"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 15, 2018

America, Blueprint Nation of the New World Order?

America, Blueprint Nation of the New World Order?
By:  Eric Gajewski
“Will America Be One Of Those Nations Annihilated Per The Warning of Fatima?”

I have had on my program virtually all of the top anti-Masonic/Zionist experts and one of the questions I have always asked them is the following.  “Is America a blueprint nation for the New World Order?  All of them have agreed yes across the board.  Now, I know that China is often talked about but how many truly talk about our country’s origins and affiliations?  Masonry and Zionism (both Satanic) both play a large part not only in our founding (Freemasonry) but also in how we are currently run (Zionism).  Who runs America?  Is it Christianity?  Absolutely not. We are just “dumb goyim” who serve Israel so Israel says themselves.  We must remember according to the Masonic Religion one can be a “Christian” yet in the true religion Catholicism one cannot be both a “Christian” and a Mason (some impotently argue otherwise).  We are being deceived by wolves who say they are Christians but who are truly Masons and are a part of the game.  They control both the left and right politically.  

Nevertheless, in this article I hope to tackle the following topics: Is America Babylon?  Which “god” does our country truly profess? Is the heresy of Americanism/Religious Liberty truly understood in the grand scheme of the New World Order plan? Can we break free from the Rothschild puppet state of “Israel”? Will God completely destroy America because of Protestantism, Zionism and Masonry (Fatima warning)?  Does God protect the faithless Jews and phony Jews (Synagogue) which protestants think is “Israel” or is this a biblical reference to protecting the Catholic Church?  Let me talk further in these areas.

America is not a Christian nation (see the link I have provided at the end of this article).  We have had elements or pockets of real Christianity aka Catholicism within this country since our very foundation but we cannot classify our country as being Christian.   

No, rather than following the true Religion America is fundamentally founded upon the satanic doctrine of religious liberty.  This means that any false religion could have equal “rights” with the true God and His only Religion.   

This is problematic, of course, because, when you do not follow the true Religion as a whole you are allowing mans rights to supersede and precede God and the Church’s rights.   

Now, Satanists and Pagans have equal rights with Christian’s but should that be?  Should error have public rights?  The Church says no and Christ of course would say no.   

Now this doesn’t impede the Church’s teaching on free will as those following Vatican II will sometime argue.  They are unable to grasp the difference having the free will to choose against Catholicism and then actually having a public right to do so which Vatican II explicitly teaches.   

Is it any wonder the heretical American bishops brought this error over to the Second Vatican Council? After all we were founded upon this heresy. 

Who does America really serve with these Masonic principles?  Get your Pepto Bismol.   

America truly serves Lucifer through man (through Israel even) rather than serving God first then neighbor.  Take a look at the back of the one-dollar bill and ask yourself the question.  What is this new order of the ages?  Is it Christian?  Have we been a part of the overall plan of the New World Order from the very start?

Some argue America is “Babylon”.  I have answered this question in times past but it helps to repeat my answer for the sake of those who have not yet seen my answer.  

 In a very “loose” sense we can argue we are another “Babylon”.  St. Jerome even allows for a future nation to be understood more loosely as being another “Babylon” but specifically the Church Fathers (common opinion) said Babylon was a reference to endtimes Rome (pagan, not catholic) and Jerusalem.   

Make no mistake, we have all kinds of abominations happening in this country.  There is not a day that goes by that we don’t see the lgbt, transgender and same sex “marriage” agendas being shoved down our throats.   

But what is worse is the heresy and false principles this country stands for predominantly Protestantism, Zionism and FreeMasonry.   

In this rebuild of the new tower of babel in the west we likewise are a “hodge podge” of “peoples”. 

We are essentially a blueprint for the New World Order’s immigration agenda.  They want all countries to break down nationally.  They need patriotism to collapse so that we can fit in to the new globalist entity emerging.  They need people of all colors, races and religions to come together in false unity so it will be easier for us to accept the New Age Religion and Mark of the Beast.   

Sadly, I know some heretics who think that America will actually lead the endtimes charge against the New World Order.   

It is probably due to the delusion that Masonic puppet Trump creates and gives us (drain the swamp when he is in it).   

He is just playing his part and eventually will be the fall guy (economic collapse, revolution and war) for the next puppet president to be planted who will pick up where he leaves off and likewise serve Lucifer through Masonry/Zionism.

