"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, March 9, 2018

Project Black Star Update – Volume 10 (2018)

Project Black Star Update – Volume 10 (2018)

Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 02 show the first 7-magnitude earthquake event for the last five years (7.5 Papua) to end a string of five 7-magnitude earthquake events over and eight-week period.

Five of the 6-magnitude earthquake events for Week 02 is one short of equaling the combined total for the last four years (6). Note the two J’s in the Seismic Chart for Week 02 to realize Earth receives a Jolt of solar-redirected electromagnetism at this critical week in the Earth orbit cycle representing a big jump in global seismic activity for the 2.5 to 4 and 5-magnitude earthquake events compared to Week 01. Fifty-three of the 5-magnitude earthquake events is higher than any 7-day reporting period for the entire 2017 Earth orbit cycle (50 in Week 38) more than doubling last week’s number (21) earning a red value being well over twice the yearly average (24.25) for Week 02. The reason for this high-event value is connected to the string of five 7-magnitude earthquake events striking more than a month later than in the 2017 orbit cycle caused by deep-magma-plume wave action associated with deep earthquake events in the Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone – particularly on the Fiji side – sending energy through buoyancy-barrier corridor number 2.
Week-over-week seismic-event values show an increase in global earthquake activity across the board verifying that Week 01 represents the low-water mark of global seismic activity to begin the 2018 orbit cycle, as our planet reached the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun and Black Star positioned on the right side of the Scorpio Constellation. The 5-value for the 6-magnitude earthquake events earned a red value, because this is the first time a zero was followed by five for these moderately-sized quake events for the last five years running and at any point in the orbit cycle.
The large arrows show seismic-volcanic pressures shifting from the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone to the deep magma-plume formation terminal ends (Cascadia Basin and Mexico West Coast), which is typical moving through the second week of any earth-change uptick period. Seismic activity has reemerged in the Cascadia Basin (USGS) and off the Mexico West Coast, already in the Gulf of California region, revealing a seismic-volcanic-pressure shift from the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone (lower left) to the Convergence Zone along the US West Coast (upper right). Three deep earthquake events on the Fiji-side of the Origination Zone, combined with the 5.4 Bolivia Quake (USGS), were sufficient for testing the deep magma-plume formation terminal end positioned off the Mexico West Coast to generate the 4.3 Mexico Quake (USGS) near the mouth of the Gulf of California at the 10-kilometer depth. The newly-developed Yellowstone Quake Swarm Area that saw three major events per day two weeks ago, and just one event per day for last week, has disappeared completely; but expected to return later in the timeline.
These two key earthquake events were triggered by deep magma-plume-wave energy coursing through the narrow buoyancy-barrier corridors that tested the formation terminal ends, which raised the massive horn formations to displace magma near the surface that supports Earth crust. Understand that these key earthquake events do not represent the deep magma-plume-formation terminal ends, but 2196 miles is the distance between the horn formations (article and diagram: shown in red/green) with the magma-plume terminal ends being closer together than the dimension illustrated in this diagram. Go back to January 18, 2018 (diagram) to see that distance is 2369 miles and back to November 29, 2017 (diagram) to see the distance was down to just 1349 miles. Earth received the Jolt of solar-redirected electromagnetism once our planet turned around in natural orbit around the Sun for the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection to shorten rapidly through the transition. This changed a higher percentage of internal-connection conduits from “passive” to “active” state raising Black Star electromagnetic potential for injecting solar-redirected electromagnetism into our planet, and while the buoyancy-barrier corridors were at their narrowest state. Now, we continue to monitor the distance between these key magma-plume-triggered events, as the Cascadia Quakes shift south and the Mexico Quakes shift north; until they come together below the US West Coast later in the timeline to change the USA forever (Map of Future and Video). BTW, something strange is going on in the Gulf of Mexico (article with videos sent in by Stan).

Seismic activity along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge has diminished, which is also typical when Earth is near the 90-degree-angle position relative to the Sun and Black Star. Note that the seismic activity, between Iceland and the North Pole, from two weeks ago, has disappeared completely with no quakes striking near the North Pole location in the last seven days. We can already see seismic activity pushing through the Gibraltar region, along buoyancy-barrier corridor 3, which generally happens a month or so into any earth-change uptick period; indicating that seismic activity along this line is ahead of schedule.
Earth saw four new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with two events taking place near the center of the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone (Vanuatu, Papua). The two Japan new volcanic eruption events took place in the Watch Area shifting back and forth from Kamchatka/Japan along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor #1, where volcanism pressures are shifting from Indonesia heading north towards Kamchatka and the Aleutians. The forecast is to see earth-change activity increase to reach a maximum in the middle of May with seismic-volcanic bounces-lulls along the way. Typically we see Earth receive an electromagnetic Jolt in Week 02 and then again in Week 05 for a mini-lull period to follow allowing seismic-volcanic pressures to build again for release at the Sun-Earth-Black Star nearside alignment coming this year in the middle of May 2018.
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