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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Synod Covered...

Synod Covered...
It's official the Synod on the Family has begun and concludes in two weeks with a closing Mass.  The beatification ceremony of "Venerable Paul VI" is also scheduled to take place this same day on October 19, 2014, at the conclusion of the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the family.  What will happen at the Synod?  Will Francis look to be shoring up his base of support among the bishops?  Will we see cardinals Burke and Kasper duke it out?  Will the rules for communion be changed?  Are there other backroom dealings, which haven't been reported by media, to happen?  What an interesting half month it is going to be! 

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI may take part in Paul VI’s beatification Mass Oct. 19, revealed Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office.
Asked if the retired pope was expected to give his personal contribution to the two-week synod of bishops, Father Lombardi said during a press conference that “it is not expected that the pope emeritus will take part in the synod, which is so committing and long.”
“Since his resignation, the pope emeritus has been living a private life in prayer,” said Father Lombardi, adding, “Everybody hopes to see him for Paul VI’s beatification.”

 Everything is up for discussion!

 On sexual and medical ethics, synod fathers speak of 'graduality'

  In their discussions of sexual and medical ethics, participants at the Synod of Bishops on the family are giving emphasis to the concept of "graduality," as a way of thinking about morality that allows for human imperfection without compromising ideals.

In an address to the assembly on its first working day, Oct. 6, Cardinal Peter Erdo of Esztergom-Budapest, Hungary, said that "Humanae Vitae," the 1968 encyclical by Pope Paul VI that reaffirmed the church's prohibition of artificial birth control, "needs to be considered in light of the law of graduality." He suggested that it was unrealistic to expect immediate acceptance of the widely flouted teaching.

The cardinal quoted "Familiaris Consortio," a 1981 apostolic exhortation by "St." John Paul II on the role of the Christian family in the world that was inspired by the last synod on the family in 1980. According to " St." John Paul, each person is a historical being who "knows, loves and accomplishes moral good in stages of growth."

Several bishops referred to graduality in their remarks during an afternoon session dedicated to the theme of "God's plan for marriage and the family."

Read More: http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1404149.htm 

 Cardinal: Is teaching on sexuality changing? 

More Vatican II "dialogue" with the world 
(Note: When you read "graduality" run for the hills. This is Progressivism)


Seventy speeches, the “graduality” between real life and the Christian ideal, remarried divorcees and the Eucharist which “is not the sacrament of the perfect”

A language that facilitates “dialogue with the world”, “graduality” as an attitude which takes into consideration the difficulties that can separate real families from the Christian ideal, the long, personalised and also severe” path of preparation for the marriage sacrament, embracing remarried divorcees (“the Eucharist is not the sacrament of the perfect, but rather of those who are on the way”). These are some of the topics that emerged in the Extraordinary Synod on the family which kicked off yesterday in the Vatican. Pope Francis is present at all the meetings.

The Holy See Press Office reported on the general debate which continued throughout today’s second and third Congregations following yesterday’s opening morning session. Vatican spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, spoke at a multilingual press conference and written summaries of speeches were published. These summaries do not specify which Synod Father discussed which issue but they provide an overview of the themes that emerged from the discussions. 70 Synod Fathers spoke between yesterday (the first day of the two-week meeting) and this morning. Addresses were a mix of scheduled and spontaneous speeches.

 "More New Wind of Pentecost or heretical "hot air?"

New Pentecost?...
No, just "hot air"
"These three things, the hearing, the synodal discussion about the family,  the same loved with the look of Christ, "will be an opportunity for Providence, with which we will renew the Church and society after the example of Saint Francis. With the joy of the gospel we shall find fall in the step of a reconciled and merciful Church, poor and a friend of the poor. A church that is capable of "defeating through patience and love, the equally inner and outer afflictions and troubles," (Lumen gentium, n. 8).

 "May the wind of Pentecost blow across the Synod work, the Church, over the whole of humanity. Let him untie the knots that prevent people from meeting each other. May he heal the bleeding wounds and rekindle hope. There are so many people without hope! May he give us that creative love, which makes it possible to love as Jesus loved. And our preaching will regain the vitality and dynamism of the first missionaries of the Gospel. "
Francis ditches Latin as official language of Vatican synod

In a break with the past, Francis has decided that Latin will not be the official language of a worldwide gathering of bishops at the Vatican.A cardinal made the announcement at the start of the first working day of the two-week assembly, known as a synod, where about 200 Roman Catholic bishops from around the world are discussing themes related to the family..

Italian, the lingua franca of the Vatican, would become the synod's official language, he said.
In past synods, Latin was the official language of documents for the meetings and some of the participants chose to speak in Latin. The pope decided to make the break in order to streamline the proceedings, officials said.

The move was a break with Pope Benedict, who two years ago started a new Vatican department to promote the study and use of Latin in the Roman Catholic Church and beyond.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-2782612/Pope-ditches-Latin-official-language-Vatican-synod.html#ixzz3FZ4g6WEy

 Synod hears explosive proposals to drop ‘disordered,’ ‘living in sin’ etc
Speaking at this afternoon’s Vatican press briefing on the Synod on the Family English-language spokesman for the Synod, Fr. Thomas Rosica noted there has been much discussion about language in the Synod’s deliberations.

Fr. Rosica explained what he believed to be “one of the salient interventions” of the day, noting that according to the presenter, “language such as ‘living in sin’, ‘intrinsically disordered’, or ‘contraceptive mentality’ are not necessarily words that invite people to draw closer to Christ and the Church.”
 “There is a great desire that our language has to change in order to meet the concrete situations,” he added.

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