"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, April 16, 2018


(Excerpts from the book "The Tempter's Hour", which compiles three interviews with Fr. Martin, conducted by Bernard Janzen in 1997)

John Paul II had a geopolitical strategy to tear down the iron curtain. Until 1981, he was persuaded that he would have a long reign ahead of him and that he had plenty of time to work on solutions to problems. Then he was shot. When he was in the Gemelli hospital in Rome, he had a vision. He had the vision of Fatima.  

He thought that God had revealed it to him. So he suddenly sent for his personal secretary and got a copy of the Third Secret, which he had not studied yet. He read it and then called a nun, a well-known nun who is an expert in Fatima, and sent her to Portugal to talk to Sister Lucia. And when he left the hospital it was obvious that he had another geopolitical goal in mind. He felt that he would not live long and that his papacy would not last long. He established as much geopolitical influence as he could to liberate Eastern Europe. But there was a flaw in his armor. And the fault was this: he won through an organization called Solidarity. The problem is that Solidarity was a purely secular movement. Nothing religious! It was through Solidarity that they defeated the Stalinists in Poland. It was Solidarity that made Edward Gierek, the Polish leader, fall along with his entire government. He relied on secular organizations to execute his geopolitical strategy. I was not acting through faith. No, he was doing politics and it was the geopolitics of reason, not faith. By 1989, he was very immersed in the geopolitics of reason and became a friend of Mikhail Gorvachev. He became very close to the Americans. He relied on secular movements to achieve spiritual ends and that did not happen. Things got worse!

So the liberation of Eastern Europe did not have the spiritual fruits it expected. Because John Paul II made a mistake, the same mistake that John XXIII and Paul VI made. I have been asked again and again, "Why did these three popes make this mistake?" The mistake was that these Popes did not obey the mandate of the Queen of Heaven. She said that all the bishops together should consecrate Russia. And Russia would become. If this consecration had taken place, Russia would have become Catholic, Marxism would have ended and there would be no punishment. But She also said that if the consecration were not performed, His Son was going to punish us all. John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II disregarded this order and warning. John XXIII said: "The children did not know what they were saying. They thought that Russia was a prostitute in the streets of Lisbon. I am talking to Nikita Khrushchev and he will allow observers to come to my council if I do not condemn communism. " And therefore, John XXIII did not allow the council fathers to condemn communism. He said: "We will not publish this letter ever. It will never be published. And I will not consecrate Russia because if I did, Nikita Khrushchev would consider it an act of war. If all the bishops, 2700, came together in one place and condemned communism, the Soviets would consider it an act of war. Then certainly there would be persecution. " That was the reasoning of John XXIII. Paul VI simply feared his own shadow and also, he did not really believe in Fatima. John Paul II believed in some way in Fatima, but he did not believe in the whole message. He decided that he could not do the consecration because he was not the Pope of 1960.

In fact, he allowed Sister Lucia to be silenced and the Fatima message suppressed. His secretary of state, Cardinal Casaroli, who is an atheist, suppressed through the representatives of the Vatican the message of Fatima as much as possible. For example, the apostolic delegate in Lisbon and all his staff were very supportive of Fatima. Casaroli changed them and put an apostolic delegate who was not. This is how he acted. So, why did the last three popes refuse to obey Our Lady's mandate? When John Paul II was asked to consecrate Russia, all he did was kneel in San Pedro and half of the consecration of the human race to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, he said: "It enlightens especially those peoples who particularly need to be entrusted and consecrated. " What kind of talk is that? For me it's talk. I believe that the reason that the Consecration has not taken place goes back to Lucifer. He simply has too much power among the prelates of the Church. It is perfectly capable of neutralizing people who try something.

We are talking about the Queen of Heaven! And although John XXIII was worried that Nikita Khrushchev would declare war on us, he should have said [to N. Lord. N. NP]: "You want this to be done, so you must have a plan. I must trust in You! But there was no confidence, no confidence at all. They have been fundamental pieces in allowing the destruction of the organization [of the Church. N. of NP]. And they will have to answer for it!

