"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, November 19, 2017

PERSECUTION: Muslim Gangs Are Systematically Raping, Torturing And Dismembering Christians In Nigeria

PERSECUTION: Muslim Gangs Are Systematically Raping, Torturing And Dismembering Christians In Nigeria

According to a recent report, Muslims have been systematically raping, torturing, and murdering Christians in Nigeria to such an extent that it has reached the levels of genocide:

The ongoing killings and rape of Christian men, women and children in Nigeria at the hands of Fulani herdsmen deserve to be called “ethnic cleansing,” two prominent persecution watchdog groups argue.
The report, compiled by Open Doors International and Voice of the Martyrs Canada and released earlier in November, listed the increasingly violent crimes against Christians by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s central state of Benue, including gang rapes of girls and torture of boys.
One table in the report detailed the extremely disturbing attacks carried out specifically against Christian children in the past few years. In one instance in August 2015, a 13-year-old girl is said to have been gang raped and abandoned in the bush for hours before a local vigilante group rescued her.
Another account states that a 10-year-old boy was captured and tortured in September 2016, where he was “whipped severely with different sizes of cane and was abandoned in a shallow pit,” before being discovered and rushed to a clinic.
Witnesses to the violence have revealed that the Muslim herdsmen have abducted, raped, and carried out other forms of assault on women and children. Other eyewitnesses claimed that the herdsmen once disemboweled a pregnant woman to make sure that both she and her baby were killed.
“On the few occasions, when men are captured, it has been reported that their limbs are cut off and they are then shot in the presence of their family. Sometimes, the family members are made to run and are then shot at; those lucky enough to escape the bullets are pursued,” the report explained.
The authors of the report insisted that the data gathered “gives clear indications of ethnic cleansing based on religious affiliation.”
“That this should be taken seriously can be seen in the threats made public in October 2017,” they added, pointing to Fulani promises to “defend their rights and lifestyle” after Nigeria recently passed an anti-grazing law.
The report continued, “The current atmosphere suggests that the indications of ethnic cleansing based on religious affiliation are likely to become increasingly evident through further attacks targeting Christian communities.”
There have been several violent waves against believers carried out by the Islamic herdsmen this past year, including one nine-day period in October where 48 Christians were massacred.
The herdsmen reportedly broke through doors and destroyed churches and houses as they sought to kill more believers.
“These attacks are being carried out daily. Every blessed day we witness the invasion, killing of our people, and the destruction of their houses,” said Moses Tsohu, a Zanwrua village leader and member of the Evangelical Church Winning All, at the time.
The report explained that Benue is largely a Christian state and serves as a buffer between the Muslim majority north and Christian majority south.
Christians have found themselves targeted because they are in the way of Fulani grazing routes. The watchdog groups noted that the Muslim herdsmen have a specific desire to dominate Christian territories.
While the report pointed out that there are complex socio-political factors also behind the conflict, the persecution of Christians at the hands of the herdsmen cannot be ignored.
“This position is substantiated by different sets of data collected, namely on the killing of Christians, on the destruction of their properties, on the burning of churches, and on gender-based atrocities against Christian women and children that has left so many traumatized,” it described.
The watchdog groups called on both state and the federal governments to recognize that “the Islamic agenda” is at the root of the violence, and said that strategies to counter extremism need to be set in motion.
“The governments should promote the principle of unity of the Nigerian Republic and avoid promoting the supremacy of one religion (i.e. Islam) over and above other religions. Again, the relevant institutions must promote the rule of law,” the groups declared in their conclusion.
“All incidents where Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen have carried out atrocities against indigenous Christian communities must be investigated and prosecutions made. The culture of impunity must be brought to an end.” (source)

Horror as 1,000-strong mob attacks CHURCH forcing Christians to lock themselves inside

CHRISTIANS were forced to lock the doors of their church for their own safety as a furious mob launched an attack on the building as tensions continue to soar in Egypt.

