"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 29, 2018

The Ugly Truth: 9 Major Signs We Are Approaching the “End”

The Ugly Truth: 
9 Major Signs We Are Approaching the “End”
By:  Eric Gajewski

If you are brave enough to be talking about the “endtimes” it is always wise to come “armed” to the discussion.  One must have proof and not just speak in general terms.  The nightly news is only proof that we live in dangerous times but is it specifically “the End” as Jesus forewarned?  Now, there are far more than just nine major signs to indicate we are in the “End”.  However, It is impossible to write upon this topic and be brief, but for the sake of simplicity, I, have laid out in this article nine major signs that indicate we are approaching the dreaded “End”.  Part of the problem we face is that the Neo-Trad & Neo-Catholic world do not like talking about this subject because it often exposes their position about the Pope or the overall status of the Church and world.  Or in the ignorance will label such news and commentaries as “fake news”.  It is why they are in the wrong "group" to begin with.  For example, I was recently emailed by a false trad who said “you attack Rome!  Yet, the reality is I expose the enemy entrenched in Rome passing themselves off as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  But back to my point.  What are some of these signs that clearly indicate we are approaching the “End”?  Let us take a look and provide some further analysis.  This is an article in which you can send to family and friends for your defense that we are living “in those times.”

First, consider the Antichrist and the rebuilding of the 3rd temple.  We have a figure, who, on paper, right now, perfectly fits the description of the Antichrist.  In my next round of media appearances, I will be demonstrating how “Maitreya” is the Antichrist.  I will show proofs (correlation to what he says and what we know the Antichrist to be) from his own website using as a foundation Scripture, Tradition, various Saint quotes and approved revelations.  At this point, from my perspective it is not open for debate that it is him it is only a matter of when does he show up?  The faithless/satanic Talmudists (phony Jews) are saying they are close to rebuilding this 3rd temple.  How close?  They say it will be done in a matter of years. This is close! Maitreya is connected to the third temple in the New Jerusalem Project.

If they control the world essentially (which they do) and they are saying 2023 will kickstart the “messianic era” then we have a good idea just how close we are to the great Tribulation under the Antichrist.   

The Church fathers said that a clear sign of the “end” is the rebuilding of this 3rd temple and obviously the arrival of the Antichrist.  Again, this is years away the Synagogue admits (if that) not decades.

Protestant propaganda...

Signs in the skies/Earth Changes.  Jesus himself said to lift your heads when you see all these signs converge because redemption draweth nigh.  This is comforting in an ever-increasing dark world.  He said watch and pray not duck and dodge.  At TradCatKnight I cover all of these signs we are seeing whether it is the sun, the moon and even the stars.  There is an uptick in meteor activity over the past few years which is causing some in the science community to have "concern".  In addition, there will be a collision of two stars which will leave behind a third coming in 2022.  The “Warning” or “illumination of conscience” anyone?  

Skeptics are quick to dismiss these signs as just being natural but when you piece this area in with all the other areas discussed it simply cannot be dismissed altogether and yet false Catholics and those despise Religion altogether are quick to do so.   

This is an area which must be constantly observed in order to have any indication as to what is really happening.  However, as the earth changes increase, specifically, the massive quakes, it seems to me that this area will truly be undeniable by anyone who labels themselves as Christian.

Birth Pangs (December 2017)  

Apostasy in the Church/ The Revolt.  I have spoken on this topic at length both in articles and in video presentations.  Rome has turned Masonic/Protestant.  It is undeniable for those who have even the most basic understanding of the New World Order and FreeMasonry.  Paul records this “revolt” in Scripture and says it would precede the arrival of the Antichrist.  I have already discussed just how close Maitreya is to arriving onto the scene so the Second Vatican Council was necessary to build this "cult of man" up before his formal reign on earth.  Protestantism is a revolt in and of itself and Rome is protestant.   

The day when Luther is being praised by the Vatican is a day to dress in sackcloth and ashes and prepare yourself for the worst.   

This building up of man (Vatican II, cult of man) will lead to Maitreya formally saying that “man is god”.  That Christ was a fraud and that he is “god” himself to be eventually worshiped.  Vatican II was a clear sign that we are headed for the “End”.

Days of Lot.  We cannot go one day without the sodomite or transgender agenda being shoved down our throats.  Our Lord warned that in the “End” it would be like the Days of Lot.  We are clearly seeing this happen in our times.  The question is just how bad will it get?  Bestiality is becoming normalized in various countries worldwide.  People are literally given the “right” to marry inanimate objects.  Just how bad will it get?  Along the same lines Our Lord said that in Lot’s time people were eating and drinking buying and selling, meaning, everything “seemed” normal.  The same applies to our times.  The mere mentioning that we are at the “end” goes against the mainstream argument that “all is perfectly normal”.

TradCatKnight Radio: "A Time Is Coming When Men Go Mad"  

The Great Persecution.  I recently had Fr. Kramer on my program and one of things he said was more imminent was the Great Persecution under the Antichrist.  It all fits.  Antichrist Maitreya is lurking, the FEMA camps are being prepped and the NWO is prepared to launch the greatest persecution ever against Catholicism/Christianity.  Again, the faithless Jews say 2023 their “era” will begin.  Worldwide revolutions will only prepare the platform for the greatest bloodshed ever of Christians.  Furthermore, take a look at the laws being enacted in this country.  

