"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, October 9, 2014


(This is very "loosely" translated. I apologize for any mistranslations in advance)

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, "conservative" and "Friend of the traditional Mass," says this about Rome's relations with the SSPX in his book news and future of the Second Vatican Council:

... "This (the Rome negotiations with the SSPX) has to be considered with an open, ecumenical look. You have to give these initiatives (Benedict XVI) will benefit the construction. These were sabotaged several certain ways by certain media errors or games. Williamson case, for example, made more difficult reception and development of these initiatives of the Holy Father. But in the long run, will bring fruit. "

"There is certainly a reason for such ecumenical initiative of Pope Benedict XVI regarding the liturgy. The same previously lamented in his writings, has been completely ruled out rite now called "extraordinary." He realized that, pedagogically, this was not the best solution.

The Card. Ouellet clearly expressed, without shrinking, the purpose both of relations with the SSPX as the implementation of the Motu Proprio on the Mass they call "extraordinary": Ecumenism. And also admits that despite the inconvenience caused by the "Williamson affair" (which is not limited to the famous Swedish Speaking to TV but also to their presence in the SSPX, why should be censored and later expelled) , ecumenical initiative "in the long run, will bring fruit." In this and the more the Card. Ouellet and Mons. Fellay coincide in their patience.
Cardinal Ouellet offering the "New Mass"
No doubt today with the dislocated Francisco at the Vatican initiative has regained strength and is likely to accelerate, as Francisco knows how to please everyone is his eagerness to cash in to meet each his ambition, it seems that Rome now gives for all (and all, as they say now with the neo-Speak egalitarian antidiscrimination). Francisco knows that the control must be total. So they are threatening to set himself up as dissidents sets aside unceremoniously. We've had the recent example of Bishop Livieres of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. Precisely Card. Ouellet as Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops was the recipient of the letter in defense of the Bishop of Paraguay, although even there it did not reach the Vatican ecumenism because Livieres was lacking "warmth" and seemed to pull up to the plate, things Msgr. Fellay has not so far been able to incur.

It is shown that if the SSPX was against Ecumenism as has emerged from Vatican II, and as he has always said and criticized, then you should refrain from being part of it, ie, if "ecumenizada" Rome, avoiding relationship with it as it is intended that no other has. However, Mons. Fellay continues preaching his negotiating and cordial with the conciliar modernist heretics, lending itself to be part of ecumenism which claims to oppose. Another lie of Bishop Fellay. Many years he knows what Rome thinks and does, make her know that ecumenism with the SSPX, once up has confessed in an interview, but yet with his story of "going to testify of the truth "(you relying falsehood in Mons. Lefebvre, in the end absolutely repudiated all contact with the heretics of the Conciliar Church) lends itself to being part of conciliar ecumenism that can only exist at the expense of Catholic truth and in this case no purpose other than to eliminate all resistance in the SSPX to integrate the major world religions movement. False Ecumenism: To better understand the part that plays Bishop Fellay for many years, one can read this article: http://syllabus-errorum.blogspot.com.ar/2013/02/el-ecumenism-de-Monsignor -fellay.html

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