 More than 1,000 people gathered outside a recently-renovated Coptic church in Mina, Egypt, to intimidate and threaten those inside. 
Police were called on October 26 and the doors of the Saint George Church, as well as the on-site children’s nursery, was bolted shut for defence. 
Despite the aggression of the crowd, it was the Copts who were held responsible for the incident. 
The heads of the Coptic congregation in the area were forced into attending a peace meeting, which aimed to stop the conflict between the group and the local Muslim community. 
A source close to the church said: “Copts had to agree to the reconciliation that will be held this evening in the village hall. A written agreement was presented that indicated a framework of friendliness, love and brotherhood. 
“A reconciliation and waiver of all records between the two sides must be signed, including a ‘non-provoke crisis’ clause.”

The “non-provoke clause” is particularly controversial, with critics saying it backs up attempts to close down the Coptic churches by sinister means. 
In the week leading up to the church re-opening, flyers were posted across the area with taunting messages apparently written by Coptic leaders. 
One said: “We re-opened the church against your will!”
However local Coptic leaders say the messages were written by Muslims in an attempt to stir up anger at their church. 
It is just the latest in a long list of incidents in which Copts in Egypt were threatened. 
Last month four churches in Mina, including the re-furbished one, were closed after furious locals launched vicious attacks on worshippers, emboldened by a lack of police support. 
The Coptic leader in the region said authorities were doing nothing to bring those responsible to justice. 
Anba Macarius said: "Churches are closed, the Coptic Christians are being attacked and their property destroyed, and there is no deterrent. 
“The Copts always pay the price of this coexistence, not the aggressors.
“The reactions of officials are disappointing, and when there is any dispute or an attack, the first alternative is to close the church and put pressure only on the Copts with impunity for the aggressors."
The Coptic Orthodox Church is the largest Christian church in Egypt and the Middle East's biggest Christian community with a history dating back nearly 2,000 years. 
Coptic Christians, who make up about 10 per cent of Egypt's 90 million people, have long complained of discrimination under successive Egyptian leaders.
Egypt has been named one of the most dangerous in the world for churchgoers, with Egypt's Christian community increasingly insecure since ISIS spread through Iraq and Syria in 2014, ruthlessly targeting religious minorities. 

Germany: Munich Christmas market advert features burqa-clad snowman

Something strange is happening with Christmas markets all over Western Europe. We are not talking about the fact that almost all markets now need to be protected by concrete barriers and heavily armed police teams, but about something different.
There’s a structural change in how Christmas markets are presented and sometimes even cancelled, for strange reasons. Earlier we reported about a Christmas market in Paris, that suddenly “was not good enough” and needed to be “modernised”.
And the story continues with Christmas markets in Amsterdam, Brussels and London being called things like: winter market, winter fun or winter ville. Especially the name Christmas is not used and the symbols of Christianity are disappearing almost everywhere in the Western part of Europe. This is a process of at least 10 years, but nobody can deny that it is taking place.
In Munich (Germany) this process is taking place faster than the speed of light. We received some pictures of a Christmas market advertisement with snowmen wearing a burqa and headscarf. Of course Islam has nothing to do with Christmas and the choice is very strange but even more important: Is the oppression of women really a good marketing instrument?
The same sort of question is being asked by a German member of the populist AfD party. Chairman of the Bayern region Petr Bystron asks on Facebook: “A burqa snowman as a symbol of tolerance?”
And the cynical text on the Party’s self made poster is:
“Burqa and headscarf as symbols of tolerance? Is the German snowman gone working?”
A fact is that you won’t seem these strange pseudo political correct moves in Eastern Europe. They don’t suffer from that strange disease called ‘Christmas phobia’ or ‘Christianity phobia’. No, in Eastern Europe Christmas returns to its roots these days and that’s how it should be. 

Robert Spencer "Islam: The Religion of Peace?" 



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