"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pseudo Trad & WonderLand

Pseudo Trad & WonderLand
By: Eric Gajewski

Welcome to the “rabbit hole” called Vatican II wherein the dreamers fall into and play.  I recently had Msgr. Perez on the Radio Show and in part we covered the dangers of the “pseudo trad”.  He said they are the worst and most dangerous kind to avoid and I agree.  In fact, as many as you know, I have been saying this for years.  The Pseudo Trad comes in all forms and flavors but can be reduced to anyone or group still accepting Vatican II and New Mass.   This sadly encompasses a lot of peoples/groups now who call themselves traditionalists but in reality are not.

John the 23rd (White Rabbit) pulled out his watch to exclaim “the time is late’ and thus the Second Vatican Council must get in motion.  As I mentioned in my last article this was due to knowing Planet X was on the way in to usher in a New Age.  Do not believe me?  Fr. Malachi Martin reiterated this when John 23rd said (speaking on the children of Fatima) “we want nothing to do with these prophets of doom because we are moving into a new age”.  How many Alice’s thence followed along down into this rabbit hole?  Seemingly nearly all of churchmen and laity but thankfully to this day many are climbing out. The only way to get into this fantasyland is to drink the heretics potion and shrink down in size small enough to get yourself into this “land of dreamers” (as Pope St. Pius X warned).  In addition, once there, “How many drank the modernist potion and grew in size due to pride only to “swat away” the real catholics resisting?”  

How many now in retrospect glance back at the pool of tears which caused Our Lord distress for having been so foolish to accept the New Religion under the banner of “Catholic”.  Sadly, the Pseudo trad still dwells in this “Wonderland”.  Yes even those who point out some “errors” of the Council or even the Pope.  These types are still delusional and live there.  Ah! But what about the cake?  Do not these Pseudo trads eat of that too?  Of course, all is lovely and delicious according to the Novus Ordites living in this WonderLand.  The “conservative” Novus Ordites are no different with their fairytale living.  They still cling to the Cardinal Burkes and Bishop Schneider’s who have yet to crawl out of this rabbit hole.  I am still awaiting that public renouncement of the revolution by these conservative Novus Ordo types.   

There are few brave Cheshire Cats who are willing to enter into this WonderLand to tell the Pseudo Trads that all have gone mad.  Do they listen? Of course not.  There is money to be made, conferences to sell out, livelihoods to keep up.  It would be far too painful to leave this Wonderland.  Ah yes but what about the “tea party”?  I found out quite quickly, that, we too, like Alice, were not invited to this table.  Always removing the real quotes of Archbishop Lefebvre or Fr. Hesse from their social media.  We simply couldn’t have that could we?  The Pseudo trads are mad and quite dangerous which is why Archbishop Lefebvre said to avoid them and their poison.  They have an extensive linked network on social media that doesn’t allow Resistance types.  Sad but true but then again they have gone mad.

The “King’s” of this land (the hierarchy) want to behead us Cheshire Cat’s who call them all mad.  Indeed we are crazy to these people because we wont accept their craziness.  They can’t figure out a way to do it because they cannot intelligently prove us wrong.  They have the power but have lost the Faith and all wisdom but God protects us.  When will the Pseudo trads wake up from their dream and rejoin us in true Resistance?  From the excuse making of the Vatican II texts themselves (Vatican II was pastoral implementation of the Novus Ordo religion; it is not Catholic and is heretical) or the participation of the modernists new illicit/schismatic Mass…. this land is full of dreamers.  In the end these dreamers still cling to the Council and have gone mad and must be avoided.  Avoid the rabbit hole called Vatican II and remain Catholic.