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saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, April 30, 2018

Phil Lawler’s Magical Novus Ordo Carpet Ride

Phil Lawler’s Magical Novus Ordo Carpet Ride
By: Eric Gajewski
The “conservative” Novus ordo apologists, websites and prelates live in their “acid-tripping” Conciliar world in which they "invent that which they believe to be Catholic when it is not".
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There is seemingly not a day that doesn’t go by that you find some comical article found on one of the “conservative” Novus ordo” outlets.  As I was moving through the news I saw one that stood out on Neo-Catholic website “Lifesitenews”.  It was written by Novus ordite Phil Lawler and it was entitled.  Yes, the Pope is Catholic but he is confusing others!  Wow, that is deep folks.  In this delusional outtake on Antipope Francis he cites another charismatic novus ordite Mark Mallet and tries to spin doctor FrancisDoctrine to make it sound like Francis teaches Catholicism and not the Novus ordo religion.  Awake Catholics are obviously not fooled.   (article in question is provided at the end)

Are we talking about the same supposed Pope who said heretically that Communists make the best Christians? 
Is this the same supposed Pope who said heretically that the “old covenant” was not revoked?  
Is this the same supposed Pope who tells the would be faithful (heretically) to not attempt to convert anyone?  

Is this the same supposed “Pope” who thinks Protestants are in the Body of Christ and that heretics dying for Jesus can be seen as martyrs?  

Is this the same “Pope” who thinks you can have two popes reigning at one time?  Are we talking about the same person?

YIKES!  What cave has Phil Lawler been hiding in.  Did he just land from Mars to our Planet?  I guess we are talking about the same “Pope” who openly said he might be the one to cause the formal schism in the Church fulfilling Catholic endtime Prophecy.   

I must stop there as you know I could go on and on with the heresies of Vatican II and “Pope” Francis.   
Let me point out some more errors of Lawler and how these neo-catholics work and operate.   

Hope you have your “sense of humor smiles” ready!  Join me on this journey we shall call “Lawler’s Magical Novus Ordo Carpet Ride”.

Not preaching heresy?  This says it all.  People like Lawler wouldn’t last fifteen minutes on my show.  It is clear they have no idea what is Catholic and what pertains to the Vatican II Novus ordo religion.   
This is some serious used car salesman pitching by Lawler.  Not only does Francis teach heresy it becomes difficult to even keep up with all of Francis’s novelty.   

The fact is Lawler is just as clueless as Francis.   

The Neo-Catholics refuse to show the public the reality of the statements Francis is vomiting out. 
 Unfortunately, they (novus ordo folk) have to because it fits their delusional narrative that everything is just okay in Novus Ordo Land. 
Yes, these false Catholics paint a very delusional picture of what is truly going on in the Church.  It is like an acid or LSD trip they are on.  More on this at the end of the article.
Just wait till Fr. Kramer’s highly anticipated book on a “heretic Pope?” comes out.  He has documented everything as I have.  I do this on a daily basis when Francis teaches heresy.  

Modernist’s double mindedness.  In this abysmal article of Lawler he assumes that Francis should know there is a hell.  People like Lawler do not want to see Francis for hwo he really is by way of his false teachings.  

Francis has often denied hell this wasn’t the first time for the false Catholics scoring at home. 

 Francis like any true modernist loves to speak out of both sides of his mouth.  One day it is one thing the next day it is another.   

Clearly, Lawler should reread Pope St. X and Pascendi (if he has even read it) if he is to have any hopes of understanding the enemy which is embedded in the Church.    

At least Lawler recognizes Francis should have just come out and denied this statement (which he did not).  This is how these snakes operate though. 

Welcome to the Novus ordo where the theology is made up and heresy doesnt matter...

Francis is sometimes confused and confusing others?  No, he is snake and it is you who are being disingenuous.  It is you who in the very least is confused.   

Venerable Holzhauser said in our evil times we would have prelates and laymen alike who would makeup/invent excuses all day long for the heresies abiding in the Church and world.   

We are clearly living this out.  You cant get a straight answer from these “conservative” novus ordo apologist’s.   

He wouldn’t last fifteen minutes on my show with the ammo I would bring to the table and this is why they (in general) avoid me (not saying he specifically is) and have to resort to name calling.  They know this.   

People simply can’t call a spade a spade anymore.  This is our reality.   

They are not giving the truth of the situation and thus they are denying people real charity and allowing people who read Lifesitenews to live in this “acid-tripping” novus ordo world in which they invent what they believe to be Catholicism when it is not.

Come along, my friends the ride is about to begin....

He also said that no one would dare implicate JPII or BXVI for heresy!  Again, what planet is he living on real catholics aka “true traditionalists” have been doing this since the Council?  Both of these Popes taught material heresy under the guise of Catholicism.   

This is simply another statement which proves why you cannot trust Lifesitenews for your theological news/analysis for the day.   

They go around building up Cardinal Burke (who follows Vatican II) as some type of orthodox Cardinal who is boldly resisting the liberal Francis. 
HELLO!  Cardinal Burke is a liberal too who follows the illicit teachings of the diabolical “Council” of Vatican II.   

The right to religious liberty, liberty of conscience, Americanism, freedom of press/speech, false ecumenism, separation of church and state to name just a few of the illicit teachings of the Conciliar church which the preVatican II Popes have condemned. 

Is Lawler ignorant?  Is he being disingenuous?  It doesn’t matter objectively speaking.  These material heretics take a “hit” off of the Council and see things which aren’t there (or guilty by omission).  They live in "another world" which they perceive to be Catholic but in reality is another religion (man centered, cult of man).  Vatican II is FAR OUT, MAN…

I could have titled this article “Looking out my Novus Ordo Backdoor”.  Tambourines and elephants are playing in the band.  Will you take a ride on Lawler’s flying spoon?

Press play and let us begin our acid trip journey...
Join in the world of the Vatican 2'ers

Vatican II land is great when you are hitting the modernist bong
Looking out Lawler's backdoor


The Magical Novus ordo carpet ride.  Where there is no heresy.  Everything is “a-okay” in Vatican II land.  Sing along with me.  “You don’t know what you can find…come with me little girl in our endless denial of heresy of every kind.  You don’t know what we might find perhaps soon communion for protestants, women deacons/priests and an end to priestly celibacy? Welcome to the Novus ordo FunFactory where heresy is something that we simply cannot see.  Look inside girl …with our modernist phenomenology. 


Are you tripping Lawler?

You will only see what you want to see.  Now, listen in to some of my talks with Fr. Kramer as we expose Francis and his heresies.  You will never take these “conservative” Novus ordo sites like Lifesitenews seriously again.  Time to get Catholic folks!

Article in question:

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