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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cyber Attacks Propaganda

Cyber Attacks Propaganda
By: Eric Gajewski

This is a brief observation. We must question all mainstream narratives these days.  Whether it is 9-11 or the holocaust we must do due diligence in trying to arrive at the truth of the matter.  We know the endgame of the refugee crisis is multiculturalism.  A one world “hodge podge” of people of all religions and backgrounds which is ideal for the coming Antichrist.  What about the war on terror?  Well, simply put, it is to get everyone frightened to death so that eventually a globalist police state can be solidified.  What about the buildup to world war 3?  Well, of course, the elite want to wipe out 90 percent of the population so that the remaining 10 percent can be easily controlled.  However, we must also factor in that they want to frighten everyone into accepting a one world religion (united humanity) as well.  Then, I got to thinking about the endgame for all of the cyber “attacks” going on recently and I think it boils down to two main areas of interest.

Cold War 2 buildup.  I think it is becoming clear that propaganda will be exchanged between the East and West over these supposed cyber attacks.  It is another way to get the politicians firing back and forth over the mainstream media.  In addition, the animosity will continue to increase especially over social media between Russia and USA.  Cooler heads prevail and are not duped by this nonsense but then again we are in the vast minority.  The New World Order has a unique gift in “stirring the pot” in order to get their endgame across.  Folks, they want division and strife on every level.  They want Capitalists versus Communists; they want liberals versus conservatives; they want blacks versus whites, etc.  What is interesting, though, (as a backdrop) is, that, they are solidifying the one world religion (John Lennon Style) using people from all different “religions”.  It is very cunning.  So let the “cyber-attacks” begin!  

Terrorism & the centralized banking system.  We know the endgame is to get everyone chipped via the mark of the beast.  We know they need an “angle” to pitch to the public so that the majority will fall for this agenda.  One of the ways they can do this is by blaming “terrorists” for some of these attacks and then tell the public we need a better way to prevent these attacks.  We need a more centralized system. In conjunction with this propaganda we already see the war on cash globally.  This trend will continue.  So many roads they can choose to get their endgame across. If it is not cyber attacks it will simply be something else but will the majority be awake enough to catch it in time?