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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Neo-SSPX, Remnant & Rorate "sellouts"? Yes sir!

Neo-SSPX, Remnant & Rorate "sellouts"? Yes sir!
A Response to Pseudo Traditionalist Michael Matt's recent impotent article

Birds of a Feather flock together! What do all three have in common? They are pseudo traditionalist groups/websites which are poisonous to any Catholic and why? Because to some degree or another they accept the diabolical (heretical/schismatic) second vatican council. Whether it is the excuse that it is just the “spirit of the council” or the excuse we can accept 90-95% of it, in the end, they are alike.


They are all poisonous (in varying degrees) because they keep their heads stuck (seemingly willfully) in the sand ignoring the objective facts of the case (on the Neo-SSPX). Michael Matt, a leading apologist of the “pseudo trad ecumenical movement” is not a part of the solution but rather has long been a part of the problem. He is infected just like Bishop Fellay who handed over a heretical/schismatic declaration in 2012 which never was officially retracted. Those who resisted nobly were thrown out. And trust me we are glad to have left these traitors. I left defeatmodernism to start the tradcatknight apostolate and over the years have had my “run-ins” with the John Venari’s, Michael Matt's and Chris Ferrera's of the pseudo traditionalist movement. They are illogical; they (pseudo- traditionalists) are imprudent and constantly run to ad hominem attacks to defend their impotent position with matters that do not even pertain to the subject. More and more clergy and laymen are falling off the sinking Neo-SSPX ship including some even leaving for the Conciliar sect itself.


 You can't sweeten this poison with a bandaid!

Conspiracy theory? I don’t think so. It is actually called “investigating/reading” (you learn those skills in college) something the pseudo traditionalists apparently no longer have the capability of doing. In any case I would rather be a ‘conspiracist” then be labeled a compromiser such as he/they are. Various websites such as truetrad and traditioninaction have long documented the evolving position change of Bishop Fellay but the pseudo traditionalists do not like reality and objective facts they like “comfort” and “fitting in”. 

They simply will not accept that we are dealing with heresies and not mere mistakes starting with the Second Vatican Council (religious liberty). Perhaps $$$$ is a reason. That is the common tactic (leave out objective truths focus on another “deterent’) to sway their readers into actually thinking Bishop Fellay has not changed which is deceitful. In my ten minute phone conversation (2014) with Pseudo traditionalist Michael Sestak (Neo-SSPX’er) I knew after a few minutes there would be no admittance of the facts and why? The facts kill their whole argumentation and position. It was quite sad to see Mr. Sestak fumble around with his words as an adult because he couldn’t betray his fellow pseudo traditionalists. People who still have use of reason support the Resistance those who do not are either ignorant or simply prideful souls. Or perhaps once again $$$$$....Speaking of Conspiracy it seems both the Remnant and the Neo-SSPX are to some degree in bed with the evil Zionists.

 Conspiracy 101: Michael Matt on Vatican 2

Michael Matt maybe the worst of them as I have had a ‘run ins” with him on social media in which he acknowledges Archbishop Lefebvre was against “his type” (thinks he is a saint go figure that out!) but then why is Bishop Fellay now with them (Remnant). The answer, of course, is, because Bishop Fellay has changed position and now leading the society further into the delusional world of the pseudo traditionalists. Michael Matt is apart of the problem and is infected and is not apart of the solution (which he thinks he is). The excuses continue to pile on much like the modernists will do with the Popes. Different people same disease. Every week it seems there is news which further exposes the Neo-SSPX and yet the excuses keep on coming. How does one who is infected already “clearly point” out what or whom is the problem. The pseudo traditionalists are infected; they have contracted theological ebola. 

The Remnant is a part of the problem as to why the Neo-SSPX is in their current “sinking hybrid” pseudo trad position (accept 95% of the council, new mass legally promulgated, accept new code of canon). They have been pulled in sadly by men like Michael Matt and John Venari. How do these people honestly think they are following Archbishop Lefebvre? Do they order a Whopper and exclaim this is the best tasting “Big Mac” I have ever had! What planet do these men live on because it certainly not on this planet. It is time for these pseudo traditionalists to wake up and I would gladly tell that to their faces personally. John Venari once told me on social media “lets not make this about FSSP vs SSPX”. Go figure that one out! Bishop Fellay is a sellout in more way then one and this article is written in charity for the sake of these compromisers to wake up. Even certain priests in the Neo-SSPX recognize the difference in position change otherwise priests would not be falling out of the Society almost on a weekly basis. 


