"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 28, 2018

World economic forum in Davos: Cardinal Turkson between global climate, sustainability, and dialogue with other "religions", including the Baha'i - if the church seeks only well-being on earth

World economic forum in Davos: Cardinal Turkson between global climate, sustainability, and dialogue with other "religions", including the Baha'i - if the church seeks only well-being on earth
Finan Di Lindisfarne 
Turkson is an Agenda 21  NWO puppet

Pull me a bucket of water in your face, please.Or tell me: Finan, you're mischievous.Do you believe that he does not have the slightest hesitation to always think badly when I read these articles? Do you really believe it is a pleasure to always have to note that behind these meetings there is nothing in the second, third, or 'enne'?Do you believe that I do not try in some way to find the good behind these initiatives?

Well, I could not even do it this time.In fact, I am irritated as usual, and I said to myself: readers must know.Read the article:https://agensir.it/quotidiano/2018/1/26/forum-economico-mondiale-a-davos-dialogo-tra-le-fedi-card-turkson-ricerca-di-un-bene-comune-come- brothers /? = PageSpeed ​​noscriptWe are faced with the usual omelette of religions who find themselves talking peacefully and looking for solutions that are daughters of "globalization".And, I say this in sincerity, it's not something that disgusts me.Rather! The premise would be excellent.Only in my daydreams the Cardinal gets up sweating and shouts: "Friends! Brothers! I am here today to reveal a truth to you! May Christ rose again for each of you! That He is the only Way, Truth and Life! Let's stop fucking with the climate and soy milk! If we convert all the climate will be fine! There is a life beyond death and our immortal soul belongs to the one true God!A Mohammedan friend, convert and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!Buddhist friend, Buddha was only a man, believe instead the truth of Jesus Christ!Friend of the Baha'i philosophy, your view of things compares Christ to a mere philosopher and this is an offense to the King of the Universe! "And while the presenter calls security and has the Cardinal accompany the study, all the other representatives remain to speak.Before moving on to discussing the crucial topics (climate, ecology, sustainability, soy milk, etc.), they say: "What a catholic spirit, always claiming that Jesus Christ is the only true God, plague can seize them!" Imam.And the baha'i-ano answers: "Come on, what do you want to do, have the most organized structure for two millennia, they try to understand them. So I'm Cardinal will be supported only by those blogs as Anonymous of the Cross. "The Buddhist monk, who does not appreciate the clashes, puts himself in a lotus position and says "OHMMM ...".And go away.A bit of irony to introduce you with less heaviness in what happens instead, contrary to my visions with open eyes.Key point of the discussion of this meeting is: "how to heal the wounds of the world" (therefore, not even man, n.d.r.).

The Cardinal gives us the solution: "We, having a common father, are a family called to live together in the search for a common good as brothers. So it is the principle of solidarity that helps us to heal all the fractured relationships that can arise in our life experiences ".
So the recipe is the earthly wellbeing and social relations, because in my opinion it is not another matter. Is not this the claim that Marxism had in another form?

The word passes to the representative of the Baha'i philosophy.
"Religions are those who in a destructive narrative can bring a sense of unity and understanding," said Bani Dugal, chief representative of the international Baha'i community. "It does not happen by magic, but we have to think about which structures need to be rethought". Random words.
I would like, however, to resume an article in which I had already spoken of this new false religion that is taking hold. In the old article there was talk of a syncretic meeting in a German church.
https://anonimidellacroceblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/12/esclusivo-dalla-germania-un-lettore-ci-ha-spedito-un-invito-a-una-celebrazione-sincretista-in-chiesa-gli- invited-are-Muslim-Christian-Jewish-Buddhist-Hindu-and-Bahai /

The Cardinal was aware that in the Baha'i Doctrine Christ is inserted into a list of philosophers and prophets whatever to arrive to Muhammad and a certain Bahauhallah (lived in the nineteenth century), who overcomes them all in "divinity", including Jesus?
Are these things that can be neglected when you sit down and talk to a table about topics that concern "the wounds of the world"?
Should not a consecrated person first think of announcing the news?

Later the word passed to the representative of Islam.
"The world has always been fractured" are the words of the Mohammedan 'theologian' (?), Forgetting that Muhammad brought one of the greatest fractures and obstacles to the message of salvation of Jesus Christ, leading millions of people to error.
But we are also glad that he is not a true observer of his religion: "The prophet has told us: you will not enter heaven until you have faith and you will have no faith until you love one another". In fact, as we all know, these are not the dictates of the 'prophet'. However, in this case, unlike the neochiesa that forgets the dictates of Christ, it is a good thing not to be followed by dictates.

The cardinal then resumes.
"What we Catholics call sin is the sense of rupture that manifests itself in people's lives" in various forms, card. Turkson. To overcome fractures, "our tradition speaks of conversion", which takes place through dialogue, "recognizing the common roots".

So, let me understand, because I'm a little zuccone. Sin is a rupture that manifests itself in people's lives and our tradition speaks of a conversion that takes place through dialogue recognizing the common root? Just any panegyric except that to say that sin is to lose the state of Grace and friendship with God?
Then, with regard to the common root, is not the same Bible that from the first pages tells us that the common root we have is precisely the original sin from which springs the whole path of redemption and revelation?
Speeches to be neglected by now.

Thank heaven, however, we are informed by the editor, 'A concrete example of the fact that this possibility exists (of' volemose bene ', ed) is the Paris agreement on climate - has emerged in the dialogue - the result of convergence and therefore solidarity on what we have in common, humanity. '

The pancake is served.

The Church perseveres to want to follow the path of earthly peace and earthly well-being (which in itself are not to be demonized). TRANSFERRING AS ALWAYS THE DUE TO ANNOUNCEMENT: ONLY CHRIST AND THROUGH THE SEQUELA OF CHRIST YOU CAN COME TO SALVATION AND ALSO TO WELLNESS LAND.

You continue to filter the midge and to swallow the camel, just to not disturb anyone. And the salt has lost its flavor.

Until we continue with this sing-song that the world likes so much, the dog will continue to bite its tail.

Finan Di Lindisfarne

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