"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Get out of the Van While You Can

Pseudo-Traditionalists, Men with "Candy" and their Van
By: Eric Gajewski
Against Pseudo-Traditionalism

 I present to you another way of understanding why we must avoid and keep our distance from the pseudo-traditionalists (clergy & laity) . We live in a time where it is no longer logical to speak logic to individuals who dont quite "get it". I hope this illustration drives home the point...no pun intended

Pseudo traditionalism is far more dangerous than sedevacantism. Have not your parents told you to stay away from the "scary old men" handing out candy throughout the neighborhoods? It would seem that most of us as children have heard this warning. These men themselves are "not in the right state of mind" (poisoned) and the candy they hand out is only a lucrative trap to get you inside the van. Once in side the van, legend tells us, that only few, will ever escape, to be seen again and to be able to return home. In this case the home represents "keeping the faith untainted or uncompromised" which we must do to save our souls. For without the proper norm of Faith it is impossible to please God. Unfortunately, the pseudo traditionalists, who come with all degrees of poison, drive about the neighborhoods seeking to pass out their poisoned candy. It seems attractive at first! I can pretend to resist some errors here or there and try to "fit" myself in with Modernist Rome who has long lost the Faith as Archbishop Lefebvre pointed out. Rorate hands out their snickers, the Remnant hands out their "kit kats" and now the Neo-SSPX has been handing out their "milky ways".  And to this day I have people who read their poison who say they are confused? Resist the temptation and stay off these pages the official sspx page too!

The Conciliar Church is this van which is completely disgusting and dirty on the inside.  Archbishop Lefebvre taught, that it is not the subordinates which make the superiors but rather the superiors who make the subordinates. And what can we say of those in authority who represent this new modernist faith? Does a well dressed man make the "old beat up" van more attractive by driving it? Of course not!  The notion that we can accept Vatican II, New Mass and new Code in ANY way or to ANY degree (not wholesale rejection) is the candy these poisoned people hand out.  They drive from city to city, conference to conference, article to article, book to book and poison others. Again, they are not helping the Church they are hurting it. Most of us would argue that it is far worse to be a cloaked liberal/modernist (as pseudo-traditionalists/conservatives are) then to be like Francis who OPENLY represents the "vendors"  and is the current main distributor of all  the Conciliar candy poison.

Many go missing daily because they take the lucrative trap and yet once inside it is very hard to leave the van.  The other children there are half drugged giggling and smiling but poisoned all the same.  Where is this van going objectively speaking? The Vatican II Novus Ordo Religion objectively speaking leads souls to hell because it is the modernist "construct" of what  is said to be Catholic and yet it is a rupture thereof. This is very serious material because it is a matter of Faith! A Faith which the Saints were willing to die for but now due to self love many are willing to compromise so as to get their own cool van too. In order to save our soul we must keep the Faith WHOLE and INVIOLATE and Vatican II as a WHOLE does not represent our Faith. The song, "we do this for salvation of souls" is the tune coming out of the van! Their song and dance is attractive and lures in the ignorant and innocent but at the end of the day 1 percent poison still leads to death. Bishop Fellay says we (Resistance) are withdrawn and in part this is true. For he is the newest candyman handing out "heath bars" with a smile trapping more and more into his own van. Archbishop Lefebvre said to avoid the theological aids of the New Church but Bishop Fellay is driving his van into the waters where the rest of the pseudo traditionalist groups already are found... 

 Vatican 2 leads to hell therefore get out of the van while you can! You can't endure 95 percent of hell even as you cant endure 95 percent of the Council...

Willy Wonka - The Candy Man Can


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