"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Surprise! Müller: “I Will Never Oppose Pope Francis”

Surprise! Müller: “I Will Never Oppose Pope Francis”
This is because both are heretics.  No surprise here...

Cardinal Gerhard Müller does not agree with "traditionalist groups” who would according to him like to see him as head of a movement against the Pope, “I will never do it”.

Müller told corriere.it (November 26) that he does not allow anyone to exploit his “negative experiences of the last few months” because as a cardinal he is “by nature with the Holy Father”.

Müller repeated that there is a “magic circle” around Francis which is concerned with “spying on alleged opponents” and classifying people as Francis' friends or enemies. Francis told Müller that he was accused of being an “enemy” what according to Müller is “an absurdity”.

Müller believes that the tensions in the Church are between “an extremist traditionalist front on some websites and an equally exaggerated progressive front”.



  1. If these Cardinals, Bishops and priests continue to support this "pope" and don't wake up, they are being led straight to the pits of Hell along with him.

  2. Just different shades of modernists

  3. ) Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215 A.D. -- Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
    "There is but one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one at all is saved."

    B) Pope Clement V, Council of Vienne, Decree 30, 1311-1312 A.D. -- Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
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    C) Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Session 8, 22 Nov 1439 -- Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
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    F) Lateran Council, Pope Saint Martin I, 649 A.D., Canon 18 >
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    H) Pope Pius X, Acerbo Nimis, 15 April 1905, Paragraphs 2, 26 >
    "And so Our Predecessor, Benedict XIV, had just cause to write: 'We declare that a great number of those who are condemned to eternal punishment suffer that everlasting calamity because of ignorance of those mysteries of faith which must be known and believed in order to be numbered among the elect.' (...) These truths, indeed, far surpass the natural understanding of the people, yet must be known by all - the uneducated and the cultured - in order that they may arrive at eternal happiness."

  4. Council of Florence, Session 11, Pope Eugene IV, 1442 A.D. -- Ex-Cathedra Dogma >
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    Note: Notice the text which states "shed his blood in the name of Christ". This text is worded correctly in that ... heretics don't shed their blood for the true Christ ... if a heretic is persecuted it is in defense of his man-made non-Catholic fable which he calls "Christ" -- but is not the actual and true Catholic Jesus Christ. The heretics have their fake and fictional "lutheran Christ", "methodist Christ", "vatican-2 Christ", "evangelical Christ", ect. -- none of these exist.

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    Note: The Catholic Church needs an identifier for the particular group of un-baptized pagans who call themselves "jews" and who make believe they have something to do with the Old Testament. The man-made "talmudic judaism" fable started about 200 B.C. See Section 39.1 for detail.

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    DD) Catholic Saint John 17:3 >
    "For this is eternal life: that they may know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ Whom Thou has sent." (Catholic St. John 17:3).

    Right Reason >
    This heresy presupposes that a man of good will can go clear to his death without finding the truth. This is contradicted by so many Councils and Popes and Scriptures they cannot here be catalogued, and fly in the face of God's mercy and justice (1 Tim. 2:4). This heresy places man's conscience over God's will, and makes God Himself unknowable. This heresy asserts that God will give His grace to help a man lead a good life in naturalism, but will not give it to help such a man find Him in His one true Church, outside which even the best of naturalist souls end up in Hell.

  6. He need lots of prayer,comfused Cardinal.

  7. What a joke Muller is and the dubia for that matter. The Church is in shambles. Offer up your Cross daily for these blind prelates. If it were not for the message of Fatima I might fall into despair. It is truly horrible in the Church these days. Nate P

  8. Such a circus between the conservatives and Francis it is almost like a soap opera. This routine has been old for some time now.

  9. Anti pope Francis is leading souls into hell and Muller is truly no different. Checkout tradition inaction’s work on Muller. Muller has lost the Faith too.