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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fr Kramer Answers, "Pius XII & "New Rites?"

Fr. Kramer (Resistance) Answers:
Pius XII & "New Rites?"
Refutation of the Novus Ordites

Father Kramer's refutation made by some in Vatican II NewChurch that concern Pius XII supporting "new rites" as to be understood as the "Novus Ordo" rite. The Novus Ordo Rite of Mass is not an organically developed "Latin Church Rite". It is the new modernists order of mass of the Conciliar or NewChurch which has new masonic/modernist doctrines as admitted by Pope John Paul II in Ecclesia Dei (points of NEW DOCTRINE). There is no Extraordinary Form/ Ordinary Form. There is the TLM Mass (Catholic Church) and then the illicit/schismatic New Order of Mass (Vatican II NewChurch).

Fr. Kramer: When Pius XII spoke of the popes having the authority to introduce "new rites", he was using the term in a highly restrictive sense, according to a well established usage; in precisely the same manner that St. Pius V refers to the Mass liturgy in Quo Primum as a "new rite" -- a newly restored edition of the traditional rite "handed down by the Roman Church".

The 1570 "new rite" of Quo Primun is practically identical to the rite in the printed Missale Romanum of 1474. Quite obviously the error was not made by Pius XII, who understood perfectly the nuances of usage of ecclesiastical Latin terms as they are traditionally employed; but having a highly specialized knowledge of the subject matter, he intended the term to be understood in precisely the same manner that it had been traditionally meant to be understood by his predecessors.

Many in the post-conciliar period have scurrilously understood the words of Mediator Dei which refer to "new rites" as a justification for liturgical innovation -- something which the popes have explicitly condemned since antiquity; and the claim that, "The dogmatic definition of Trent finds its historical meaning in Pius XII's Mediator Dei #57", is gratuitous and patently false, since the pronouncements of the popes and councils long before Trent explicitly teach that the popes themselves are bound to the traditional rites, which they may not alter. Even Pius XI taught that it is the duty of the popes "to preserve the liturgy and safeguard it from adulteration". Pius XII clearly did not intend his words to be interpreted in the manner as they are interpreted by armchair theologians whose grasp of the subject matter is superficial and incomplete, and who would see in them a justification for the popes to overturn the previous teaching of the Church and change the rites, which is opposed to the constant teaching of the magisterium.

Pius XII most clearly asserts that it pertains to the authority of the pope, (who possesses universal and ordinary jurisdiction), to regulate and modify the liturgy in the manner that the popes have customarily governed the liturgy. He is not giving justification to create a 'Novus Ordo" such as the "new rite of Mass" of Pope Montini. The creation of a Novus Ordo was already explicitly condemned as being contrary to "the order of the liturgy received and approved by the Church", by Pius VI in Auctorem Fidei [33] in 1794.

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