"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Comparison of the miracle of the SUN at Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 with our current SOLAR situation

Comparison of the miracle of the SUN at Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 with our current SOLAR situation


I thank God for your many videos, etc., your light of faith in the darkness!

As a traditional catholic and physicist, I have followed events "coming
upon on the earth," spoken by Our Lord.

I have heard you speak of this incursion of a binary into our system.
But let me speak of an event NOW in progress.

The star we call "sun" has entered into something called a Grand Solar
Minimum (GSM). Our sun is a variable star that goes through cycles in
solar output. But what are the consequences of this GSM?

1. Slackening of solar energy output and slacking of Solar wind

2. The slackening of solar wind allows a huge increase of Galactic
Cosmic Rays (GCR) to enter the solar system

3. Solar energy striking the earth will only decrease by 5 or 6 watts
per square meter. But, this decrease is causing huge upheavals in global
food production because of major shifts in the jet-streams world wide.
Global weather patterns have changed dramatically, as I hope you have
noticed. Many countries, including our own, have witnessed - so far -
about a 30% loss in crops in the last years. By 2023/24, estimates are
up to 100% crop failures worldwide. These crop loses will lead to
starvation, decease, revolutions, war.

4. Galactic Cosmic Rays have increased dramatically. These rays are now
striking fully to the surface of our planet. GCRs will lead to mutations
in everything, causing bodily malfunctioning and new diseases.
Physicists now know that these rays cause the silica magma under the
crust of the earth to heat up and expand, thus more violent volcanic
eruptions. The added stress on the crust will and is causing more
violent earthquakes, huge splits in the continents. Earthquakes and land
shifts will cause huge tsunamis that will devastate coastlines worldwide.

Experiments at CERN have now proven GCRs cause formation of low-level
clouds which reflect sunlight back into space, thus further cooling of
the planet surface. They also cause the formation of rain and hail. This
is causing shorter summer growing seasons, later and earlier snow, hail,
and rain storms. An example: France late year suffered  a wheat crop of
incomplete kernels which almost no protein. Egypt refused to except this
wheat. A 30% crop failure. This year the french grape industry has been
devastated by hail storms in almost the entire northern area. There are
so many, many other examples. There are Youtube channels with daily
reports. two are: "adapt 2030" and "Oppenheimer Ranch Project."   The
scientific understanding of this GSM is expanding geometrically. Search
YouTube for "John Casey" who with colleagues (physicists)  has authored
important books on this GSM from perspectives of weather and geophysics
("Dark Winter" and Upheaval")  Mr. Casey was a advisor to both NASA and
the White House in time past. Another great video,  easy to understand,
on YouTube by Guns And Butter with "Ben Davidson."

This GSM has been named after John (Jack) Eddy who was my astronomy
professor at University of Colorado.

I am reminded of Teresa Neumann's prediction in 1946 that the US would
be DESTROYED Economically by Natural disasters in the near future.

Eric, I have modestly written a comparison of the miracle of the SUN at
Fatima on Oct. 13, 1917 with our current SOLAR situation. I will attach
it to this email. Note the symbolism! "Look at the Sun." "Pray."
"Penance, Penance, Penance."

Please keep up your very important blogs and information. If I can help
in any way....

God bless!

Larry Kreitzer

How Do the Apparitions at Fatima
Relate to Our Times?

In the apparition of July 13,1917, the children saw an angel standing behind Our Lady. This angel held a flaming sword and was about to strike the earth. But the glory of Our Lady diminished the flames and the angel only spoke the words: “Penance, Penance, Penance!” He did not strike the earth.
In the final apparition – the miracle of the sun on Oct. 13th, many strange and “not normal” occurrences took place:
* It had been raining hard for quite a time. The peoples clothing was soaked, and muddy because of the extensive ankle deep mud caused by the 70 thousand plus crowd moving about the little valley.
* During the apparition, Lucia suddenly turned and pointed to the sun which was appearing as the clouds parted. She said, “Look at the sun!”
* The sun appeared as though seen through a filter – clearly observed with the naked eye but with no damage to eyes. Some described it as a white Communion Host which covered the sun.
* The sun began to spin, then give off many and variously colored rays, and then began to dance in the sky.
* After a bit, the sun appeared to those present to fall from the sky and was apparently going to crush the people. Many panicked and cried out.
* After Lucia told the people to PRAY, the sun abruptly stopped and returned to its “normal” place and became the “non-threatening” sun again.
* Many cried out: “miracle, miracle!” All found their clothing dry and clean. Some described their clothing as if it had just been laundered and sweet smelling.
What occurred here? What did the "miracle of the sun" portend?
* Was the sun "normal" during the miracle? The people could look directly at it without damaging their eyes.
* The sun was giving off many colored rays. Were these rays a symbol of the sun's Coronal Mass Ejections, solar wind, and filaments that the sun at times sends into the solar system? Were these rays just symbols for the sun's magnetic field which "locks" to the earth's magnetic field??
* Does the sun "normally" dance in the sky? As if it were trying to draw the attention of the people. "Look at the sun."
* What was the symbolism of the sun plunging towards the earth representing? The people believed they were going to be crushed, to die, to be killed by the sun. After having been told to "Pray," the sun became "normal" again. NORMAL again!
Now lets examine our sun as it appears to be today

