectivist modernist theology.  For it “loves” man to such a point that our Lady is left weeping at the foot of Her Son Who still cries out into this night for souls to awaken. The intellect and heart are stricken with this “theological ebola” and the heart and mind darken until it no longer even realizes it is affected at all. And thou shalt be sick of a very grievous disease of thy bowels, till thy vital parts come out by little and little every day.” (2 Chronicles 21:15)  Slowly the Conciliar Church has been progressing in its “theological ebola” till one day all humanity/all religions will be “united” via an invalid excathedra under the banner of “absolute equality” and the world will fall into utter darkness. And those who are still healthy, who still are the salt of the world can only ask God Himself in His mercy to send forth His Justice that we may once again re-establish Truth in the world. Mayst the eagles gather and harken to my call. 

In Conclusion, for the purpose of “driving home a point’ let all understand this was written in charity. It is just another reminder that we are in the greatest crisis of Church history and it will only be through the Immaculate Heart that we survive. For where Her Heart is... there also will you find the Heart of the Church. However, in Selfless Love, let us continue to work in the Vineyard of the Lord. Let us continue to pray, make reparations unto the Sacred Heart. Let us cling close to Our Blessed Mother and Her Immaculate Heart. Let no Soldier in the Divine Army be caught without his or her Rosary along with our armor the Scapular. Pray always, and remember Love cannot lose but in order to gain we must first “lose” our “self” and then “clothe” our soul in grace. Therefore, stay close to Tradition, continue rejecting Vatican II WHOLESALE as a good Knight and Handmaid does and actively seek out the traditional Sacraments where and as often as you can. Support the Resistance! We must pray for the sin of pride to leave the Neo-SSPX and other pseudo traditionalist groups so that they may “see clearly”.   

Once again I assert that to try and fight “from within” the Conciliar Church is “impotent”, unscriptural and does not follow the examples laid down by the Saints in Church history when heresy enters into the Church. The “watering down” of this Vatican II crisis by the pseudo- traditionalists is only the reality that the “theological ebola” has already set in with them and the Neo-SSPX is included because they are more interested in listening to these other “zombies” rather than  following the principles and teachings of their own very founder...

Quotes to reflect upon:
There are some, you know, who are accustomed to go around with the Name on their lips while they indulge in certain practices at variance with It and an insult to God. You must shun these men as you would wild beasts: they are rabid dogs that bite in secret; you must beware of them! St. Ignatius of Antioch

Whoever is separated from the Church must be avoided and fled from; such a man is wrong-headed; he is a sinner and self-condemned. [...] But if some of the leaders of schism persist in their blind and obstinate foolishness, and if advice for their own good fails to bring them back to the way of salvation, let the rest of you [...] break away from their ensnaring falsehood. [...] One must withdraw from those who are engaged in sin; rather, one must fly from them, lest by joining in their evil course and thus taking the wrong road, one should [...] become involved in the same guilt oneself. St. Cyprian

I grieve for having been, if only for an hour, in communion with guilty men. St. Martin of Tours

Do not converse with heretics even for the sake of defending the faith, for fear lest their words instill their poison in your mind. Bl. Isaias

Saints Peter and Paul, in their Epistles, have loathed heretics, and warned us to avoid them. St. Cyprian

St. Paul commands that a heretic be avoided after two warnings, that is, after showing himself to be manifestly obstinate. And this is what St. Jerome writes, adding that other sinners are excluded from the Church by excommunication, whereas heretics exile themselves on their own from the Body of Christ. St. Robert Bellarmine

Outside are dogs. Apocalypse 22:13

What fellowship does a holy man have with a dog? Ecclesiasticus 13:22

Or what fellowship does light have with darkness? And what concord does Christ have with Belial? Or what part do the faithful have with the unbeliever? [...] Wherefore, go out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord. II Corinthians 6:14-17

Separate yourself from your enemies. Ecclesiasticus 6:13

I have always regarded the Church's enemies as my own. St. Jerome

Heresy is everywhere an enemy to Catholics. St. Gregory of Tours

If any man who is called a brother be a servant of idols, with such a man do not keep company, not so much as to eat. I Corinthians 5:11

I will not communicate with the choicest of them. [...] Depart from me, ye malignant ones! Psalm 140:4; 118:115

John, the disciple of the Lord, going to bathe at Ephesus, and finding Cerinthus inside, rushed out of the bath-house without bathing, shouting: "Let us fly, lest even the bath-house fall down, for Cerinthuis, an enemy of truth is inside!" And Polycarp himself replied to Marcion who met him on one occasion asking: "Do you know me?" "I do know you," replied Polycarp: "I know you to be the first-born of Satan!" Such was the horror which the Apostles and their disciples had against even holding even verbal communication with any corrupters of truth. St. Irenaeus of Lyons


  1. Hi,
    You wrote about St. Athanasius that "It was to maintain that we must keep our distance from the disease wilst still recognizing the “disease carrier’s” authority." Here is the answer from St. Bellarmine:

    "This principle is most certain. The non-Christian cannot in any way be Pope, as Cajetan himself admits (ib. c. 26). The reason for this is that he cannot be head of what he is not a member; now he who is not a Christian is not a member of the Church, and a manifest heretic is not a Christian, as is clearly taught by St. Cyprian (lib. 4, epist. 2), St. Athanasius (Scr. 2 cont. Arian.), St. Augustine (lib. de great. Christ. cap. 20), St. Jerome (contra Lucifer.) and others; therefore the manifest heretic cannot be Pope."

    Please note that to support himself he referes, among others, to St. Athanasius. So my question is where did you find St. Athanasius speaking about recognizing the "disease carrier's authority"?


  2. Liberius was not a manifest heretic nor do we consider the Conciliar Pontiffs manifest heretics. I just did a Radio show on this and can be listened to in detail under todays date.

  3. Michael Voris is a plant. To keep Catholics in the church. He is a part of that system that is 2 faced. Where they say one thing but do ANOTHER. He is part of the double dealing that we see so often with the church. He is duplicity in pure form. Acting like he is exposing lies and falsehoods while at the same time supporting tha pope and acting like a good catholic would stay and fight and go to mass. When in fact there is no more church.