"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

“Comfort” of the Pseudo-Traditionalist Position

“Comfort” of the Pseudo-Traditionalist Position

Nature willingly receiveth honor and respect. Nature is afraid of shame and contempt. Nature loveth ease. Nature willingly receiveth some exterior comfort. Nature rejoiceth in a multitude of friends and kindred, glorieth in noble place and descent. (Imitation of Christ, Ch 54.)

Beloved Brethren,
In these times of confusion where the flock has been scattered due to the modernist/liberal infestation of the Church it is good to recall to mind who is deemed a “traditionalist” according to papal teaching. And then I hope to provide analysis on those using the name erroneously. In this hour of apostasy “self” is prevailing due to nature in the majority who would call themselves “Catholic”. Men these days seek comfort rather than to satisfy the Sacred heart of Christ. The modern world uses the word Catholic but does not hold it. And still more seek to gain honor, respect and position/titles wilst throwing away true Catholic doctrine.  Bishop Fellay exposed himself in 2012 of trying to “fit in” with modernist Rome and Oh how the masses(of so called traditionalist’s) already  follow likewise in seeking to “fit in” wilst hiding behind the arguments of “objections to mere errors” or “misinterpretation”  of what the “Council” really said.  

Verily, let us start by defining who is a traditionalist. Pope St. Pius X warned of the modernists, of these varying enemies who were already inside the bosom of the Church in the early 1900’s and He spoke VERY plainly  on who is to be called a “traditionalist” from a Catholic’s point of view. "Indeed, the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists." Pope St. Pius X He spoke in those days of these modern day Vatican II ecumenists, these Silionists, these impotent humanitarians and VERY clearly stated they were innovators and revolutionaries! So are those who agree with this modern day Silion movement and those following Vatican II Masonry to be called “traditionalists? Are those who attend where the Faith is not or who side with the modernists (Indult position) truly traditionalists? Answer; in the negative! Vatican II, is as a WHOLE, a rupture from Tradition because it is the modernist/liberal flavor of “Catholicism”. A completely new religion/faith which is man centered was born at Vatican II.

Therefore if I say I accept 95 percent of the Council I am indeed saying/implying overall that I accept the new pastoral direction of Rome but object to a few points here or there and can we do this as Catholics? Leo XIII and Pius X answer: Let them combat novelties of words, remembering the admonitions of Leo XIII: "It is impossible to approve in Catholic publications a style inspired by unsound novelty which seems to deride the piety of the faithful and dwells on the introduction of a new order of Christian life, on new directions of the Church, on new aspirations of the modern soul, on a new social vocation of the clergy, on a new Christian civilization, and many other things of the same kind." Language of the kind here indicated is not to be tolerated either in books or in lectures. POPE ST PIUS X- PASCENDI  The Church does not tolerate such a disposition in books let alone a so called “Council”.  By “updating to the modern world” the doctrines changed(CLEARLY) and Pope John Paul II admitted these new doctrines in Ecclesia Dei. “…especially in points of doctrine which, perhaps because they are NEW, have not yet been well understood by some sections of the Church.  Pope John Paul II Yet, Tradition and new doctrines do not jive. 

So how have we arrived at such a point of this misuse over the word traditionalist?  Where these Pseudo- traditionalist groups such as FSSP, Christ the King and those holding “full communion” with these modernist heretics have joined in with the Revolution?  It is true over time like in any battle a man does not have sufficient knowledge of the enemy(modernists/liberals) but also it is true that men can wear down and fatigue in the fight. And so it is likewise true in the interior life where at first the mind and will are "ironed" out in accordance with Truth. The battle is first within which is taken to the surface and men in general simply have laid down their swords and are willing, at least, in subtle ways, to compromise with the enemy. So who is this enemy as defined by the Church? For without recognizing objectively who the enemy is we shall not understand what we are fighting against or for. Hence, we must come back to Vatican II.