Our sun is a variable star. The scientific description of being variable means it goes through cycles in time. There is the approximately 11 year cycle in sunspot activity. During these 11 year cycles the sun's magnetic field flips; the north and south poles change places. Then there is an approximately 206 year cycle where the 11 year cycles vary. There is also a 400 year cycle that affects the sun's operation. All these cycles are cycles that affect the output of solar energy.
* During the last 50 years of the twentieth century, the 3 eleven year cycles each grew in solar output, just enough that the earth grew warmer. We had global warming.
* The last 11 year cycle - cycle 24 - that just occurred was different: it decreased in intensity, less solar output energy. Solar scientists had to adjust their models of solar activity. Many say now that the sun is entering a Grand Solar Minimum(GSM). A GSM is when a chain of 11 year cycles occur where each cycle produces less solar energy output. Scientists and historians looked back in history for other GSMs and what had occurred during these GSMs. Let us examine these a bit later.
* In the past 400 years there have been two GSMs. The one that took place beginning in 1615 lasted approximately 80 years, to about 1745. This one was named the Maunder minimum. Then there was one that began in 1790 and lasted until 1830 or approximately 40 years. It is termed the Dalton minimum. These minimums were named after prominent scientists who studied them. The coming minimum has been named the Eddy minimum after the late John (Jack) Eddy who was famously noted for his study of the Maunder minimum (and other solar science). He was my Astronomy Prof at the University of Colorado.
* Scientists are divided into two camps about this coming GSM. Some say it will be similar to the Dalton minimum, others say the Maunder minimum. What's the difference? The longer time the solar output energy is decreased the more devastating the subsequent results to the earth. This coming GSM seems to be coming at us with increased speed.
* During a GSM, the solar wind decreases quite dramatically. The sun constantly outputs particles of matter in the solar wind. This solar wind varies in intensity during the solar cycles. Scientists know that the solar wind protects the solar system from Galactic Cosmic Rays(GCR). Recent studies show that the intensity of GCRs have increased dramatically. Again, recent experiments show GCRs cause two important events: 1) formation of low level clouds and 2) the heating of magma in the interior of the earth. The low level clouds cause the energy from the sun to be reflected back into space cooling of the oceans and the continents. The heating of the magma causes the increase in intensity of volcanism and thus greater earthquakes.
What does history show about these GSMs.
* Studies seem to show that the earth's average temperature to be cooler then we experienced during the second half of the last century. This warmer time we feel to be "normal." Not so!
* During the Maunder minimum the Thames river stayed frozen for long periods of time. Many froze to death. Many starved to death. Commerce slowed down because of unmelted snow and ice.
* Because the greater cold times (shorter summer growing seasons), there were greater crop failures, thus widespread starvation. More starvation, more decease, more wars.
* Scientists have now correlated the great volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in the past have occurred during these minimums. For example: In 1815, during the Dalton minimum, the great mount Tambora volcanic eruption caused volcanic dust that was thrown into the atmosphere to reflect the sun's energy back out to space. The result: no summer iN 1816( the year with no summer). Also, during the Dalton minimum, there were four huge earthquakes on the faults called The New Madrid system during 1811 and 1812. The Mississippi river ran backwards. Entire towns disappeared. Church bells rang in Boston - a thousand miles away. Sand geysers shot up; huge cracks in the ground swallowed men and animals.
How about our times?
* Last year there was a 40% wheat crop lose in Kansas because of an early snow storm. Canada, France, US and many countries around the globe suffered 30% crop failures. Last years French wheat crop didn't mature and could only be used as animal food. Russia suffered 30% wheat crop failure as did many countries around the world.
* Right now, when the planting season began, there is over 2 feet of snow on the ground in Canada and the northern US states. Montana has large snow levels on the ground and when these melt there will be widespread flooding - delayed planting. It looks like no hard wheat this harvest time.
* Scientists estimate that a GSM of the scale of a Dalton could cause 100% crop loses around the globe as early as 2028. Now they believe as early as 2023 or 2024.
* The US FEMA is warning of a huge earthquake possibility along the Cascadia subduction zone which lies along the Washington, Oregon, and northern California coasts. The last huge earthquake here was in 1700 (another GSM) which was in the 9 Richter scale. It formed a Tsunami wave that devastated Japan less than a day later. How did they place the year? The Japanese kept very good records. A subduction quake could set off a rip quake all along the San Andreas zone, all the way through California.
* There are increased volcanic magma shifts under Yellowstone super volcano. If a full blown eruption occurs, ash could follow covering most of the US. This ash could cause another year without a summer.
* Then there is the danger from La Paloma volcano in the Canary Islands. Even a moderate earthquake here could cause a massive slide from the volcano rim into the ocean. Scientists claim that such a slide would cause a tsunami wave between 100 to 150 feet to hit the entire east coast of the US 8 hours later. The wave would go inland in most areas at least 12 miles.That means Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Miami....GONE. Mount La Palama last year had many small quakes recorded in just one weekend.
* John Casey and his associates, in their book "Upheaval," describe the consequences of another major quake in the New Madrid zone. There would be no transportation across the Mississippi river as all bridges would be destroyed. Most of the pipelines carrying oil and gas would be broken at over 14,000 points. The east coast would suffer energy deprivation as most supplies cross the Mississippi region from the Louisiana, Texas supply points. No rail or truck travel for months across the river. Interstate highways 10 and 90 would only be choke points for all traffic east and west through the zone.
* Enough said? NO.
There seems to be a double whammy!
* The earth's magnetic field protects us from violent solar storms. The magnetic field forms the magnetosphere in space which deflects the sun's violent storm particle ejections from striking the earth. If these particle ejections reach the surface of our globe, all our modern electronic devices would be destroyed - literally burned out. Anything controlled by a computer chip would be toast: autos, trucks, the internet, computers, unhardened satellites, etc. No communications - PERIOD! No food distribution - PERIOD!

