"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

7 Reasons to Abandon or Avoid "the Pitfall" of Pseudo Traditionalism

7 Reasons to Abandon or Avoid "the Pitfall" of Pseudo Traditionalism
By: Eric Gajewski
Pseudo traditionalist groups/sites such as Neo-SSPX, Remnant, Rorate and all those of the false right crowd...

Here are seven reasons to stay clear of these compromisers and/or those teaching heresy from these groups... 

1) Vatican II is Irreconcilable with Tradition. Vatican II was the modernist's new playbook.  We are not dealing with a few errors here or there from Popes and prelates who are orthodox in the Faith. No, we are dealing with those who never had the Catholic Faith. As Archbishop Lefebvre pointed out these men are of another religion. New theology, New philosophy (humanism), new rites, new order of mass, new evengelization, new bibles, new code of canon law, new catechisms.  Vatican II is a modernist sect yet the diabolical disorientation comes form the fact the Popes and prelates have labeled this new religion "Catholic". Even IF one wanted to argue their is 95 percent in line with Tradition this does not mean Vatican II is of our Faith. The erroneous and heretical texts only cover up the "good".  It is very diabolical

2) No such teaching or precedence established for "resistance within" when dealing with heresy let alone a new religion. This is a common fallacy of the false right crowd.  St. Athanasius said "they have the buildings (those still calling themselves Catholic- Arian heretics) WE HAVE the FAITH! This is a clear indication that there was a necessary separation due to a contagion (heresy) entering the Church.

3) Synod of Pistoia was CONDEMNED NOT CLARIFIED.  The pseudo traditionalists now hide behind the "clarificationism" argument.  First of all, Archbishop Lefebvre taught no such position. He was quite clear thus we have the Neo-SSPX and other pseudo trad sites like the Remnant completely misrepresenting the Archbishop.  Vatican II is very similar to this synod in late 1700's so there will be no re-clarifying Vatican II.  Their will be chastisement then condemnation of this Revolution. For argument' sake let us say Vatican II is more or less "clarified"...Can Catholics accept this? Answer, of course not! You cannot clarify FreeMasonry and make it seem anymore "not Catholic" than it already is "in the texts themselves of Vatican II" and by the subsequent Conciliarists following it.

4) Refuting the weak "spirit of Vatican II" argument.  It is only common sense that if there was a malicious/noncatholic spirit about "on the Council" than the texts themsleves would be harmed. How does one fly by the argument there was the spirit of the Council but the texts are okay or just need clarified is beyond me. I do not think you need to have an advanced degree to see the silliness and illogicality behind this impotent argument.  Or as Michael Matt and Prof. Mattei believe "it was the liberal media".  LOL yea right!  How about we can prove via the texts themselves and what the Popes say concerning the documents interpretations, that, they are, indeed of the "cult of man" and not Catholic. It is a big deal to make key distinctions on these documents and thus Catholics ought not be apart of the new pseudo trad ecumenism currently forming. One does not need to be the Magesterium to make such a theological opinion on the matter. Besides these types invite everyone else into their "crowd" except Resistance and sedevacantists (which we argue against as well)

5) Indulter's are cloaked modernists/liberals.  Although they maybe ignorant that they are following the new religion it does not give one license to be "communing" with them.  All those who profess "full communion" with Modernist Rome indeed profess they are apart of the New Religion (knowingly or unknowingly. But why?  At this point to be in "full communion with Rome one MUST accept Vatican II and can Catholics do this? Answer, no and thus those who do in the veyr least are guilty of compromise and perhaps even heresy (given what topic we are talking about on Vatican II).  It is not sufficient to say I attend a Latin Mass only therefore I am Catholic.  Some of these pseudo traditionalists accept the New Mass, and to varying degrees accept the Council and its teachings.

 2 Thessalonians 2:3
Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition (Maitreya?)

6) The New Mass is illicit and Schismatic. Put aside all of the other creative abuses due to the modernist minds behind Vatican II and you still have a "Mass" which is unacceptable to God EVEN after the changes made by Benedict XVI.  The New Mass was constructed by heretics/enemies of the Faith.  It is the modernists "Mass" not a Catholic's. It represents their new Faith not the Catholic Faith of all times.  Council of Trent says the new rites and this Mass are "outside the Church".  Disobedient churchmen (Popes included) went beyond their realm of what could change. As Archbishop Lefebvre stated, "Paul VI put himself outside the Church" and thus it remains the same who follow suit in his footsteps.

 The "crack" in Paul 6th's theology led to Satan entering...

7)  We are fighting a new religion not just some errors here or there as so many of these delusional apologists suggest.  Vatican II was interpreted by Pope Paul the 6th to be a representation of the cult of man. I didnt say it the legitimate authority did so and thus it is not my opinion but rather clear that we cant follow Vatican II and FreeMasonry.  Modernists do not have the proper concept of Tradition and by not having this proper sense they have swayed churchmen and laity over into this new religion.  As mentioned, the diabolical disorientation comes from these Modernists who call themselves Catholic yet teach new doctrines and the majority follow along in false obedience.  The pseud traditionalists are simply "clingers". They cling to delusional hope that the Council will be labeled as Catholic down the road and thus hide behind the "prudence" argument.  

Avoid or Abandon the "Pitfall" of Pseudo Traditionalism