There is an obvious push to kick “Christianity” out of society.   

Take a look at all the mockery of Christ and even promotion of Lucifer in various TV programs.  The persecution is rather dry now but eventually blood will be shed as the Apocalypse records.

Father Malachi Martin: End of Christian Civilization 


Apocalypse 6:5-6 Economic Collapse and Famine.  One of the main things that Antichrist Maitreya will do is to “legitimately" redistribute the worlds wealth and resources.  You cannot do this without an economic collapse and worldwide famine.  Now, geoengineering plays a large part in the overall climate change we are seeing but let us not rule out the Nemesis/Planet X system approaching us which these Luciferians are assuredly taking advantage of.  Most economists are shocked that the Economic collapse hasn’t occurred yet and thank God it hasn’t yet.  How many people are truly prepared for life “after the collapse”?  I believe hardly any.   

God is giving us more time to prepare because it will only be a short interval between the collapse and the arrival of the Antichrist onto the scene.   

This fraud who will be seen as the ultimate humanitarianist  will feed and house those who take his mark and those who resist will be sent to the modern day “lion’s dens”.

Distress of Nations.  The pot is being stirred not only in our country but worldwide.  For example, we have seen all of the Soros funded protests whether it is to support “women’s rights” or to protest Trump. We see how the stage is being set for a complete societal collapse.  More recently we have seen Trumps comments on Jerusalem and ever since then the nations have been “up and arms” divided over the issue of Zionist/Palestinian control of Jerusalem. This, of course, is also pre-planned.  Throw in food becoming more polluted and scarce.  Throw in poor economic situations in many countries and we are ripe for this societal collapse.  It is not decades away.   

Assuredly, many will raise up against these Luciferian’s but the victory is slated from God’s hand alone.   

On top of this there will be few to argue that World war 3 is not close.  Some may argue that we already find ourselves in it.  Whatever the case, we are dangerously close to seeing a mass extermination of nations such as has never been seen before.  It is recorded in the message of Fatima that Russia will be the chosen instrument of heaven to punish the world for sin.

Gospel preached first then the end comes.  This simply is the period we refer to as Catholics as the Triumph of the Immaculate heart or Social/Eucharistic Reign of Our Lord.  It is in this shorter period wherein virtually every nation converts to Catholicism.  We live in the times of the Apostasy.  We live in the Vatican II “cult of man” times with a phony Socialist Agenda 21 Gospel.  The devil is currently trying to counterfeit the true Religion before his time comes to an end.  The true Gospel will be preached and will be embraced on the other side of the Storm.  This is something to look forward to.   

From my perspective if the Antichrist does formally rule in 2023 or somewhere roundabout’s it means the Triumph will occur in about a decade (roughly).   

Again, this shows just how close we are to the End wherein Christ consummates with the world.

Lover’s of self.  We live in a highly individualistic world.  Everyone is trying to outdo each other in looks and material possessions.  It is all about “me” and not us.  The devil is attempting to counterfeit the true Religion with his false unity program which will involve anyone who will be stupid enough to take his mark.  We also have endtime scoffers who bounce from club to club from party to party.  People addicted to TV, porn and video games and could care less about their soul.   

The Commandments of God are replaced by the “Do what thou wilt” motto of Lucifer.   

Social media plays an intricate role as more and more people take selfie’s and try to gain the spotlight.  The New Religion of Maitreya is blatantly identified on his website as a Religion of self!  He will tell men that they are gods and the masses already with inflated heads we nod in agreement.

"2 Peter 3: Endtime Scoffers"  

In the end, these are just nine major examples of proof’s that we are in the End but sadly many will just carry on as if we live in just “normal times”.  Our Lord said if possible even the elect would be deceived and talking with those still following Vatican II it becomes glaringly obvious that we are in those times.

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  1. Thanks so much for putting all of this information together. I'm definitely sending this to family & friends, especially since they are either Novus Ordo Catholics or fallen away Catholics. This gives so much important information and everyone needs to know what is happening. God bless you and your work here.

  2. Praying for all our friends and relatives to open their eyes to the Truth.

  3. The end is not,"dreaded", for in the end < The Immaculate Heart of Mary", is triumphant ! It is hard for some I feel to hear , " the truth " , because it can cause one to feel guilty and to make a decision to make a choice - for or against Our Lord. I think sometimes from talking to others , " traditional", that they are afraid to speak against , "Rome" , as that is a sin one done publicly can have you lost from the church. I would like to ask what you meant by , "warning " As I recall that reminds me of Garabendal , which has not been approved by the church. I know that probably was not what you meant but am curious. I also know that Padre Pio approved people to go there. Yes Frances accepts Luther now too ! How can any human in their right mind believe they are God ? Everything you are saying is quite true too ! It is happening as you say and we have the Bible to back it up. You are not even throwing in the mystics and sts. who foretold this as well as proof. I very much respect Father Kramer as well as Father Gruner , God rest his soul . Thank you Eric for taking the time to talk about facts and about the truth ! I am sharing this with as many people as possible and will continue to support your ministry ! God Bless You Eric !

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  5. The more time God gives, the more good people are consumed and ruined. The bad guys use that time to their advantage.

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