"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MARIE JULIE: War Against the Church – Crime Carried to the Altar – Messages Continued by the Sacred Heart and St. Michael

War Against the Church – Crime Carried to the Altar – Messages Continued by the Sacred Heart and St. Michael


Our Lord (September 1879, day?)

I have not found any power capable of being united to My Divine Heart. Do not count on men to save France as the number of the good will be so small, so small that their voices will no doubt be good and their desires admirable for a good cause, but when they want to talk about it, the greater number, the stronger, will stifle their Christian voices.” 

(Observations: Circa the time of this vision, the few good people who wanted to restore the monarchy under Henry V, the King chosen by Christ, would be overpowered by the majority against the motion. See the previous post, #107, click here.)

Our Lord: “At the time I will save My people, it will not be by any power of men, My Divine Heart alone will save the kingdom which will no longer be in a shameful disorder where the impious reign in full triumph. … (I.e. we must not expect any government to be able to restore the promised Great Monarch).

I complain to the souls of My affection and My complaint brings me a balm. I complain and My plaint brings Me a reparation, a reparation that smooths the passage of crimes so treacherous that have torn Me.” (i.e. when Our Lord complains, He receives prayers and sacrifices of reparation that give Him consolation.)


Ecstasy (September 29, 1879)

St. Michael: "Scandals will pass before your eyes. Just pray and invoke the Divine Mercy. You should expect to see it at all. The heart of the Church is more than a bleeding wound. It does not demand (or request) the conversion of poor sinners. Today, crime is carried to the altar … the Lord is offended by those who should serve Him." (See additional Divine Mercy messages given to Marie-Julie Jahenny,click here.)


St. Michael (Same Day): “"There is a law for which they aim. The ministers of God will continue on. They will be robbed, in all but that which is absolutely necessary. The time will come when they will be forced to dress like the common man to escape the infernal cruelty of their enemies.

These enemies want the church to be the scene (or theatre) of infernal dances. This is what they seek, and this, unfortunately, too, especially in those cities where the Faith is degenerated. There will even be priests who will not have the courage to defend the religion. For God, this is the pain that is the most heartbreaking. It is the celebration of the Mysteries of the Holy religion which enrages the most enemies. They will offer money to those who leave the Church. "

(Observations: this came true with the socialist uprisings in Europe and Russia. In Spain during the Spanish Civil War, for one example, churches were confiscated, infernal mocking plays were performed in the sanctuaries of churches, graves were desecrated. Priests and nuns were forced to abandon their clerical habits, and also bribed to leave the church. It will happen again in the future when the civil war breaks out in Paris, spread through France, then through Europe.   Images: (above) a Republican anti-clerical death squad showing off and mocking the Catholic images they have seized. (below), graves desecrated by the Spanish Civil War Republicans, the bodies dragged out into the street and put on display outside the church.)


St. Michael (Same Day):

"The Lord sees all the evil that wants to triumph, He sees Satan make tents on the land and assembling his friends to complete the final effort to overthrow. Never was a time so terrible, but do not be afraid! I will walk on the line with you. I will walk this line from France to Rome with my flaming sword …

I come to destroy the wicked by the Lord's command.

'War to Christ and death to the Church!'  That is what they sing, the wicked!

They are just prolonging the existence of the afflicted. Without their prayers, the hour of God would not be suspended. (i.e. the faithful who are afflicted have been suspending the promised chastisements by their prayers, without which the chastisements would have come sooner.)

St. Michael: It is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that soothes the irritated anger of the Lord."

(A revelation the Mass offered in reparation soothes the anger of the Lord, and therefore helps stave off the chastisements.)


Ecstasy September 29, 1879 (messenger not mentioned in this text):

"The august Pontiff must also suffer all kinds of torments. Your voices, will they not plead for him who will be in chains, surrounded by enemies? His irons will be much heavier than the august victim who has just been harvested (“The august victim” who had just been harvested / died was, Pius IX). They will desire his death because they want the destruction of the Catholic Church."