"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Videos- Religion of Peace? Latest on ISIS and the Infidels

Religion of Peace? Latest on ISIS and the Infidels

ISIS To Take Rome By 2020 

Here is the latest news coming from this diabolical sect of the devil. Warning, sensitive material ahead...

 The wave of refugees peppered with ISIS fighters and ISIS sympathizers are invading Europe all according to plan and with the blessings of European leaders. Jihads are being waged, European women are being raped at epidemic levels, the French city of Calais has become ground zero for the migrant anarchy flooding the rest of Europe.

A wave of 400000 migrants are entering Italy. Many of them funded by ISIS. But rather than pushing on to Northern Europe, these migrants will remain in Italy as the Schengen treaty intended to guarantee open borders is coming apart at the seams. Breitbart reports “Six countries— Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Slovenia—have suspended the treaty for two years, and others appear ready to follow them. In many respects, Schengen no longer exists.

And this is exactly what the ISIS leaders had planned. The conquest of Rome is one of the Islamic State’s primary goals as ISIS intends on beheading the Pope on live television in St. Peter’s Square to be followed by mass beheadings of Christians as Rome is converted into a muslim city. The ISIS timeline to achieve this is by 2020.

But Europeans are in a choke hold when it comes to airing their grievances. Stringent Hate speech laws and intimidation are being used to wage war on European citizens simply asking their leaders to stop the invasion.

Under these policies and the initial half a million plus Muslims planting roots in Italy, the outlandish 2020 goal of the ISIS conquest of Rome doesn’t seem as fantastical as previously thought.


In a new video purportedly released by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, AQIM sets the conditions for the release of captive Swiss citizen Beatrice Stockly.
According to The Guardian, Stockly, who was first taken hostage by jihadists in Mali in 2012 and was released ten days later, was again been abducted from her home in Timbuktu on January 8. Stockly has been accused by Islamists as proselytizing for Christianity.
The video begins with an Islamist chant and then cuts to a screen where an Islamist preacher states it is the right of Islamists to hold captives ransom.
After a brief montage of the history of captives in the North African region, a list of demands for the release of Stockly is delivered in English by a masked man to the French and Swiss governments. Demands include:

  • Release of all al-Qaeda captives in Mali
  • The release of an apprehended jihadist
  • The footage then cuts to a hijab clad Stockly.


    “We Will Make Rivers Out Of Your Blood- Soon In The Champs-Elysees” ISIS Releases New Propaganda Video

    ISIS has released and new message for the West- We are coming for France and the UK. From LiveLeak:
    Former bus driver Samy Amimour is featured in one of the most distressing scenes in the footage, when he smiles into the camera after picking up the head of a decapitated prisoner.
    He then delivers a chilling message, ‘Soon in Champs-Elysses.’
    A threat is then made against the UK with video using footage of the House of Commons vote in favour of strikes in Syria.
    The message reads: ‘Whoever stands in the ranks of Kufr will be a target for our swords and will fall in humiliation’ and appears while David Cameron addresses the house.
    ‘We will make you taste terror, and you will taste it in your very stronghold,’ he declares in an audio message.
    ‘By Allah, we will make rivers out of your blood on this day. We will fight you to the lat man among us and there is nothing between us and you but the edge of the sword,’ he says.

    ISIS Now Beheads and Crucifies Christian Children in Syria

    The Syrian War Modeled After The Armenian Holocaust

    The Very Same Perpetrators Are Committing Genocide Against The Very Same Bloodline

    The U.S., U.K., Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia Target Christians and Shia Muslims throughout the  Northern Levant

    The critical situation in Syria now amounts to nothing less than a slow-motion holocaust.

    UPDATE: More Children ‘Crucified, Beheaded, and Stoned to Death’ by ISIS in November, Says New UN Report
    The indisputable evidence now proves that the same nations who were behind the Armenian Genocide of 1915 are those who have prosecuted the present war against Syria and Iraq from behind the scenes of their overwhelming premeditated war crimes.  
    The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus
    Of course, since the Modern State of Israel (MSI) was not yet established in 1915, it was the European Zionist movement that actually instigated the Armenian Holocaust, just like they planned out the Jewish Holocaust (which never even occurred the way it has been recorded) of World War II.
    Why?  To create and further enlarge the Modern State of Israel, respectively.
    Why Were Jewish Zionists Behind The Armenian Holocaust?
    The ongoing carnage and incessant massacres of civilian populations in Syria have been revealed for what they really are.
    FBI Whistleblower: ‘U.S is Reviving Terror Scare With ISIS to Promote the Terror War Industry’ 
    Most significantly, Russia’s entry into the Syrian theater of war has completely exposed the clandestine agenda to significantly advance the Greater Israel project.  Putin’s Kremlin knows exactly what the Zio-Anglo-American juggernaut is really targeting via their fabricated ISIS terror organization and Daesh mercenary terrorists, fraudulent ISIL caliphate and fictitious Islamic State.


