"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

VII Ecumenism: Proselytizers Need Not Apply

VII Ecumenism: Proselytizers Need Not Apply
By: Eric Gajewski

I am still amazed to see so many ignorant in the Novus Ordo.  There are still many who ardently follow the new ecumenism’s teaching not realizing that it is not necessary to return to Catholic Faith (according to the modernists).  This (conversion) has been outlawed by these modernist heretics.  So what is the new ecumenism all about then if the intent is not to convert?  First, understand that no one should be converting to the Vatican II new faith to begin with, so, in a certain sense this is good.  However, the new ecumenism is simply brainwashing the flock into believing that other sects and false religions are “pretty good” and thus we have to find commonalities with them.   

These modernists like Francis always try to point out the “good” in these other heretics and in false religions (some cases atheists even!).  Pope St. Pius X warned us that these heretics would do as such.  A perfect example is the recent comments on Luther made by Francis.  It is all “staged stoogery”.  Vatican II very much teaches and implies Universalism in the very texts of Vatican II but then also in the subsequent new ecumenical program.  Then we have Assisi and all the other charades to purport this new direction.  We must apologize to any and all groups like the sodomites and Protestants rather than point out their errors.  Make no mistake real Catholics are not wanted in the New Religion for proselytizers in the end are not welcomed.  The Catholic Church is missionary not ecumenical. It seeks to convert; it does not seek to sit down and eat donuts with heretics and pagans while we all pat each other on the back. Yes, you’re good… I’m good… we are all good lets eat more donuts.  Dialogue session over!  I can’t wait till the next one!  For in the New Religion the man who worships cheese (seriously) is just as good as those who worship Christ.  What buffoons these people are.

What a great religion to be in!  Where the birds chirp all day and the skies are blue and no one has to convert and hold the true Faith.  What a Willy Wonka world it is in Vatican II land and this new ecumenism is assuredly a rabbit hole.  Let me just go out like a Jehovahs witness each day to speak to everyone BUT I can’t convert anyone?  At least the Jehovahs witness cult tries to convert people.  The modernists just get together so they can go pat the heretical sects and false religions on the back.  These people think that God is not going to give them the boot in the end? Delusional!  Vatican II “ecumenism” can be found in any FreeMasonic Lodge it is not Catholic.  If you are attending a Vatican II Church you might as well go to the local Masonic Lodge on Sunday because it is truly no different.  In the end Masonic ecumenism is simply a building block towards the solidified New Age Religion coming under the False Prophet.  Dialogue, Co-Existence and Convergence is a work of Lucifer not of God.

 The New Age calls this star sign coming a Venus star sign which is another name for Lucifer.  Lucifer= New Age.  They are awaiting the arrival of this brown dwarf star so they can usher in the New Age.  The labeling of this observatory in Arixzona is thus not coincidental.

In my opinion the Vatican and world governments have known that Planet X has been on its way for well over 50 years and thus Vatican II’s “timing” was not by coincidence.  About 30 years later or so the false ecumenical movement got started and has not looked behind since then.  They know Planet X is getting very close and so they have to continue to promote these Interfaith meetings and Inter-religious gatherings because we are just that close to the “New Age”.  Planet X’s arrival will be the sign to kick start the New Age.  A New Age of “Oneness” where all the freaks and heretics can gather under “One Banner (of Lucifer)” and formally play pretend.  Thus, these heretics knew it would take awhile for them to brainwash the masses into buying every sect and religion is good.  They knew this would not be a “few years” type of plan but rather a plan of three decades or so.

Catholics need not apply to Vatican II to save their soul.  We do not need to sell ourselves over to heresy and compromise under the banner of false obedience.  A new day is here.  Those priests and websites who want to call out those resistant will be called out by name.   I will call them out personally and it wont be pretty.  The day of trying to play nice with the modernists is over…. my fists are ready how about yours?  The modernists say if you want to be happy do not proselytize!  Of course because it is much easier to simply say everyone is okay with God rather than to hold onto all the true teachings of the Faith.  They call attempted conversions “outdated ecclesiology”.  “They” are not one of us (Catholics). Vatican II is not our Faith nor our Gospel we must keep distance from these theological polluters  (If we do not we displease God).  They say we need not apply and trust me we don’t want to.  They can dialogue with “everyone else” but not us nasty true traditionalists (fundamentalists) because we are not so gullible.  We see through their sham and games which is all this really is.  It is not coincidence but is it is diabolical or nefarious.  We want to gain heaven rather than gain everyone’s approval.  These modernists are as worldly as it gets and Francis is simply another puppet and tool of the NWO marching band.  Hold on to that Cross O’ Catholic and do not succumb to despair nor fear due to self-love.  Stand strong in this wicked hour wherest our buildings are occupied by the enemies of Christ playing pretend.