"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, January 28, 2016

12 Ways the New World Order Attempts to "Unite Humanity"

12 Ways the New World Order Attempts to "Unite Humanity"
By: Eric Gajewski
True unity is found in the Catholic Faith established by Christ but the NWO has a new plan with a new messiah to come

Here are a list of ways the NWO are attempting to very cleverly "unite humanity" outside of true Catholic unity...

1) Economics: Thru economic crash and the poverty complex.  The NWO wants a one world socialist republic. Therefore, they will soon crash the world's economies so desperate men will come to arrive at accepting Socialism.  They use the poverty complex "card" often. It is very devious and void of the true Gospel. Their are definitely non-Catholic intentions behind this agenda. Before Maitreya (new age false christ) arrives on the scene the economic crash will have occurred.

2) UFO/Alien Deception. No question the propaganda has been built up for many decades in this area.  The NWO uses project bluebeam so they cant cast holographic imagery into the skies above (and anywhere else for that matter).  This area is needed to finally put an end to Catholic dogmatism and "fundamentalism". The Chemtrails we see above plays a part in this as well.  The chemicals being released are being used to "set the stage" for the show soon to come above. They will say, "You see your bible was incorrect...you cannot be reliant upon your old interpretations".  This pseudo science being cast off into the mainstream as "reality" will sadly deceive many people. Look for more nonsense in the mainstream press about finding new areas in the universe or planets with potential life on them, etc.  They may also say we need to unite in order to defeat this evil race of "aliens"...who knows! Research project bluebeam for more....

3) Health: Chemtrails and Epidemics.  The over population card is used here extensively. Man has been trying to play God for quite some time. For those affluent with the NWO you know they have every intent of reducing the earth's population by about 90 percent.  These evil freaks have been creating all sorts of viruses and epidemics of which (with any of them) they could release upon society to kill the masses. This is called the "great culling".  Ever wonder why so many are dying at an earlier age? Take a look up in the skies. Take a look at what is in the food and water supply. You can do your own research on the subject.  Whole nations being wiped out over night is apart of the real third secret of Fatima given to Father Malachi Martin. What better way to get people into "the system" and to provide universal vaccines and health care!

4) War on Terror/Terrorism/ World War 3.  The war on terror is made up and it is a farce.  It is created by the same very men who say they are trying to eliminate it.  It is an easy way to control the minds of the masses.  For example, ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) is a creation of the USA/Israeli governments yet it makes "someone else" the bogeyman". Make no mistake there are FAR MORE false flags coming to the USA and Europe. They will be worse than 9-11.  They need more freedoms taken from the citizens and more of a police state setup. But the worst of it is being used on the Religious side. They are using this propaganda to soon "unite humanity" via an invalid excathedra coming from a False Pope (antipope). 

5) Erroneous Philosophy/Theology.  Modern man has shifted away from God and common sense for that matter.  Man has turned to man instead of God and His Catholic Church for the answer.  The Catholic Church has been infiltrated and essentially taken over by non-Catholics who try to keep the outward appearance of being Catholic. Catholic is no longer Catholic it is Katholic. Thru the "new humanism" being taught since the Second Vatican Council  churchmen have swayed the masses into a completely new (man centered) religion. The Modernists who have occupied our Catholic buildings have a completely "different" playbook than a true Catholic. Thus, they have their universalist religion (where EVERYONE is included without conversion) pastorally in place which comes from the FreeMasonic sect. It is only a matter of time now before it becomes formal.  The Catholic Church is being used to further the NWO agenda. 

Bishop Williamson: The Globalist Game Plan

6) Environment. Planet X, Comet, asteroid, weather in general.  As Planet X approaches these evil men are using the affects upon the planet as a means to further manipulate us.  They blame us not Planet X and why? Because that ruins their control and manipulation.  They create stricter laws and can say we are harming "Mother Earth" (GAIA) in the process. What a great way to keep the slaves in check and further us into ancient paganism.  Environmentalism is key to agenda 21 and thus it is key to the NWO. On top of this we have man playing God yet again in relation to the weather. Thru Geo-engineering the weather can be altered and a soon false messiah can reap the benefits (even cause false miracles). Just think if a comet or asteroid is to come what the elite will say? Of course they will try to say all the nations should "come together in unity" to ward off any danger.  Remember Ronald Reagan's famous speech, which by the way, came after our government knowing Planet X was coming and the reality set in that we were doomed was broadcasted. In reality you can truly use alot of things to break up the true notion of unity found only thru Christ and His Catholic Faith/Church. 