 Vatican II, IS modernism/liberalism in action; it is impreganted not only with the spirit of modernism the doctrines which have followed are modernist. It is the “Launchpad” or “new foundation” for the NewChurch which several mystics have spoken of. New Rites, new theology, new “mass”, new evangelization, new bibles, new catechisms, new sacraments, etc, etc… Vatican II where the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ “visibly” began to teach their “new way” to the masses from the top of the Church. Thus, there is a very clear line drawn between Tradition and Vatican II. Vatican II is not an acceptable Council to any Catholic even if it were 97% accurate for in the 3 percent we find a departure from the “whole” of the law. And thus this is how heretics work; they sow what apparently seems orthodox, into what is ambiguous and outright erroneous trying to pass their doctrines off as “Catholic”.  And so are these modernists of Vatican II to be considered “Catholics? Answer: In the negative and thus objectively speaking they are outside the Church and are the enemy. Does this mean we think they are all going to hell? Answer; in the negative for how many are truly ignorant they are following Masonry? So then where is the Church objectively speaking? Answer: it resides in those resisting Vatican II who are untainted by the whole of the new modernists faith. So let us return now to these pseudo traditionalists who have adopted the “mainstream’s” erroneous flavor of “traditionalist”.

  A pseudo- traditionalist is either one who accepts Vatican II but only “tends” to the Latin mass due to a certain “call” towards it OR there are those who might accept some of what we(true trads) say BUT still accept what the modernists say(Indult). Objectively, we call them "fencesitters" or simply "compromisers".  So, if the Catholic Faith is not in those building s due to joining the Revolution, how then, are these souls “traditionalists”!. It is because they are not traditionalists. Therefore, those such as John Venari, who sit on both sides of the fence(states there is no difference between the indult, FSSP and true traditionalists), cannot be considered true traditionalists but rather pseudo traditionalist compromisers. Those like Michael Voris, Father Z, The Remnant, Rorate-Caeli  are pseudo traditionalist’s not true traditionalists who follow modernist Rome(objectively speaking) and are on their path toward the "formalized" One World Church of Apostasy. Yea, there is no in between with God; there is no partial communion; there is half devil in heaven; there is no gray area in this battle between Catholicism & Modernism; between Tradition and the New Religion (Judeo/Masonry). 
Nay, there are some who truly are ignorant and still more trying to arrive at truth in their studies on this diabolical “council”.  Therefore, we must continue to pray and practice patience. However, I give my testimony in working with, speaking to, and dealing with so many of these pseudo- traditionalists and the ultimate answer lies in a lack of grace. These souls stay in nature due to self because so many want to have the appearance of “fitting in” wilst trying to object “here or there”. This, of course, is not sufficient for salvation.  To not identify Vatican II and the Conciliar Pontiffs as modernists is very dangerous and a matter of ignorance or obstinacy. Pope John 23rd was on watch by the Holy See for his modernist teachings even before Vatican II and look how things have progressively eroded since then. Nowadays we have those who do not even follow Scripture anymore let alone Tradition. They do not even follow that the Jews(objectively speaking) are enemies of God(1 Thess 2: 14-16) & that the old covenant is revoked! Truly these are signs of the last days in this apostasy. Men no longer want their Cross they want comfort and yet did our Lord not say we are to be enemies of this world. And so when we see the world praising Vatican II and the Conciliar Popes is this not an immediate red flag! The world, the Jews and masons praising Vatican II? It is no less a sure sign of the lack of grace in Vatican II NewChurch. Thus, we can say that these souls are receiving very little if anything at all from those sacraments because they are blinded often by pride and still live in human nature.  How do the majority praise Popes teaching heresy and a new religion as clearly distinct from Catholicism and call them “saints? Yes,but, newspapers must be sold, conferences must sell out for the livelihoods of some individuals but it certainly will not go well for many of these pseudo traditionalists  on Judgment Day due to their compromise.

 So now, what of the Neo-SSPX? Clearly unless they officially change their position back to Vatican II being heretical/schismatic they are to be deemed as pseudo traditionalists and compromisers starting from the top. No longer do these blind prelates and priests (the majority) see clearly and are led by self and nature. Their doctrines and subsequent actions against those maintaining the true traditionalist position verifies this. If there was no new direction for the Neo_SSPX why do they bother trying to argue and debate us? If there is a debate that means logically speaking there is a difference. In their own writings coming from Bishop Fellay this pseudo traditionalist position comes out. It is a watered down flavor of the true traditionalist position (Vatican II= heretical/schismatic=null and void). Yea, prudence will always fall in line principle but the Neo-SSPX does not even follow the principles established by their own founder. I am utterly amazed at the theological ineptitude of both the clergy and laity inside the Neo-SSPX in trying to use Archbishop Lefebvre as a “model” for their work and position and yet NOT follow what he taught. For example, not to long ago, in an impotent attack against true traditionalists, the Neo-SSPX offered “Can we truly say the Pope is a destroyer of the Faith”! This is further demonstration of these modernist/liberals in hiding, for Archbishop Lefebvre not only called them objective destroyers of the Faith, he called them antichrists which is what modernists areforerunners to thee Antichrist himself.

