"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, January 22, 2016

New Age False Messiah To Be GeoEngineering "Wizard"

New Age False Messiah To Be GeoEngineering "Wizard"
Some call me "Maitreya"...

The other day I sat to reflect upon just how utterly insane the deception is getting all around us.  The Jews control the mainstream press so they can get the people to believe anything including the supposed "aliens" headed our way soon.  We live in a world which does not want truth anymore. People want their "Tim the Enchanters" and "the mush" that goes along with all the lies being perpetuated throughout the mainstream.  Life is easy when everything is a lie.  Modern man thinks that when we create a fanstasyland we can avoid reality.  Enter in "Maitreya" the new age false christ who will soon come onto the scene with his wonderful programs "to save humanity".   After all, this is what the Jews were always looking for... a material "messiah" not Jesus. Those of you who have been following this work should be well versed in this fraud coming.  However, I want to specifically target one area in which I have not elaborated upon and how he will seduce the masses into "bowing down" before him.

 We live in an age of pseudo science.  We live in an age where lies are created to support Darwinism and evolution and why?  It is an essential aspect to the underlying mentality/ideology of these New Age freaks.  They are truly disordered in every way possible.  To shift gears for a moment, there are who say all the climate change that is happening around us can be directly attributed to geo-engineering (HAARP,SCALAR, etc).  I humbly and adamantly disagree because it is a reality that the Planet X system is incoming and largely causing the changes we are now seeing.  Having said that, man, is trying to play God in every way.  Just take a look around.  From the philosophy to the theology... everything centered upon man.  In the area of science we have all sorts of abominable experiments going on in which men are trying to undermine and manipulate God's Laws. Man is even trying extend their own lives and not die at all via "science".!! These people are truly freaks who we need to pray for but back to my point.  Man, can control (to some degree) the weather.... this is fact.  Please go to geoengineeringwatch.org/ for the latest manipulations going on around the world.

Our quest as eagles is to expose these frauds and carry on toward the restoration of Holy Christendom.  We will not be deceived by the NWO's agents in the process...

In order for a new messiah to be accepted he must be able to prove he can "fix things".  Right now the evil powers that be (Judeo-Masonry) have the technology in their hands to be able to create famines and droughts and all kinds of disasters in general. Yet it is thru the same very technology in which they cause ruin and destruction that they can ultimately fix the problem!  These Jews have behind the revolutions and wars; they are behind the apostasy in the Catholic Church and they are also behind the "science" side of things.  Man playing God; man building man's utopia (city of Man) which will soon be void of the true God and Faith altogether.  The Jews are prepping the world for the new false messiah in every way and thus we see all the self exaltation all around us. They are hell bent men rooted in control and manipulation who lie and deceive via the mainstream media.  Only God can save us now! Only God's true mercy can save us from these evil men who talk of their own pseudo mercy.  What a concept (turning back to God away from man) .....my goodness how far we have truly fallen away from Catholic truth and as a society as a whole.

Do you have a water supply problem (which ironically may have been created via geo-engineering)?  No, problem will create a "miracle"! We will send some clouds and storms over your way (so long as you obey us) so that you can have some water.  It is very frighteningly similar to that Mad Max movie in which the "bad guy" (who was not immortal as he claimed much like Maitreya will be) had control of the water supply. The people worshipped that fraud in the movie and sadly, it seems, the majority will fall for Maitreya's "wizardry".  When we read Catholic Tradition we see the Antichrist will be accepted by the Jews (evil State of Israel), who will work pseudo wonders (using project bluebeam, geo-engineering, etc), who rebuilds the third temple and even has a "side kick" (False Prophet, Yeshua Ben Joseph) who will unite all humanity on the religious side of things.  Maitreya fits the bill, scary times indeed for most but not for us eagles. 

Tim the Enchanter