7) Fear.  It is quite simple in all of this. The more fear mongering the better.  They cant control anyone who has not given into fear. Thus, as eagles we choose Faith and Hope over fear, doubt and worry.  It is ultimately thru Faith we will be able to restore all things in Christ thru the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Have a healthy fear of God and that is all.  Love has the HIGHEST Seat and we have already been given the victory at Fatima thru the Blessed Virgin Mary over the New World Order.  In most cases they (NWO) will not impede your free will however thru desolation, worry and fear they want you to succumb to their programs. Do you get it now?

8) Deception. They will try to convince men that the "old way" (Catholicism) no longer works.  The New World Order needs a new religion. It needs a new christ therefore it needs an awful lot of deception. This area ties in with the use of the mainstream media.  My good friends, every day we are witness to another great soap opera being played out by all the world leaders, politicians, and news folks. Get your popcorn and bring your common sense and critical thinking skills with you. They are making evil look attractive. They are calling true Christians "fundamentalists, bigots, extremists, pharisees, sorcerer's, etc.  At the end of the day, the agenda is to end Catholic dogma for ever and let every man have his opinion under the guise of conscience and call this their faith. The new humanism of Vatican II is leading souls into secular humanism very soon. If they can deceive they can unite falsely. The GREAT Apostasy from the Catholic Faith is a GREAT deception.

9) "Immigration".  The Refugee crisis, the breaking down of our borders under the guise of "multiculturalism" is very important to the NWO agenda.  They want to ruin not only Patriotism but Nationalism.  A One world socialist Republic MUST be one "hodge podge" of broken down nations.  It is easier to control people this way. We are witnessing the early stages of this aspect to their agenda right now.  Their is an evil intent behind what we are seeing now.

10) Re-Education Camps (FEMA Camps).  What better way to get "everyone on board" with the New World Order agenda other than sending them to concentration camps for "re-education".  Those who simply refuse to be apart of this whole new "system" will simply be exterminated.  Education at that state and local level is also very important of course.  They need to keep out Catholic teaching and replace it with their new pseudo fables, science and religion.  Man serving man without the aide of the true God.  This is demonic yet being passed off as "light".


Bishop Williamson: The Unchanging Catholic Unifier 

11) Control of the Media.  Please read the Protocols of Zion. It is not a hoax but a reality. In order to brainwash the masses in "all of these things" they need to be able to reach the masses.  Once again they are trying to make evil appear to be good.  The New World Order must come to "save humanity" from all of its problems (they will say this) and yet who was behind all of these problems in the first place?  They were of course... and so it is time for us to return to our roots. It is time to "get medieval" on these freaks and expose them. The Planet X system will have them running for their underground caves and bunkers and we must be united in the true Catholic sense and restore all things for and thru Christ. Take a look at the brainless celeb puppets being used by Judeo-Masonry to further pollute the minds of our children. Look at the horrible TV shows they allow on television. Look at how they make fun of the Catholic Religion. Do you think Our Lord is amused?

12) Infiltration of ever sector/aspect (Political, Economic, Socio, Religious).  They need their agenda pushed therefore they must push the Catholic Faith out of view.  Vatican II was not our faith nor gospel and yet so many are deceived. Take a look around on the world scene at all the puppets now in control of governance.  Do you really think Trump will save America? He is another Zionist puppet. Elections and democracies are a fraud instituted by the Judeo-Masonic sect to break down Catholic Monarchies and ultimately ruin "order in society".  The Will of God transcends the supposed will of the people. It is about Christ and His Catholic Religion...not us!  What a plan the New World Order has had and I say "had" because the devil's time is nearly up the "heel of the Virgin" will soon cometh and will squash this New World Order like a bug. Join me at tradcatknight.blogspot.com daily for the latest blogs and news as we continue to expose the New World Odor. 

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