What “god” does our country truly profess?  You hear many Americans state we are one nation under “god” but what “god” is this?  Logically speaking it cannot be the Holy Trinity given how this country professes the basic Masonic principles of religious liberty, liberty of conscience and separation of church and state.   

Americans unfortunately think this is what the founding fathers had in mind (Holy Trinity) but in reality it is not.  

Masons believe all false faiths worship one deity.   

This Masonic heresy was likewise carried over into Vatican II teaching.  Have you not heard that Islamist’s and Jews worship the same God as Christians?  Yet how can that be?  Islam calls the idea of the Holy Trinity an “excremental idea” and the Jews rejected Christ therefore as Jesus told them publicly “you worship the devil”.   

Now do not get me wrong we do enjoy some wonderful freedoms in this country that Christianity will stand behind one of which is gun control which coincidentally is under attack from Jews/Communists and some Masons themselves.  

“Israel” can have guns but we can’t?   

This should be an indicator as to who runs the New World Order.  Albert Pike states that in the third world war “Christians”/Zionists would go to war with the Arab world and it would destroy both parties.   

We are on the verge of this.   
Unfortunately, the “conservative” mainstream news networks are all run by Jews/Zionists so they are dragging us into this war.   

Why should Christians serve Satanic Israel and their agendas to expand the Greater Israel Project? 

Real Christian’s (Catholics) do not support the Zionism nor Islam to say otherwise puts you outside of the true Church.  

Shifting gears slightly.  Do not even get me started on our “me” first self-centered, materialistic, pornographic society which only adds fuel to this topic over what “god” we serve because in reality we are self-serving here in the West (predominantly).   

When the Antichrist (“Maitreya”) shows up (coincidentally first here in the USA on international TV) he will say as man you are a “god”.  Any religion is good so long as you take my mark.  America better wake up soon!

Religious liberty and separation of Church and State in the New World Order breakdown of this nation.  This country does not want to hear the voice of Truth therefore we have been handed over to lies (Protestantism, Zionism and Masonry).   

We revolted against England and continued on in revolution and Christians are not revolutionaries. 

This does not mean we can’t defend ourselves from tyranny but we have to understand what true tyranny really is and only from the Catholic perspective.  I say this because heretics will argue that to live in a Catholic state would be tyranny.   

God wants the nations to be united in Faith (Catholic) not in economics.  He does not want us to be ruled by any false religion Judaism, FreeMasonry or Islam and yet the heretical principle of religious liberty allows for such and we will pay for it.   

When you eventually break off from the Catholic Church you slide further and further away from truth and ultimately end in the arms of the Antichrist himself (who will be a Jew by the way).  In rebellion we say “man’s rights must come first!  Is this not what the U.N. is shoving down the throats of the nations?  Universal Rights of Man?  This my friends is FreeMasonry in action not Christianity!   

Our nation if we were Catholic would not be tolerant of all this liberal madness we are seeing yet why do the “conservative’s” who call themselves “Christian” not see this?   

Do we all want to eradicate pornography, same sex marriage, abortion for starters?  Then why not see it from the proper Catholic (not Vatican II) perspective?   

We need a rewrite of our Constitution in reality.   

Being materially prosperous is a false Protestant concept; it is truly not a Christian one.  Some Americans believe that because “we have a lot of things” that God approves of our country and way of life.  This is a complete farce and the coming chastisement will only prove what God really thinks of this country.

How do we break free from the Synagogue of Satan (Israel)?  Good question.  We are beyond the point of our country or any countries eradicating this system of death (on the natural level).  The only answer really is to allow God to chastise this country so we can start anew.   

The system is rigged as such that we will never truly get a “Christian” as President who will promote Catholic principles as a whole.  The New World Order will not allow this.  

 All we can really do is continue to expose them.  

We know that we will be booted off of their social media platforms but by doing so it will be worth it for the truth must be told.  

 Interesting to note.  The Protocols of Zion mention that when the West has finally awoken (we are to some degree currently) in relation to their Zionist deception that they would scurry off to their underground lairs and let the “fireworks” begin (ww3).   

Thus, when you start to see a good number of elite moving into these underground positions then we know we are dangerously close to the worse war the world has ever seen.