The fact is, Bishop Fellay is a traitor to Tradition who tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the “old guard” preserving what Archbishop Lefebvre taught. These pseudo traditionalists sadly just don’t get it and perhaps they never will. Nevertheless they will not join with me in this new crusade until they do. They cannot mock or replicate what God has willed and I am His Eagle to voice that matter. Further, will I rush into rash judgement and suggest such individuals are money motivated? The need to keep conferences full, the need to sell magazines and continually make it appear that you can fit yourself into the structure of the Conciliar Church and say “Im Catholic!” No, but one has to wonder given how illogical they are. Of course, Mr. Matt, does not mention the lack of transparency the Neo-SSPX has had nor the actual 2012 decleration and hides behind the whole prudence charade. Why? He was one of the first to be congratulating Bishop Fellay for his new position of 95% acceptance! Really…. some people just need an earful perhaps worse! 

Bishop Williamson: Bishop Fellay the Traitor 

What is sad, is the pride of these individuals; what is even worse, is that, it seems, “barring a miracle”, these men will continue on in their delusional ways. The Society will not be coming back to the position of their own founder and the Remnant and Rorate to some degree are to blame. The Society claims its growing with health. In their own delusional minds they think they can switch positions join with the other pseudo trads and try to make “us” look like we were always at fault. Ah! The Eagle is not having it! A cancer grows all the same and some cancerous think they are healthy but such are the times we live in! The lax and lukewarm get spit out! I have never known Michael Matt “not” to be a "sellout”, therefore I would expect him to say Bishop Fellay is not selling out and why. They are both traveling along in the same boat called the “US Compromise” together. TradCatknight is the most viewed and followed traditional catholic page worldwide after only a year and half (God's blessing and approval). This does not say much for the Remnant or Rorate who have been around for “years and years” who think they are “healthy”. Join the Resistance and join the battle against pseudo traditionalism. Pray for their eyes to be open because we will have no unity with these compromisers! You ought not be donating and supporting these compromising groups lest you displease our Lord and Lady.

"Pulled back" is not the same as " denouncing". You will not see the Neo-SSPX formally say Vatican II is heretical anymore. 



Rorate is no different by trying to have the appearance of being traditionally catholic yet not rejecting the second Vatican council. Vatican II is infested with error and heresy and this passing for the “smells and bells type” without wholesale rejection is like a homeless man passing himself off as a millionaire by wearing “ I am a millionaire” t-shirt. In both cases “reality” is missing. They have tried all sorts of tactics over the years of which I have witnessed and been apart of and after every impotent attempt to try and promote their position I often wonder if they even really believe the nonsense they spew? Pseudo trads stick with pseudo trads and they love their comfortable yet unrealistic position. Bottom line, without their admittance, all of the aforementioned are “snakes in the grass” and to be avoided. I have multiple degrees (including advanced) and I still am amused by the illogicality of these men. Having said that, be sure to please keep this apostolate in your prayers.


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Michael Matt avoids the fact that the Neo-SSPX has not been transparent and in fact has been lying all along in its relations with Rome. Where is that in his impotent article? What Michael Matt calls and thinks is Catholic (conservative Cardinals in reality are heretics) is in fact not Catholic therefore, you can not trust his judgement nor Bishop Fellays for that matter due to the position change. Bishop Fellay is virtually no different from his comrade pseudo traditionalist counterpart Michael Matt. The blind enjoying the company of the other blind, imagine that…The liberal media “distorting the council” (Michael Matt position) is about as “conspiratorial sounding” as it gets and any honest Catholic should rather believe Godzilla is alive stomping Tokyo than believe that rubbish from hell. Does this sound like someone compromising the Faith? Sure does! Anybody believing that you can accept the council as a whole and try to fit yourself into the heretical/schismatic Conciliar Church have your “fill” with these pseudo trads! The Crusade will go on without you nor will I ever formally support such men or groups. I need Soldiers not compromisers, the Eagle…. 

Addendum: Any apologies in advance for this message being misconstrued by the fight against pseudo traditionalism will continue...




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