Ultimately, NewChurch will disintegrate into the Harlot or formalized One World Church of Apostasy( very soon) and the papacy will have to move. Let us conclude by continuing to offer up our sufferings for these prelates, clergy and laity that they may understand we are in an hour of battle both spiritually against Vatican II as a WHOLE not 95 percent and very soon it will come down to a "literal just defense" of the Faith, our families and our homes. Let us remember the mind will be illuminated into truth only after we first put the work in within. And may we go where the river of grace can be found. And thus I ask? Can grace be flowing where there is heresy & compromise? Vatican II NewChurch is a heretical/schismatic Church just like the Greek or Russian Orthodox with Popes who have been modernists who will be dealt with accordingly in due time. Therefore, Let us flee from self and nature and find those priests truly willing to give up their “good” name in this life for the next life to come which is forever, Amen.

 Michael Matt spewing nonsense

Addendum: There is a HUGE difference from seeing Vatican II as a heretical/schismatic council and the basis for the new religion then seeing it as 95 percent “correct” and merely objecting to certain points(as if there is no heresy or a new faith is in place). In the “Catholic” world something either is or it isn’t.  James 2:10 And whosoever shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point, is become guilty of all. Vatican II is not Catholic, period!. However, this “soft” position allows these pseudo traditionalists to attempt to try and fit in with these heretics of Vatican II and ultimately makes them one as well(2012 preamble). Further, key theological distinctions are no longer made by the Neo-SSPX and thus a vast underselling of reality has set in over this compromising Society of priests and laity(majority). God does not tolerate compromise. But I remain hopeful in charity they will "wake up" and I can only hope the best for all.

 We are in far worse times than the Arian crisis wherein 85% of the hierarchy took up the Arian heresy NOW we are dealing with “synthesis of ALL heresies” which has taken perhaps 95%+ of the hierarchy (including Popes) and faithful.  The position that there is a virtual council and applied council is equally as deplorable; Vatican II is Masonry, in and of itself, of which I have nearly two decades of study on. And these principles which Masonry teaches which Vatican 2 now teaches along with the subsequent Modernist hierarchy have been INFALLIBLY condemned by the Ordinary Magisterium and therefore cannot change. Therefore, we are resisting Popes and prelates teaching heresy not just “deeply flawed” men teaching some errors here or there. The more one analyzes the documents of Vatican II, and the more one analyzes their interpretation by the authorities of the Church, the more one realizes that what is at stake is not merely superficial errors, a few mistakes, ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality, a certain Liberalism, but rather a wholesale perversion of the mind, a whole new philosophy based on modern philosophy, on subjectivism.” Archbishop Lefebvre

More quotes form Archbishop Lefebvre against Modernist Rome:

Therefore, those who stay inside the structure of the modernist/liberal NewChurch wilst still trying to “fight’ some errors here or there are still compromisers.  Catholics do not commune with modernists. Thus, we draw souls out of the modernist NewChurch until a Pope/Council makes Vatican 2 null and void; until the revolution is eradicated in intent. Those remaining in the NewChurch structure are not Catholics objectively speaking(sadly) even as the Russian and Greek Orthodox are not considered “inside the Church”. I am amused when I often hear some pseudo traditionalist say they are Novus- Ordo "Catholics"? No, they are not. They are modernists and not Catholics. Where the Faith is there also is the Church and O’ how few remain in the Church by remaining outside of Vatican II NewChurch!  We have not had “deeply flawed” Popes we have had non-catholic modernist Popes since “council”. 
Verily, there is a VERY clear division between Resistance/Marian Corps and FSSP/Institute of Christ the King and now the Neo-SSPX because the fight is over the Faith as a whole not over just a few errors in the “council” and that which comes therein after. We will and must have nothing to do with these compromisers of Faith and ultimately Truth until they leave this path of comfort.  Truth is not a democracy or a “majority wins” vote (as the Modernists imply/suggest/teach) and therefore neither can our Faith be. The position of:  let me appease true traditionalists by saying I am against some errors of the “council” wilst in the same breath telling the Conciliarists we accept 95% of Vatican II and that it is legitimate is as double-minded as it gets. And so trying to oppose “some errors” wilst appearing to be in the Church is an impotent, futile and erroneous compromised position largely held in the end due to “self”/nature and theological ineptitude.  Let us call to mind our Lord’s displeasure with laxity due to self.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 3:16
But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, not hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.

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