"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What Is Next In The Revolution?

What Is Next In The Revolution?
By:  Eric Gajewski

I have been asked this question by some of you recently.  There are a lot of people wondering these days what is next in the revolution?  As Msgr. Perez pointed out on my live show this weekend “the removal of priestly celibacy” for the Latin Church is simply not enough for these modernist’s.  They thirst for more novelty.  Will it be women deacons then women priests?  Will it be “canonizations” of outright pagan?  Will it be a formal intercommunion rite for the Conciliar Church?  Maybe the better question to ask is this, Does it really matter at this point”?  Real Catholics aren’t playing pretend in the Novus ordo Church.  Real Catholics are avoiding heresy and that which displeases Jesus.  Nevertheless, as the Conciliar Revolution progresses we must also consider what will be happening on the state side of the equation.

Many are expecting an economic collapse soon.  More specifically a stock market crash which will of course unhinge our country but also those directly tied into it.   

Europe and other countries will largely be affected.   

This is why you see the smart countries or perhaps those countries “in the know” moving away from the American dollar like Russia and China.   

Having said that the globalists need this collapse to fully capitalize on all the revolutions they want occurring in every country.   

They want chaos on ever level.  

They are currently "stirring the pot" here in this country.  

They want the “trumpsters vs. the clinton’s”.  Think about that next time my “false traddie friend”.  You are playing right into their trap!  You haven’t figured out the game yet.  

You also havent figured out that you are a zionist heretic.  You might want to work on that

What is next Catholic?  What you should be doing right now as I pointed out in my talk with Msgr. Perez is this.  Start preparing your homes it will be your “church” for the times ahead.  Start buying religious books in print and quit relying upon the internet.  Make sure you have a copy of a traditional bible like the Douay Rheims.  Make sure you have the prevatican II councils printed out.  Make sure you have great spiritual reading material for the days ahead.   

The chaos more than likely will affect your area.   

Don’t act like it wont.   

Those who take this disposition wont make it.  Prepping is biblical therefore do not be prideful and say “I don’t want to be like those loon bins”. 

The point of this blog is that it really doesn’t matter what is going to happen next in the Conciliar Church because you shouldn’t be there.  Msgr.  Perez went on to tell a recent story of sit down dinner he had with a local Novus ordo priest.  He said that this priest recognized that what he was teaching was harming the Church.  He recognized that the New Mass was poisonous to Catholics and yet he told Msgr. Perez that he had to wake up early the next day to say a New Mass!!  This is where we are at these novus ordo priests think they are “hiding” from God and His wrath to come.  Not hardly.  These priests dont really care about truth they care about their health insurance and stipends.  

True Catholics are not waiting around for the next novelty to come about in the Conciliar Church we are already resisting now and preparing for the Great Storm ahead.   

The Novus ordo priests are singing and dancing and the charismatics are doing their thing.  What a wonderful world Vatican II is creating they say!  Then sudden destruction cometh.  A storm they cant see because they are blinded by pride.  We have been warned long enough.

I should add the new world order plan is to eventually implant the False Prophet into Rome.  Will it be after Antipope Francis “apparently “resigns”.  

My gut tells me we may have to go through another antipope after Francis (Benedict XVI is the true pope) before he arrives but time will tell.   

I think the tell tale sign is the economic collapse which will precede all the worldwide revolutions which essentially shall occur all at the same time.  

 As I have been saying don’t think the modernist’s will stop at a inter-communion rite.  The next step will after will be some interfaith rite.  The plan is to get rid of the tabernacles altogether and replace it with Antichrist Maitreya’s image.   

As I said to Msgr. Perez on the show yesterday I don’t know why these novus ordo priests who know we are right don’t bail out now.  Do they not realize the great persecution coming?  Dont they know it wont matter if they are attached to the mainstream churches?  Don’t they know priests will be slaughtered and the churches taken over by new world order forces.  Oh how the blind cant truly see!  For now, their “fun and games” new evangelization will persist but soon their faces shall turn to icy stone.

Bishop Williamson: Christ to Antichrist, Expose on Revolution  

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