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Thursday, December 22, 2016

This One Blog Sums Up Fr. Longenecker

This One Blog Sums Up Fr. Longenecker
By: Eric Gajewski

Oh! The weather outside is frightful and the modernist bloggers are getting even more frightening.  Just when you thought things couldn't get worse in Novus Ordo Land onward comes Fr. Longenecker with his latest gem.  My two favorite Novus ordo writers are probably Francis the Great and Fr. Longenecker the Greater.  I am still amazed today at how these types of priests manage to be allowed to write for such large publications.  Oh Wait!  I have the answer.  The modern world loves novelty and heresy therefore it is only logical that priests like Fr. Longenecker and Fr. Rosica get some fact time.  Let us now (if you can bare it) have  a look at how Fr. Longenecker sees himself, that is, as a conservative or a liberal...ehhh...it don't matter.

"I am conservative".  He claims he is conservative yet follows the Vatican II New Religion which is anything but conservative.  He says it is because of his past that he doesn't mind this label.  Yet who gives him this label? Drum roll please.....you guessed it real Catholic...other heretics.  You can clump these neo-cats all in a bag and give them a liberal or conservative label when in reality they are modernists all the same.

"I wouldn't mind writing for a Liberal Conservative publication".  Of course not heretic.  Were we actually expecting some other answer from you?  You would write for the Sunday Morning cartoons if you could but that position is currently being taken by Antipope Francis.  What in the world is a liberal conservative publication anyway that is like saying Id like to write for the Big and Tall midgets publication.  I'm seriously dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of his latest blog.

Thank goodness He gives us his ten reasons he would write for the "Liberal Conservative".  He didn't want to leave us guessing here! PHEEWWW!

1) He states both liberals and conservatives speak the truth!  Thank goodness for that upbringing of his.  Liberals clearly speak the truth and I'm glad he sees this.  Madness
3) He abhors labels- Didnt he just say you wouldn't mind writing for the Liberal Conservative.  Do these modernists hear out loud what they are writing?  Well while we are it here's one.  you are a Novus ordite heretic
5)  A gang needs an enemy gang?  So now we are reducing the Catholic Faith to the catholic gang and protestant gang apparently.  We are Catholic gangsters and there ought not be gangs thus sayest Mr. Modernist.
6) Attacking the outside gang means you are prejudice.  Clearly Fr. Longenecker is not a man of doctrine.  Even Our Lord separates people into two "gangs" the sheep and the goats in the end.
9) Avoiding labels keeps one guessing.  Yup, he said it not me.  Im not a Catholic.  Guess what I am.  Really?  So we shouldn't know where people stand doctrinally?  There is no such thing as  a liberal Catholic they are called heretics.  Modernists like him think we can separate people into these two groups whence you cannot.
10) Hes Catholic.  If he is Catholic than I am Santa Claus.  Please be sure to email me what you want for this Christmas everyone.  Without question He is on the naughty list as a modernist who is destroying the Catholic Faith with his buffoonish writings/teachings.  These publications who allow him to write are even more comical.

Catholicism seeks Truth wherever it is found he says!  Wow, so liberals are now Catholic because they say some elements of truth?  Protestants are now Catholic because they speak some truth time to time.  I am reminded of Pope St. Pius X's warnings on priests like Fr. Longenecker.  They would make the Church seem larger than previously taught and held more "universal" than even the Catholic Church (before Vatican II).  He finishes by saying that he is on the right path because liberals and conservatives attack him.  This couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth.  He is on hell's path (objectively speaking) teaching the new religion of Vatican II and both conservatives and liberals are just two faced heretics themselves.  Therefore depending upon what issue it doesn't surprise he would be attacked by other clueless heretics.