* Scientists are now watching the weird gyrations of the earth's magnetic poles. These poles appear to be converging at an increasing rate to a point near Java. The fear is that the magnetic field is about to flip. Mankind of memory has never suffered a magnetic pole reversal. We do know that they have happened in the far past. We have no idea what could occur. As the two poles converge, the magnetic field intensity is dropping off dramatically and at an increasing rate. The idea is that the magnetosphere could be down for a lifetime - maybe one hundred years. Who knows? The earth could be wide open to being completely BURNED clean by the many ejections every year from the star we call sun.
* So while suffering a GSM, there is the real possibility of, "Fire from the sky."
Back to Fatima.
* The sun's energy output seemed deminished, like in a GSM?
* When Lucia cried, "Pray." The plunging solar threat went away. The angel with the fiery sword in the July apparition did not strike the earth. He just warned of, "Penance, Penance, Penance."
* Our Lady promised that the Chastisement time would end without mankind being totally wipe out. Our Lord stated, as recorded in Matthew, chapter 24, that the chastisement/tribulation would be shortened to save the elect. BUT, the evil ones would perish. Our Lord didn't speak of the Chastisement as a CONDITIONAL event but as absolutely taking place. Penance. Prayer. If you have the ability, go to Youtube and search for the apparitions at Akita, Japan in 1973. Bishop Ito of Japan said the Akita apparitions were an extension of those at Fatima. (Humm, possibly part of the third secret?) Maybe because the Church didn't release the Third Secret in 1960 as ordered by God, Our Lady did at Akita? These apparitions foretold of, "Fire falling from the sky" destroying all evil on the earth but wiping out the greater part of mankind! The shortening of the chastisement? The three Days of Darkness?
* Does the Solar Miracle of Fatima speak of the solar phenomenon we are now witnessing? All the facts seem to point that way. When the histories of past GSMs are studied, they sure seem to dovetail into the remarks Pope John Paul II spoke at Fulda, Germany and our Lord's predictions in the Gospels, and our Ladies apparition at Akita, Japan.
* We were WARNED.