"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Psalms 77:8: “Not Being Thankful Can Lead To Apostasy’

Psalms 77:8: “Not Being Thankful Can Lead To Apostasy’
By:  Eric Gajewski
“The “Israelites” didn’t give thanks, complained, and then worshipped a golden calf.  Then God struck some dead”

So, we just passed the day when we all are supposed to give thanks and then sadly most go back to their routine of not giving thanks to God.  Or even worse we get mad at God when things do not go “our way”.  We say thank you for the turkey and mashed potatoes on Thursday then get angry at God because we were “shorted” at burrito at taco bell on Saturday.  It is a sin which can get dangerously out of control as you will see.  Yea, you know it happens.  Is this one day of the year all for show?  Psalms 77 speaks out against an evil generation whose spirit was not right with God’s.  Yes, we can take a look back at analyzing this crisis, in the Church, and see how churchmen were continually pulled towards the “way of the world”, a decade or so, even before the evil Second Vatican Council.  We see, generally speaking, how, we go from not being thankful to God and thinking we are self-sufficient to….. all out apostasy.  Boy, are we ever close to the Great Apostasy!  Where man will be convinced that he is sufficient in and of himself.  Yet, it all goes back to not being habitually thankful unto the true God for everything we are and have.  It is a “slippery slope” from not being thankful to a state a full-blown apostasy. Let me discuss further.

Psalms 77:8  “A generation that set not their heart aright: and whose spirit was not faithful to God.  Our hearts are not right when we don’t give thanks unto God daily.  The churchmen of the 40’s and 50’s began to be lulled asleep by the false gospel that the world was preaching.  It crept into men’s hearts so much so that not too many picked up on the evil doctrines in Vatican II and still for others, many didn’t care.  Religion became almost robotic with individuals not being able to recognize errors and heresies.  

 There were ill hearts following an ill spirit behind the second Vatican council.  Then from this “spirit of Vatican II” came false doctrines, not only at Vatican II, but subsequently since then.   

It seems like one lie and novelty after another these days doesn’t it?   

The laity simply didn’t care too much then and now largely still follow in false obedience.  I must do what my Bishop says!  Be careful, your bishop, one day, just might take the mark of the beast and you, following along, on the Vatican II, path to hell, will be not too far behind him.  It is a reality, in these modern times, that, man and the world, has replaced the true God.  

 It is no wonder why Vatican II was summarized by Pope Paul the 6th as being representative of the “cult of man’.  No more Christ the King just religious liberty this and that.  Indifferentism much?

If we are not thankful we are truly not void of self-love.  We rely on Gods grace for everything.  Literally.  And yet so many wont even take two minutes out in humility to thank God for what we have and perhaps thank God for those prayers unanswered.  We must make this act of the heart (thanksgiving) habitual.  I caught myself several times this week eating before even saying thanks and saying a prayer over the food that He provides for me.  

 It is not acceptable.  

 For I am not self- sufficient I need His help every second of the day.  If I do not habitually give thanks perhaps I will be one of those who turns to the world, accepts false doctrines and then one day turns my back on Christ like Judas altogether.  

No man is free from the “disease of me”. It is why prayer is so important.  One day of not giving thanks leads to another day.  Then one day perhaps you find yourself not praying altogether.  Then a week from now not only are you not praying you are “club hopping” and partying five days a week.  Then some months from now not only do you stop praying you actually start to believe that maybe what I was taught as a Catholic wasn’t even true altogether?  Sounds an awful lot like the heresy of modernism, right?  Well, the world has deceived the many and the majority of self-professed Catholics actually find themselves in a New Religion trying to have their part in the world and His Kingdom at the same time.  These new social justice warriors are perfect sheeple for the soon coming False Prophet and Antichrist.

We provoke God when we do not give Him thanks.  Even worse we provoke God when we complain and murmur.  How often did they provoke him in the desert.  Psalms 77:40 Not only did the “Israelites’” not give thanks to God for getting them out of Egypt they actually started to complain about the food or lack thereof.  Now reference my opening comment about you complaining about being “shorted” a burrito in your latest midnight taco bell run.  

 It is more serious than you think.   

Now, the point is this, some, eventually apostatized and worshipped a false god.  The golden calf.  It calls to mind that recent story of a cow being hung on the Cross in a Novus Ordo (Vatican II) church that I am sure most of you are aware of now.  We are returning to paganism folks and it is all because we do not first give thanks to the true God which then leads us down the hellish road of apostasy.  

How did God react?  God struck some dead!  I hope you all are following the points being made.  What is this golden calf of our times?  Vatican II is the “golden calf” of our times which so many neo-Catholics cling to as a life raft.  And when God sees so many following false doctrines and worshipping Him improperly then God must chastise.  As I have said so often the coming Tribulation is only proof God is not happy with His own specifically Vatican II.   

