"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Planet X/Nibiru Approach: Disclosure-Denial

Planet X/Nibiru Approach: Disclosure-Denial

The massive unexplained anomalies keeping rolling out week by week, intensifying in frequency. Welcome to Western Society on earth. Nobody cares! But I heard Stormy Daniels took it hard. Nobody dares ask  the important questions. Like this week when an interplanetary shock wave battered the magnetic field and caused magnificent auroras like this. source


What is causing interplanetary shockwaves and upsetting the sun? Interplanetary insinuates two planets. So which ones? ….Actually, answer that, and you could be ‘conspiracy theorist’.
And why is no one asking what in the world is rising over from the South West  horizon in Mexico this very morning. What reddish hued planet is in the south west?

  Perhaps, subconsciously, most of us are aware of the changes to our planet, but can’t admit it to ourselves. As that may force reaction, discomfort and even action as only those able to admit the very unsavory truths of the our times, to examine the evidence with an open mind will be able to adapt should an epochal event every occur.
The mainstream echo chamber this week was all talking about the Big one overdue on the West coast,
Nobody dare ask what is causing the ring of fire to come alive. Or what is the reason, the why behind the apparently imminent explosion of the yellowstone supervolcano. We have been hearing alot of its activity recently. What could effect the inner core of earth?
So the public has have warnings and are desensitized to a massive earthquake near San Francisco and Yellowstone erupting, and now we must accept weather whiplash of utter extremes as normal. If you ask about climate change, the bastards have the gul to say, you did it!
From freezing to triple digits in eight hours, and weather whiplash is getting worse as even the echo chamber is warning of total extremes. Just don’t ask what the cause is as your Human ego will frigging flip out!
 We are all running from our own mortality, hiding from it, distracted from it but at the same time, we are distracted from our own devine spirit. Humankind kind can, and hopefully will one day be a force of good in the solar system, seeding and nuturing life across the galaxy, yet first yolk of Rothchild inspired debt slavery and parastical shadow government will have to be dealt with. An unsavory task if even possiblel. The fact that the shadow governemtn openly sprays toxic chemtrails over most of the world without even a mention in the mainstream means for truth has an uphill fight.
One wonders if our benevolent rulers will even shoot the asteroid, should one be on course to strike the earth. The threat is certainly there…and increasing. Let us hope they don’t need to test those orbital nuke platforms that don’t exist, wink wink.
The intensifying events in our environment. The sky anomalies and climatic whiplash. The reckless toxic and carelss stewardship of our planet. They’re likley all related and there’s a reason the trillionaires have cloaked the Planet X System’s approach for decades to sponge every last cent and soul out of Human kind. Again and again the liars at the mainstream have cried wolf about a Planet X cataclysm. Why not come clean and we can all watch the snowflakes melt? It could be a spiritual red pill that could benefit them in the long wrong. Or not… One thing is certain. The MSM is desensitizing its audience to utter doom and the end of the world. Why would they destroy their credibilty yet again on that subject? Setting the herd up a but or….
The mainstream doesn’t want people connecting the dots. They’re there to distract the herd from truth. To forment their own narrative. We see this time and again. They spread disinfo and conflict on whatever subject they attach onto. The choice to believe or not is yours to make, if one can step outside the herd mentality free the mind and observe the epochal events at hand.

Project Black Star Update – Volume 16 (2018)

