"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Canadian Scholar Publishes Thesis Which Declares Francis to be a Public Heretic and Having Lost Office, based on Filial Correction and Canon Law

Canadian Scholar Publishes Thesis Which Declares Francis to be a Public Heretic and Having Lost Office, based on Filial Correction and Canon Law

Here we have a link to a new thesis recently made public by one of our readers. Jason A. Brown, MA has just put up his thesis which declares Francis to be a public heretic and, hence, having lost office in the Catholic Church. Mr. Brown is a student of Medieval Studies. Using even the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the recent Filial Correction, Mr. Brown provides evidence by which to demonstrate the heresy of Francis and his lose of office.

Here is the author's short autobiography:

My name is Jason A. Brown. I am a medieval historian and translator of old Latin books. I am currently a PhD candidate in the final year of my doctorate. I have a Master of Arts in Medieval Studies and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History. I have been a Catholic for 9 years, and for most of that time I have been studying Catholic doctrine, scholastic thought, and Church history, particularly the Church in the middle ages and in the 19th and 20th centuries.
I am not associated with any religious order, nor any clerical or lay society or fraternity. I have received no funding or financial support for this venture, nor do I seek any.
This project is in no way associated with any institution or employer to which I have been attached. It is a personal endeavour. 
I'll tell you also that I am a husband and father, with four young children so far. I enjoy reading and writing, teaching, drawing, cooking, and logical argument. I am also a patriotic Canadian and admirer of traditional French Canadian culture. I speak English and French (tolerably) and read, write, and teach Latin. 

Dr. Chojnowski: Surely this is an important contribution to the FrancisWars currently raging. I publish the link to the document below:

I have written a document attempting to demonstrate that Pope Francis is a public heretic, and the consequences that follow. This website has been created in order to make the document public.
Demonstration that Pope Francis is a Public Heretic and Antipope on the basis of Canon Law and Dogmatic Theology
I am making it public for two reasons.
First, in order to do my duty as a Catholic. It is my sincere and convinced belief that the Catholic faithful must denounce and reject the heretic Francis, precisely in order to preserve the Catholic faith in ourselves and to fulfill our duty to profess the faith publicly.
Second, in order to prompt a public discussion among Catholics. This matter is of grave importance and it is essential to get the principles established and work out their proper application prudently.
I realize that some of the principles are subjects of dispute. But that dispute must be resolved, at least in the practical order. I offer this document to the Catholic world as a focal point for discussing this topic. It is my hope that serious and honest Catholic scholars will take up the task of examining and considering the argument and addressing it publicly.
At the outset, the question to be answered is this: is the conclusion correct? 
If the conclusion I have drawn is erroneous, then Catholic scholars should be able to show where the error lies. If there is an error in the premises, then I am not equipped to expose or refute it, since all the premises are drawn from others more learned in Catholic doctrine than myself. The authorities from whom I have taken the premises are not to be lightly dismissed.
If the logic is valid and the premises are sound, then I respectfully invite the support of all Catholics in making the matter public for the good of the Church and in fulfillment of our duty to the Faith.
Even if we suppose that the major premise is false or doubtful — which I am not convinced of, but entertain for the sake of argument — the document has still demonstrated that, as an objective fact, Pope Francis is a public heretic. If this is securely established, or established to a high probability, then that in itself indicates that we are currently in the midst of probably the gravest ecclesial emergency that has ever occurred. The best Catholic minds should be directing their attention to addressing it.
The document is available in HTML format for web-based reading. It may also be downloaded in PDF format. An alternative PDF printable as a booklet is now available.
For my part, I wish to carry out public discussion and debate about this document in a way that is, on the one hand, open and transparent, and on the other hand, orderly and rigorous. Therefore I have adopted the following approach.
There is an open thread for discussion. Anyone who wishes may leave comments there, and, for now, comments are unmoderated.
There is another page for objections and replies. I shall collect significant objections to the argument there, and provide my own replies as I am able.
Please keep in mind that this project has to be fit into my work and family life. I would not be pleasing God and growing in virtue were I to neglect the duties of my state in life in order to carry on this argument. I will do what I can. If you want to see me reply to something, please be patient.
I have also created a page where I shall post downloadable sources as the need arises.
I launch this document publicly for the greater glory of God, for the praise and glory of His Name, for our benefit and that of all His Holy Church, and for the honour of the Chair of St Peter.
Together with all the saints and angels, especially the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God, I invoke the patronage, protection, and intercession of St Thomas Aquinas the chief and master of all scholastic doctors, St Raymond of PeƱafort the patron of canon law, St Antonin of Florence, St Robert Bellarmine the doctor of the Papacy, and St Pius X. By your merits and virtues in heaven, please win for us the graces and illumination we need.
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. AMEN. 

Fr. Kramer "Apostate Antipope Francis & One World Religion"