There are many who tell me “you are going too far” with that statement.   

They will not in the future as God’s Justice pours out from one day to the next.  It will continue until we get a Holy Pope to nullify this Revolution altogether.  God and His people are not in the Revolution business yet Vatican II was.  Therefore “we gots a problem”.   

Look at all the provoking of God going on in the Vatican these days.  How can people not think God’s Justice won’t come to Rome? I just reported of a large sinkhole in Rome.  These will only get worse.   I do not want to rant onward but we all must ask ourselves do we give thanks enough?  Is five minutes a day enough?  Is the devil turning me on to this path of the world wherein modern man is elevated and all things divine suppressed?

HOPE!  And he brought them out in hope, and they feared not.  Psalms 77: 53 Faithful Catholics seeing this apostasy clearly understand that God will not allow evil to stand forever.  Therefore, we hope and know this Revolution will be struck down.  We know God will not be mocked much longer but what about the person who thinks the notion of an apostasy in the Church is just straight crazy talk.  Well, since he is already worshipping the “golden calf” and perhaps the Pope himself, he is, only setting himself up, for the great pitfall ahead.   

God will strike and kill the majority dead and He will get the right people in place at the right time so that the restoration can commence! 

FEAR NOT and be thankful unto God that you might be worthy to escape all things coming upon the earth.  And I don’t mean the heretical flavor of the “rapture”.  Raise your hands like Moses in thanksgiving and victory and watch the “seas” of your own life part.  Let God part your own Red Seas ad be thankful before and after, Ave Maria!

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  2. We do need to thank God more each day for the graces He has given us.

  3. If enough people thanked God the world would be a better place. Good to be reminded that God will fix this for us ! I hope and pray that I am strong enough to be a martyr if that is Gods will.

    Nancy Wilkinson/Maureen O'Hara

  4. "Boy are we ever close to the Great Apostasy"

    "Rome has lost the faith dear friends. Rome is in apostasy! I do not speak empty words only that I you the truth. Rome is in apostasy. You can not have confidence in them. Rome has left the Church. Rome has left the Church. Rome has left the Church! It is sure. It is certain."

    Rome in Apostasy SSPX Founder

    In her final prophetic interview with Fr Feuntes Sr Lucia mourned the loss of consecrated souls falling away from their vocations - 'the third of the stars swept down by the tail of the dragon' - and many souls following them on the road to perdition.

    1. vatican 2= apostasy
      The Formal one world religion wherein souls take the mark is the GREAT APOSTASY

      we are not there yet

  5. Has anyone heard of SSPX masses where they're now standing instead of kneeling for the Sanctus? I heard someone complaining about it. If anyone's got any info, please weigh in

  6. Speakin of kneeling. I was kneeling to receive the host recently and the priest grabbed me by the shoulder and said "STAND UP" . just sayin

  7. I will never surrender . No retreat No surrender . Just sayin

    1. Sorry I didn't see your comment. I heard this from a 3rd party source. Not sure where, I'll try to find out tho. All I heard was it was an sspx priory. And also, anonymous, totally agree. No retreat, No surrender. No matter the odds.


  8. No retreat No surrender, great peom. What if I say I will never surrender, what if I say I'm not like the other's. Just sayin

  9. In the 12 step programs they speak of an "Attitude of Gratitude". I think thanking God every day for even the simplest of blessings should be done, not only because it pleases God and He deserves to be thanked, but it helps us to be right-sized before Him. It helps remind us that we are the needy creatures and He is the Almighty and Glorious Great God.


  11. Don't ever let up, Eric, this is EXACTLY TRUE!!!!


  12. Thank you, Eric!

    "HOPE!  And he brought them out in hope, and they feared not.  Psalms 77: 53 Faithful Catholics seeing this apostasy clearly understand that God will not allow evil to stand forever.  Therefore, we hope ..."

  13. "It is impossible to be depressed and grateful at the same time." :)

    1. Yes, it is possible to be depressed and grateful. Gratitude is a choice not an emotion. One suggestion: pray the Divine Praises throughout the day, especially when feeling depressed, under trial and feeling/experiencing persecution.

  14. Eric, last night I commented that someone complained about being told to stand during the sanctus in their SSPX parish. I found out today from the source that it is Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church and Academy in Walton, Kentucky. Apparently, there were notes left on the pews that instructed people to stand as opposed to sitting for the Sanctus. Not everyone followed the instructions, but it seems like there's a little rift forming between those that do stand and those who resist.
    Bear in mind this is all 3rd hand info and should be confirmed by a member of that parish. As of right now, I am unsure whether this novelty came from the society leadership or the priory took the initiative themselves.
    Hope this gives you a little insight into this developing story