 Wouldnt be a true Pope from the proper Catholic understanding.  It would be an antipope.

Will God protect America if we turn to Our Lady and Catholicism?  Absolutely.  This does not mean that we will be spared.  I have argued in times past that most of America wouldn’t be around after Russia got through with us and I stand behind that statement still.  

Fatima warned that heaven would use Russia as a means to punish the world due to sin and this does not exclude America and yet some phony Christians seem to think.  They are in for a rude awakening if they think otherwise.   

Furthermore, Catholic prophecy states America won’t be spared.  One particular prophecy is that of Our Lady to Blessed Aiello in the late 1950’s.  Our Lady said that because we did not heed to divine warnings (scourging’s of nature) that Russia would attack America with her “secret weapons” and overrun Europe (eventually raise their flag over the dome of St. Peter’s).  

Sound familiar?  

Or do I need to repeat what Putin recently said in his apparent “last warning to the West?”  Now he warns Britain.   

Russia has weapons far more advanced than us and soon they will “snap”.  Those European countries who have been telling their people to ‘prepare” know what Russia is about to do.   

World War 3 will eventually evolve into a series of Divine chastisement’s which involve the incoming binary system (Planet X system).   

The Great Tribulation ends with the three days of darkness and the defeat of the Antichrist and the NWO. In my opinion what is left of America (who adheres to the Fatima message) will be spared and we will start over as a Catholic nation!

Heretics argue “Israel” will be protected.  And this is true but the reference to Israel is the Catholic Church not the Rothschild puppet state of Israel which has re-interpreted this original meaning.   

Now, the Jews (real religious Jews) will eventually convert to the Catholic Church during the reign of the Antichrist when the two witnesses arrive onto the scene.  So in this sense yes Jews will be protected.   

But all HIS enemies (knowingly or unknowingly) will perish during the three days of darkness.  Talk about a quick reset of the Nintendo game!  This opens to door for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart to commence.   

Folks, the Catholic Church gave the world the bible lest we forget thus we must hold on to the original interpretations.   

In addition, the last sign we know that indicates the arrival of the Antichrist is “revolution” in the Catholic Church itself.  The Mason’s/Jews have infiltrated the Body of Christ (Catholic Church) and are steering it straight into the arms of the False Prophet and Antichrist.  They are the ones behind the One World Religion not Catholics!  They are just “borrowing our buildings”.  

Scripture, Tradition and approved writings of the Saints and prophecies all say this. It cannot be denied even by Catholics.  We are in those times and the False Prophet (who is said to be lurking in Rome) and Antichrist are just waiting for the “right moment” to step unto the scene.   

As a side note I recently contacted the Antichrist’s website pretending to be a New Age follower and asked them who this “Master Jesus”/false prophet character is?  Does he reside in the Jesuit or Roman Curia?  Will it be a Cardinal?  I await their answer (if they do) and will keep you updated on the matter.  

 Christ promised to His Catholic Church that the “gates of hell” will not prevail so the war we are in is spiritual but it is also a war in which we will see who is the “last man standing”.   

We know the Catholic Church will prevail and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will commence!

Furthermore, on pg. 109 of Fr. Berry's book on the Apocalypse he makes it clear the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart comes AFTER the death of the Antichrist, "After the destruction of the Antichrist and his kingdom (NWO) all peoples shall accept the true Gospel and the Church of Christ shall reign peacefully over all nations".  I say this because too many “traddies” are expecting the Triumph before the reign of the Antichrist.

The Remedy?  It is simple. Our Lady and specifically the message of Fatima.  Repent by turning away from heresy and sin in general.  Make reparation, sacrifice and implore God’s mercy.  

Pray and specifically pray the Rosary and ask Our Lady for that protection as the “chastising” of this country begins.  It will involve every aspect of life, economically, politically, socially, religiously but specifically Russia is going to be used by God against America so that we can turn in humility unto Her and the true Faith.  

In the end, for those ignorant, the new world order plan for the west is for us to be invaded by a foreign nation who would then force Americans to choose the New World Order Mark or be shipped off to FEMA camps for “re-education”.   

There is a reason why our military is out and about and not largely protecting us here.  The New World Order wants us to be taken over and accept the one world socialist system.  

Better get your guns and rosaries now!

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