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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

‘Passion of the Christ’ actor on sequel film: ‘There is a purpose in my life again’

‘Passion of the Christ’ actor on sequel film: ‘There is a purpose in my life again’ 
Excerpts only...
Caviezel says he looks forward to the possibility of working with Mel Gibson again, to have the chance to inspire others, and how the idea is a source of renewed purpose in his life. The role of Christ was the most difficult thing he’d ever taken on, he says. And while the thought of doing it again feels like a nightmare, being in a place of martyrdom and sacrifice such as Poland makes him realize that only the love of Christ can save the world.
“If The Passion of the Christ inspired so many people to do good, why don’t we try again?” Caviezel says. “I feel like there is a purpose in my life again.”

Gibson has returned after 10 years of exile from Hollywood with his magnificent, Christian film "Hacksaw Ridge". Will the continuation of "The Passion of the Christ" come next?
I played various roles in my career. I once played a serial killer and I had to look into his soul. I had to ask myself whether I would be able to kill another person. I played soldiers and athletes. I also played in the screen adaptation of the "Count of Monte Cristo". Lately I starred in a western film inspired by John Ford’s classics. The role of Jesus was the most difficult endeavour I’ve ever taken up. There is nothing more glorious and at the same time more humbling than this role. Nothing could teach me humility better.
The thought of doing it again feels like a nightmare. However, when I come to a country like Poland and see the places of martyrdom and sacrifice, I come to realise that only love can save the world. The love of the Christ. Therefore, I want to work with Gibson again. This time it will be a film about the resurrection. If "The Passion of the Christ" inspired so many people to do good, why don’t we try again? I feel like there is a purpose in my life again. That’s why I’ve played in a TV series about a man looking for a purpose for the last five years. I don’t do it just for the money. I do it for the love. It’s my Christian mission.

You give witness of your faith in every aspect of your life. You adopted three children with cancer. You’re also against abortion.
They all were abandoned and unwanted. Two of them had brain cancer. The third one had sarcoma. My wife said it doesn’t matter whether children are wanted or not. They are people, just like we are.

Now I would like to talk about the lightning that struck you during filming "The Passion of the Christ". Was it the scene of the crucifixion?
It wasn’t the crucifixion. We filmed in Rome. It was the scene of the Sermon on the Mount. I climbed the mountain, clouds had formed and 5 seconds before the stroke I had felt what was going to happen. It was windy but I couldn’t hear the wind blowing. Suddenly, I was struck by the lightning. I was terrified but at the same time I felt peace on the inside. Before it all happened, Mel had shouted "action" and the cameras were directed at me. It was the moment I was struck. Afterwards I heard Mel shouting: "What the hell has happened to his hair?" It was funny. People think I’m gloomy and serious. That’s not true. A Polish nun came up to me today and asked: "Why aren’t you smiling?" I told her that I was smiling with my eyes but the signal hadn’t reached the rest of the face yet [laughter].

It’s the first time I see you smiling! I’ll note that in the interview. You are one of very few devoted Catholics in Hollywood. Is it tough?
People in Hollywood keep asking me why can’t I separate my acting career from being a Catholic. Actually my faith helps me. When I played basketball it motivated me. It’s the same now. I’m aware of the fact that I’m lazy but that’s the reason I work so hard to overcome my weakness. My faith helps me to make the right choices, even though many people who inspired me didn’t have faith. Mel Gibson struggles with his faith too. However, it was he who invested his own money into making "The Passion of the Christ", and not hundreds of other, wealthy Catholics.

I’ve just remembered that long ago you rejected a role in "X-Men". If you had taken it back then, you would have probably played in "The Avengers" today and been adored by the teenagers. Instead, a few years later you played the biggest superhero of humanity.
Do you think it was a coincidence as well? What is the most beautiful aspect of "The Passion of the Christ" is that everyone is focused while watching this film - conservatives and liberals, atheists and religious people. They watch it in silence and hear: "Ehjeh aszer Ehjeh": "I am who I am".

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