April 19, 2018 · Planet X, Terral Croft

Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 07 show no 7-magnitude earthquake events for the last five orbit cycles. One of the 6-magnitude quake events for 2018 equals the year-over-year weekly total for 2014 and 2015 that the 2018 seismic pattern is following closely. While seventeen of the 5-mag quakes is 5 events below the year-over-year weekly average (22.5), 293 of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events is 63 events higher than the Week 07 weekly average (230.5), showing 2018 earthquake activity to be more active than what we have seen for the last five years.
Week-over-week seismic-event values show a decrease in global earthquake activity across the board identifying Week 07 as the mini-peak within the current earth-change uptick period. The seismic data shows that Week 01 represents the time our planet reached the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun and Black Star. Week 02 shows the “J” (Jolt) value where Earth typically receives an electromagnetic jolt caused by the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection shortening rapidly, which coincided with the fifth and final big quake event (7.5 Papua) over the eight-week period running from Week 48 (2017 cycle) to Week 02. The Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection then swings around to the opposite side of our planet to shorten rapidly producing this second electromagnetic jolt (J) and the mini-peak in global seismic activity.
My expectation is that a series of zeroes (0) can easily continue under the “1 P” from Week 02 in the 7-mag column with the 7.5 Papua Quake representing another tectonic-volcanic reset like we saw last year following the 7.9 Papua Quake. Note the “3” in the 6-magnitude quake column from Week 06 and 07 that did not take place for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle. Then go up the column near the top to see the small-case 17 beside the “1.” The 7.9 Papua Quake, that represents a tectonic reset, marked the start of a 17-week period that Earth saw no more than just 2 of these 6-mag quake events. My feeling is that these “3” values for the 6-mag quakes are anomalies created by the deep magma plume action coursing back and forth within the buoyancy-barrier corridors from the five big 7-mag quakes over the 8-week period at the end of the 2017 orbit cycle. Therefore, if Earth follows the 2017 seismic pattern, then we could see low values for these moderately-sized quakes for weeks to come. A check of EQuake3D shows no 6-mag quakes in the last 7 days.
Four deep earthquake events (like these USGS and USGS) struck on the Fiji-side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic Volcanic Origination Zone sending deep magma-plume energy along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 2. These three 4.5 (USGS), 3.8 (USGS) and 5.4 (USGS) Quakes off the South America West Coast at the 10-kilometer depth appear to be deep magma-plume related representing horn formations atop the deep magma plume formation (article and map) where the terminal end along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 2 is being tested. What was the Baja California Quake Swarm Area (2011-2012) has grown to become the USA West Coast Quake Swarm Area that is showing more signs again of migrating north into Canada and closer to the Cascadia Basin (Info). Seismic activity at the Oklahoma Quake Swarm Area has decreased this week to just over one event with three quakes striking in Nebraska (USGSUSGS and USGS). The bottom line here is that Earth received the second electromagnetic Jolt in Week 07 to see a drop is global seismic activity for Week 08 with seismic-volcanic pressures building for release later in the timeline. Again, see Dave’s submitted article entitled “Juan de Fuca Plate Is the Single Greatest Geophysical Hazard to the U.S.” (link) for more information about the threats coming to the USA for which we are wise to prepare.
While the Fiji-side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone and South America have been inundated with deep earthquake events, the Indonesia side has seen lackluster activity at best. We are looking at more evidence that Earth is moving into a mini-lull period within the current earth-change uptick period following the Jolt from Week 07 in this diagram. We are also seeing evidence of the Global Seismic-Volcanic Dynamic Shift with increased seismic activity showing up along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, as seismic-volcanic pressures are shifting from Indonesia-Fiji “through” the Americas having more influence on the Atlantic Ocean side of the equation. In years past, this kind of seismic activity only revealed itself once seismic pressures intensified along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridors 3 and 4 (not shown bending under Africa from Indonesia). The forecast is to see another week or two of mini-lull period, until seismic-volcanic pressures have time to build and the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection has more time to shorten to increase Black Star electromagnetic potential. Earth metals then translate that electromagnetic energy into heat energy via the induction process for our planet to have difficulty maintaining equilibrium.
Earth saw only three new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with all three new eruptions in the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic Volcanic Origination Zone (Vanuatu and Indonesia). Do not be fooled by the low weekly-event value moving through this expected mini-lull period and watch as the weekly-event value increases again moving through May 2018. There is plenty of reason for concern about connections between the deep quakes along Corridor 2 (six in the last 37 days), Yellowstone (article and article), the Gulf of Mexico hotspot (article), and the three-recent Granada new volcanic eruptions events (articles) that all seem connected. The forecast is to see earth-change activity increase to reach a maximum in the middle of May with seismic-volcanic bounces-lulls along the way. These new volcanic eruption weekly values can easily be between seven and nine events, when Earth is passing between the Sun and Black Star in May 2018. We should anticipate that Mary Greeley’s Yellowstone Update Reports (like this one) will include more evidence of magma intrusion moving through May 2018, but then settle down moving through the summer months; so long as we have another orbit cycle under our belts.

East Coast USA / Canada Earthquake -- PRESSURE TRANSFERS ACROSS PLATE