"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, January 18, 2018

St. Celestine of Alexandria to Marie Julie – The Crucified Christ Alone Gives Strength to the Christian – A Warning to Pastors (Priests / Bishops)

St. Celestine of Alexandria to Marie Julie – The Crucified Christ Alone Gives Strength to the Christian – A Warning to Pastors (Priests / Bishops) 

(Note: This saint is not Pope St. Celestine I, as this visitor mentions they were martyred under the 'great persecution' and an 'emperor' ordered his torture and execution. I am able to find only one mention of a St. Celestine who was an early martyr of the Church. Apparently, he was martyred with Saturninus, Neopolus and Germanus, but no details remain of his death. Saturninus was martyred in Alexandra under Diocletian in 304 AD, although the Roman Martyrology states Satuninus died in Rome. If this Celestine was the same that died with Saturninus, he died the same year and shares the same Feast Day, May 2.

Catholic Online” states that St. Saturninus “ … was put to death at Alexandria, Egypt, during the persecutions under Emperor Diocletian. With him died the otherwise unknown Neopolus, Germanus, and Celestine.”

Hence, it appears St. Celestine is indeed the martyr of Alexandria confirming his existence to Marie-Julie: is this a sign not to discredit an early forgotten saint simply because they are 'unknown' or declared to be 'legendary'? )


St. Celestine: “I am Saint Celeste (Celestine), Martyr. My name is known, but not in your country, (i.e., not in France). I suffered for the glory of Our Lord in the time of great persecution, the days when heaven was collecting so many souls that our Bridegroom crowned ... They wanted me to deny God or they (would) put me to death. I preferred to give my life and guard the Grace of my Christian soul. When they saw that I remained adamant, the Emperor ordered his servants to tie my hands behind my back, and I received three shots in the heart by lancets. I persevered in my refusal. I was covered with heavy chains and they tied me on a rack. They covered my body with worms, they made them enter through openings in my flesh. Then my body was locked in a kind of iron shirt, spiked, which tore me. I was then thrown into a mud flat and then my body was thrown about the place and trampled so it no longer (looked) human. With a large number of martyrs, I was thrown into a river. (When) the calm and peace were restored, we received burial at the hands of Christians who had escaped the hands of the cruel emperor.

Now, a word on behalf of Our Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters, if the Christian faithful did not have before their eyes the Divine Crucified, it would be painful to face the cruelty of men. The Crucified God is the Book that preaches the faith and courage of the Christian soul. You will not find any strength, or hope outside of this Divine Model. This is where the knowledge of your souls, your minds, your thoughts lie. Lock yourself in the Doctrine of the God-Man, meditate in silence the size of its truths, and there you will feel the courage to face anything, peril, pain and death ...

And you, Pastors, you must first climb the holy mountain where the sacrifice is accomplished in the sacrifice which is also a martyrdom. Be sure that the Lord will soon bring out the rigour of His promises because everything is at its height. (i.e. the chastisements.) Today, evil wins. It (evil) has entered the City (Paris) and the Lord is abandoned ... Do you know who holds back the Justice of the Lord? It is your prayers, it is the sacrifices and dedication of those who, through love, share the suffering of each other. These are the (followers) of the Lord! It is the smallest number! This is the blessed herd!

The temples of the Lord are regarded with a fierce eye by most of the inhabitants of this land. The souls of the Pastors horrify them and this thought bubbles inside them: "I hope to lay hands on you and tear away your power!" Do not be afraid! The Mercy of the Lord is upon you!”


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