    13 Year-Old School Girl Kidnapped by 3 Muslim Migrants, Raped for 30 Hours

    13 year old German/Russian girl was kidnapped on her way to school by three Muslim “refugees”, and raped for 30 hours. No word in the Merkel-media, of course. But these horrors are daily now in the daily social fabric of Germanlife.
    German police says there was no rape. Of course. Just like New Year’s Eve was a “normal, uneventful night.”
    Above screenshot: The  APB issued after the girl was kidnapped.
    Google translate:
    Berlin: 13-year-old migrant kidnapped and raped for 30 hours
    Epoch Times, Sunday, January 17 2016 (thanks to Jen):
    A 13-year-old German-Russian was kidnapped these days in Berlin and held captive by three unknowns for 30 hours and repeatedly raped. Various Russian media reported the incident.
    The German-Russian community is appalled by a crime, be silent about the German police and the media. Because of the spiral of silence is raging in the social media dispute whether the message truth or “right propaganda” was – the victims described the perpetrators as “Arab men.” Epoch Times called the Berlin police and received from a spokeswoman for the following official statement:
    “After the police investigation, there was neither abduction nor rape. Further details are not disclosed to protect the personality. “
    When asked, the spokeswoman said, adding that the investigation had not yet been completed, but that this is the result of the previous investigation was.
    What did happen?
    On January 11, the 13-year-old disappeared in the morning on the way to school and the police published an APB. Tuesday noon of the following day she reappeared. According to the company they had been abducted by “Arab men” who had her blindfolded, they kidnapped in an apartment and they were detained for 30 hours against their will and repeatedly raped. The crime scene is suspected near Falkenberg.
    After she was released in Hellersdorf middle, the girl had rung with strangers, to seek help.
    The German-Russian community reacted in horror. In Berlin-Marzahn German-Russians went to demonstrate in the street, like a television report of the transmitter “Perwij Kanal Berlin” shows.

    It looked like routine
    The APB, had been wanted by after the girl.

    The APB, had been wanted by after the girl.
    Photo: Youtube / Screenshot Perwij channel Berlin
    The members believe that the 13-year-old was not an isolated case and the perpetrators do something more.
    Beginning had the family been afraid to come to the press because it feared a possible revenge of the perpetrators – then you have but nevertheless decided to go public because they hope to be able to protect other children from a similar fate so the aunt of the girl against the TV station.
    The parents and the victim were under a severe shock, which is why they informative, so the aunt. One of the kidnappers had initially placed the girl under a pretext to get into his car. They then realized quickly that she was not alone with him. They also testified that, just a bed and a mattress was in the room in which she was abducted – nothing else. She was immediately thrown and raped by the three offenders on the bed. She was also beaten.
    The Russian TV channels was referring in his report also a video one that posted the hacker group Anonymous.Kollektiv on 14 January. A several-year-old video, which describes in detail with an immigrant background, an unknown German, as he together with six other people an underage girl raped, the “virgin” was. Critics imputed Anonymous, so propaganda to drive.
    The current family concerned, however, raises serious allegations against the police.
    Cousin denounces police
    The NPD Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf took the story to demonstrate on January 16 in Marzahn against “Sexual Violence” and the failure of the rule of law. At the rally, said the audibly agitated cousin of the victim, which raised serious allegations against the police.
    The cousin explained that the police filed no charges against the perpetrators. Officials had the 13-year-old during a three-hour interrogation, which took place isolated and without an accompanying person, laughed at, mocked and falsehood accused – until she had collapsed and the presentation of the police had agreed – namely that the rape had not taken place, that it is only should look like and that they which have willed it so 13-year-old. The girl was therefore forced by law enforcement officers to a false statement on their tormentors.
    The family now comes with a lawyer against these measures. There is a medical document confirming the rape.
    The German wave published now a long report in Russian, who called the message a lie.
    Should correspond to the allegations made ​​by the family of the truth, they are strongly reminiscent of the abuse scandal of Rotherham, where for decades white girls were raped organized by a Pakistani-britsch clique and the police deliberately turned a blind eye.

