"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 Reasons The Vatican Has Not Revealed The REAL Third Secret of Fatima

5 Reasons The Vatican Has Not Revealed The REAL Third Secret of Fatima
By: Eric Gajewski

Here are 5 reasons with some analysis as to why the Vatican has not yet revealed the real third secret of Fatima  
(actual words of Our Lady)

1) It exposes the diabolical second vatican council and the changes made to suit the Novus Ordo Religion now currently being taught in the "mainstream".  Further, these evil changes are only progressing incrementally until there is a total loss of the dogma of faith as Our Lady was implying at LaSalette.Vatican II was the foundation or platform for the Novus Ordo Religion.  It is Modernism and is largely based in Masonism.  Why would the enemy on high expose themselves by making this public?

2)  It foretells of the formal schism.  It was warning the world of the soon formal uniting of all religions.  Fr. Martin, who read the real third secret, even alluded to a date (not being later than 2017).  Can anyone question we are on the verge of this formal schism in Rome?  "Catholics" and Lutherans coming together recently.  The whole heretical modernist version of ecumenism is now solidified. The world and the majority of churchmen and laity are brainwashed in false obedience. By hiding the real third secret it would prevent the world from knowing where the true Church would be.  Will the Papacy move to Fatima, Portugal?  Pope Benedict XVI is the true Pope who will soon flee with a minority of Cardinals and thus the Papacy will change locale. This apostate Church can in no way be "Catholic" and be said to be the "visible" Church at that point. 

3) It indirectly warns of the Planet X system approaching which will kill the vast majority of the world. No, it does not actually state "Planet X" but is IMPLIED.  Fr. Martin, once again, without stating the real third secret verbatim warned all to pay attention to the skies.  This completely debunks the Vatican's spin on how humanity is ruining the planet.  Yes, due to sin we can say we are BUT the real problem causing climate change is the Planet X System quickly approaching (geoengineering to some degree as well).  Increasing of the earthquakes, sinkholes, volcanos going off, severe extreme weather patterns, meteorites and comets crashing into earth, celestial disturbances, etc ....WE ARE IN FOR IT!

4) There is SERIOUS Evil in the Vatican and the enemy hates Fatima!  Why would the enemy expose themselves and come out and tell the world, "Yep, here we are, trying to fool you are with our New Religion which is labeled "Catholic".  People must have better common sense than this.  The Modernists, Masons and Marxists have taken over our once Catholic buildings...that is the sad reality.  The enemy has long been entrenched in the Vatican even Cardinals know this.  The even more liberal faction ousted Benedict XVI recently so as to "get the show on the road".  There are alot of prelates who are wolves who simply hate the Fatima message because it exposes them.

5) It seemingly foretells where the true Church's "headquarters" will next setup shop at.  The Dogma of Faith will be preserved in Portugal (Fatima) not Rome and why?  Rome under the soon False Prophet "Yeshua Ben Joseph" will unite all humanity via an invalid excathedra.  Francis is just sadly another NWO stooge but he is not the False Prophet as so many think. What is coming AFTER AntiPope Francis is far worse.  Benedict XVI should flee as all these revolutions start in Europe and Russia finally marching upon Italy (Catholic prophecy).  After Rome is destroyed by God for her sins do not be surprised to see this false Apostate Church "move to" Jerusalem (city of seven hills= Rome, Jerusalem).  Remember from history the Papacy has moved before.....

Vatican II is evil quit following it...