But the message of Fatima still stands. Still stands! Russia's mistakes are now widespread in the world. Our Lady said, "Russia will be converted . " So Russia will convert if She said she would, but she also said it would be late. So Russia is a crucial part of God's plan. Why? The answer to that question would take me very far in the field of papal secrets. But the fact is that Russia is part of God's Plan. It is God's choice.

It is a fact, we have the testimony of Our Lady that God will visit humanity to punish her for her sins. Our Lady has said it in her apparitions that are approved by the Church. It will not be a simple flood or plague. It will be something much worse. This must be believed, unless you are a cynic and do not accept the apparitions of Our Lady approved by the Church. If you do not believe, you will have a sudden awakening someday. I think the Queen of Heaven has manifestly warned us that, within a few decades, there will be problems.

Then time will tell, but I believe that "keeping your eyes on the sky" is a prudent slogan. I think the sign of Our Lady will appear in the sky soon. This will be a shock for everyone. It will alert everyone that there is a God and that we are responsible before Him. Unfortunately, He will not convert anyone. It will not make unbelievers believe. But it will confirm those who have faith. It could help those who hesitate in faith.

This happened more than once before the war began, but few people paid attention to it. The only man who paid attention was Hitler. On August 23, 1939, Hitler was in Berghof. This was the night that some called the great Northern Lights. A light of unusual intensity illuminated the sky. Hitler was watching this show with his friends such as Goering, Goebbels and Himmler, and his men asked "what do you think about this ?, and Hitler said:" there will be bloodshed. " In America they said that it was simply an aurora borealis.

It was like in 1986, when the miracle of Fatima took place in Rome. It was photographed by Italian television but it was not shown in America. This shows how the news of Our Lady is suppressed by the media. The miracle happened in a place called Tre Fontane, where Our Lady has a sanctuary. Suddenly the sun began to spin. I have the recording, it is shocking, with the sun spinning, approaching, changing colors.

So we are in this situation, the media do not want to advertise Heaven or the signs of Heaven. But there will be a signal that they can not ignore because everyone will see it wherever they are.


(Excerpts taken from Shoes of the Fisherman , interview with Fr. Martin by Bernard Janzen in 1993)

The Romans declared that Bishop Lefebvre and the four bishops are excommunicated. But nobody believes that these excommunications are valid, not even the Romans. They know it was a formal action designed to scare people away from them. But Bishop Lefebvre was not excommunicated and he did not die excommunicated. In Rome, this is admitted behind closed doors, although they will not admit it in public.

The hatred of Bishop Lefebvre is very great. The official position is that he is excommunicated, but the men of the Church know that he is not. There is a lot of controversy, but this is one of the achievements of Bishop Lefebvre. He has put a thorn in the throat of the Roman bureaucrats. They can not swallow it or throw it out. The difficulty for the Romans is that they can not stop the Lefebvrist. They are very well established financially. They are independent. Rome can not take its buildings. All these buildings belong to a separate legal entity. This is what infuriates the Romans of the whole Lefebvre controversy. It is untouchable. Now, the Romans ask him to come to Rome to speak. Then, a spokesperson for the FSSPX, like Fr. Schmidberger says: "Yes, we will talk, but these are the conditions" . And of course, the conditions are always unacceptable to the Romans and therefore the conversations are broken. Then the Romans wait a little and come back again. And again and again, because the followers of Bishop Lefebvre do not give up. If Lefebvre had yielded to Rome, his organization would now be dead. They would have taken it and liquidated it. Lefebvre saw this danger and said, "we will not continue with this farce."

Then they can no longer eliminate the Roman Mass. Bishop Lefebvre has many followers, financial security and independence in many nations around the world. Rome has been defeated in its own game. They can not eliminate the Roman Mass. That is why Rome established the Indulto, the Ecclesia Dei Commission and the San Pedro Fraternity.

Then they can not be eliminated. This is what infuriates the Roman authorities, it really infuriates them! If they could buy them they would do it and then they would close everything. If they owned these seminars, they would close them but they can not do it. [But, according to Bishop Fellay, Rome has changed: it no longer wants the destruction of the SSPX. "If this is true, and I'm sure of that, that demands from us a new position with the official Church." (Appointment of Cor Unum 101 ) N. of NP]