    Source: http://pamelageller.com/2016/01/13-year-old-school-girl-kidnapped-by-muslim-migrants-raped-for-30-hours.html/

    Shocking video shows Swedish woman being harassed and groped by gang of ‘migrant’ men

    ISIS obliterates oldest Christian monastery in Iraq

    IRBIL, Iraq — The oldest Christian monastery in Iraq has been reduced to a field of rubble, yet another victim of the Islamic State group’s relentless destruction of ancient cultural sites.
    For 1,400 years, the compound survived assaults by nature and man, standing as a place of worship recently for US troops. In earlier centuries, generations of monks tucked candles in the niches and prayed in the cool chapel. The Greek letters chi and rho, representing the first two letters of Christ’s name, were carved near the entrance.
    Now satellite photos obtained exclusively by The Associated Press confirm the worst fears of church authorities and preservationists — St. Elijah’s Monastery of Mosul has been completely wiped out.

    This combination of two satellite images provided by DigitalGlobe, taken on March 31, 2011, top, and Sept. 28, 2014, shows the site of the 1,400-year-old Christian monastery known as St. Elijah’s, or Dair Mar Elia, on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. The photos confirm what church leaders and Middle East preservationists had feared: The monastery has been reduced to a field of rubble, yet another victim of the Islamic State's relentless destruction. (DigitalGlobe via AP)
    This combination of two satellite images provided by DigitalGlobe, taken on March 31, 2011, top, and Sept. 28, 2014, shows the site of the 1,400-year-old Christian monastery known as St. Elijah’s on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. The photos confirm that the monastery has been reduced to rubble. (DigitalGlobe via AP)
    In his office in exile in Irbil, Iraq, Catholic priest the Rev. Paul Thabit Habib, 39, stared quietly at before- and after-images of the monastery that once perched on a hillside above his hometown of Mosul. Shaken, he flipped back to his own photos for comparison.
    “I can’t describe my sadness,” he said in Arabic. “Our Christian history in Mosul is being barbarically leveled. We see it as an attempt to expel us from Iraq, eliminating and finishing our existence in this land.”

    AP: Oldest Catholic Monastery In Iraq Is Razed


    Islamic Murderer: Christian Girls Exist to “Pleasure Muslim Men”

    "Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the pleasure of Muslim men," Muslim killer said

    A group of Muslims reportedly mowed down three Christians with their car, killing one of them, while claiming Christian girls are only meant for “the pleasure of Muslim men.”
    Pakistani police are slow to investigate the Jan. 13 attack by four Muslims who spotted the girls while they were walking home to the Christian community of Baowala and proceeded to flirt with them unsuccessfully.
    “How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the pleasure of Muslim men,” one of the murderers shouted.
    The men then rammed their cars into the girls.
    “Two girls fell to the ground; one’s hip was broken, the other’s ribs were shattered,” journalist Raymond Ibrahim reported. “The youngest, Kiran Masih, aged 17, flew up in the air and crashed into the speeding car’s windshield.”
    The killers laughed as Masih died from her injuries.
    “In any other nation, the perpetrators would be arrested, convicted for murder and sentenced for a long term,” human rights activist Wilson Chowdhry said. “Violence against Christians is rarely investigated and highly unlikely to be met with justice.”
    “Women have a low status in Pakistan, but none more so than Christian women who find themselves under the grip or terror, especially after this attack.”
    Meanwhile, in Lübben, Germany, a pregnant woman was sexually assaulted by six Muslim migrants, who only stopped their attack when a bystander stepped in and distracted the migrants.
    Other migrants also raped women in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart and other cities during a country-wide mass sexual rampage on New Year’s Eve.
    “I am Syrian: you have to treat me kindly; [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel invited me,” one of the rapists said to his victim.
    A well-known psychiatrist has since said that Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” open borders policy for migrant rapists is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown.”

    African woman interrogated, beaten and finally beheaded (WARNING: Graphic images)