"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, February 25, 2018



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We gave ourselves the job of listening to the full conference in English, and then we introduce you to some excerpts - not published in the FSSPX.NEWS article - from the conference of Bishop Fellay on February 3 of this year in the Priory St. Joseph, from Michigan, USA:

After reviewing the history of the Fraternity and its comings and goings in Rome since 2000, he returns to talk about the devastating Bergoglio, whom he calls "our beloved Pope Francisco":
Pope Francis told me that it was probably the Holy Spirit who inspired Pope Benedict not to go ahead (with excommunication) and leave the matter to the next pope. Pope Francis refused to sign our excommunication. He told me: I will not condemn you. To Cardinal Castrillón, the Pope said: "I will never condemn the Fraternity." The Pope told us: "You are Catholics." I know, everyone knows all the problems we have in the Church for our beloved Pope Francis , and at the same time, the same Pope tells us: I will not condemn the Fraternity. He told us: "They make me trouble in Rome because I am kind to you, and I say to them: Listen, I have the Anglicans, I have the Protestants, why can not I have these Catholics?" That is what he said to me! [It seems that Bishop Fellay was not insulted when he was placed on the same level with Anglicans and Protestants] It is clear that the Pope has had gestures in our favor and has multiplied them, at different levels, most are unknown They are small, they are practical, and I can say that the Pope is ready to help . For example, there was a pilgrimage. We wanted to go into the churches and say the masses there, in Rome. The Argentines let the pope know and it was done. [No wonder the priests of the Fraternity did not say anything against Francisco on that occasion! It is impolite to criticize a benefactor Pope from the pulpits! What will happen, then, when Francisco finally grants the prelature to the SSPX, "doing a great act of justice," "paying off a debt of long decades," "closing a bleeding wound for more than 40 years," "restoring his rights to Tradition ", and" opening an immense field of apostolate to Tradition "?] We had problems in Argentina with the government: it was a real problem for us to reside in the country, visas, etc. The Pope intervened personally, in an absolutely personal way at all levels. It achieved that we were recognized as a Catholic entity in Argentina. He called everyone, including our priory. Imagine when the brother answered the phone ... [Imagine when the Pope "regularizes" the Fraternity ...] He does that. At the same time he does things that are the opposite, in the whole Church. I do not have an answer. I have some answers but they are not complete, they are not total. My impression is that Pope Francis gives much more importance to the person than to the doctrine. And so, if he knows someone who has a problem, he will only see the problem and forget the doctrine. [A Vicar of Christ who forgets the doctrine!] Not only with us, with everyone ... With the divorced and remarried is the same problem. And the Protestants: Bishop Palmer, a friend of the Pope, dies. He is a Protestant bishop. The part of the Catholic family asks for a Catholic funeral. The Catholic Church "sent them flying", and Pope Francis decided that he should be given a Catholic funeral by a Catholic bishop. If the law is followed, one says "no way! But "he is my friend! Let's do it for my friend! " It is very difficult to understand all these things . [Read: "I can not understand this liberal pope because I can not understand liberalism] Because it's not the normal way people behave, usually people put doctrine first, faith." When a friend is against the faith, you should be told, correct yourself or you are no longer my friend. "Pope Francis seems to believe otherwise:" If you are my friend, you will always be my friend. " One answer I got from one of our priests, Argentine. for us, friendship is sacred, you are my friend, you are my friend no matter what happens, so do we believe that the pope considers us his friends, I fear that this word will be too strong, I would not say friend, but he has sympathy for us He read twice the book of Bishop Tissier about Bishop Lefebvre, that fat book, he read it twice, one does not do it if he is not interested ... Do not read this book twice! read twice? Try to reflect! He read it twice! One of our priests: "The Church was hard on him". [We would like to know if on this planet there is a non-Swiss who thinks it is true that Francis read twice the biography of Bishop Lefebvre written by Bishop Tissier. To be convinced that this is true (Bishop Fellay is, because he has repeated the "anecdote of the fat book" several times) reveals a monumental naiveté ] This is his human side, that is why he is in favor of migrants, of the marginalized , etc. He sees by the people. And look so much for people who forget the law.   And of course we have a problem with that, of course.
Explain below the last thing that has happened between the Neo-FSSPX and Rome:
We arrived in May of this year (2017) [La Vie was not wrong, nor was Non Possumus wrong with the entry of May 3, 2017 entitled: " La Vie: the agreement is imminent ". More "internet lies"?] They sent me a text that I had to sign, if I signed everything it would be all right and I said: the text is fine but it is not clear enough, it will cause problems among our people ... we would like it to be more Of course ... I think the text was correct but I did not sign it. But they gave it to me to sign, that was in March, then in May there was a meeting of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith; Then in June I receive a letter from Cardinal Müller that says: "I spoke with the pope, and we held a meeting of the congregation of the faith and all the cardinals of this meeting unanimously say that we must add some things. In the first place you can not say the old profession of faith, you must say the new one. They said: it is necessary, the other is insufficient. How can this be? Even for the bishops of the council it was enough and now it is not! What's going on? "And you MUST accept the council."   First they told me that the discussion was open and now we must accept it. "You MUST say that the new Mass is legitimate." I was called to a meeting in Rome on July 12, but on July 2 the Pope dismissed Cardinal Müller. So I ask, what's going on? On the board, and they say "come to the meeting", so I went, and there they said: "What was that letter from Cardinal Müller ? We do not know her! We never knew about her! We learned because you published it, but we do not know what that is! "It was a letter from the cardinal prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith and they tell me they do not know it. Again, what is happening? However, the result or the effect is the new text that they presented to me where they say "they must say the new profession of faith", they say: "they must accept the council as such" [...] but you can discuss, you can ask, legitimately , and must accept that the mass is legitimate. " That's where we are now , and of course I wrote to Rome saying "I'm sorry but I do not understand". "One day they say this is enough, just firm; Two months later it is not enough anymore. Or is it that faith changes every day? What is this? " [Answer: the game to which the Romans have subjected him, Monseigneur] Well, this is the present situation. We return to zero point. There is a certain progress: I received a letter at the end of the year telling me that they received my letter and that they have decided to continue the dialogue, insisting that we must say the new profession of faith, that we must accept the council and the legitimacy of the new Mass. So we continue to dialogue. This is the present situation.
He ends by affirming that if we look for God, "miracles will happen", he explains what the Virgin of Guadalupe did to one of the Fraternity, taking him to a chapel of the SSPX in a miraculous way. He affirms that God does not abandon us and we must have a lot of faith, "God is with us". "He really cares what happens to us." So, dear readers, expect soon the "miracle" of the recognition of the Fraternity by the destroyer Francisco. Bishop Fellay said that we expected "miracles"!