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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


League President Hugh Akins
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Dear Fathers and Brothers in Christ:
     As Sister Lucy of Fatima lamented in 1957, “The Most Blessed Virgin is very sad, because no one pays attention to her message – neither the good nor the wicked. The good continue on their way, but without paying attention to the message.”
     That was 40 years after the 1917 Marian visitation in a mountainous pasture of Portugal’s serene countryside, which reached a certain climactic high later that same year in the Solar Miracle, the single most spectacular supernatural event in modern times, along with the as-of-yet undisclosed prophecy which forewarned of a crisis of Faith that would rip the Church apart like nothing ever had, and which was, then as now, profoundly apocalyptic.

     Today, in the year of Our Lord 2017, we are fast approaching Fatima’s 100th anniversary and, unbelievable as it is, the very same collective coldness and indifference towards the Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary are prevalent in most men – the good as well as the wicked. Most Catholics, like most non-Catholics, are far too engaged in their superficial lives to care any more about Heaven’s extraordinary interventions (those of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, Eucharistic or Precious Blood miracles, etc.) than they do its ordinary means of grace and salvation (the gospels, papacy, priestly order, sacraments, traditions, devotions, duties of state, etc.).
     But that’s not the only hurdle placed before the Fatima Revelation. The Devil is working ‘round the clock derailing even many good souls. Among the relatively small number of Catholics that show any interest whatsoever in the unprecedented heavenly apparition and public miracle of the Immaculate Heart at Fatima, even the greater number of them hold to any one or combination of misconceptions, each of which comprise no small obstacle to fulfilling Our Lady’s requests and averting the otherwise immanent world catastrophe she has long striven to save us from. Common misconceptions, such as:
  • Fatima is a private rather than public revelation and therefore obliges neither belief nor compliance – False!
  • The precise consecration of Russia that Mary asked for has already been performed – False!
  • The full Third Secret of Fatima the Mother of God wanted revealed to the world in 1960 has already been divulged – False!
  • The Third Secret has nothing to do with Vatican II, the Conciliar Church and the apostasy that has been devastating the Church for 50+ years casting millions of souls into hell ever since – False! It has everything to do with them. 1
  • This Final Secret was intended exclusively for the Pope, or for the Pope and Bishops, but not for every member of the Mystical Body, right down to every person in the pew – False!
  • The so-called “Fall of Communism” in 1989, in which the Berlin Wall was demolished and the USSR soon after gave way to the new democratically-elected post-Soviet Russian Federation, proves that Russia has already converted, making the Fatima consecration more or less obsolete – False!
  • The Errors of Russia Our Lady of Fatima warned about are also no longer relevant in view of communism’s supposed fall – False! On the other hand, Russia’s Errors pertain as much to Putin’s Russia today (turning towards Christianity) as to Soviet Russia of yesteryear (with its all-out war against Christianity) – this too is false!
  • These Errors of Soviet Russia that are more widespread than ever in our day (True!) have nothing to do with the Jews, Israel, Zionism, the Talmud, the Synagogue of Satan; nor the burying of Fatima and where Fatima could not be completely buried, its falsification – False!
  • The Errors of Russia have nothing to do with the corresponding Judaization of the Catholic Church, nor of the US, of the neo-SSPX and the entire Christian world – False!
  • They have nothing to do with the official lies told about WWII; nor the unrelenting propaganda aimed at defaming the saintly Pius XII; nor the “Six Million” Holocaust extermination mythFalse!
  • They have nothing to do with the high-level cover-up of massive war crimes against Germany and Japan committed by the Allies; nor the official whitewashing of atrocities of the Zionist State of Israel, the mad drive behind the invasion of the Holy Land or the planned total Jewification of Jerusalem – False!
  • No matter what the Blessed Virgin has said about the Errors of Russia, the errors and evils of Nazi Germany were infinitely greater False! (In fact, one of the reasons the Jews have such hatred for Fatima is that it stresses Russia’s errors, which are the errors of the Jews and of the Jewish dominated West while saying nothing about Germany, except indirectly inasmuch as Nazism was in many ways a political/militaristic/totalitarian clone of Bolshevism and largely bankrolled by the same Jewish overlords);
  • Russia’s Errors have nothing to do with American “democracy” or its domestic monetary and foreign geo-strategic policies (which, for all intents and purposes, are Judaism and Judeo-Masonry in action); nothing to do with the silencing-of-the-opposition by effective use of the anti-Semitic slur word; nor with the false narrative of 9/11 and the phony War on Terror; nor the deliberate rapid build-up to WWIII by the US/NATO/Israeli axis of evil – False!
  • They have nothing to do with President Trump, his ties to the Jewish Mafia, the Israeli Mossad and to International Zionism and its war against all things Christian; nothing to do with American Totalitarianism, the Universal Satanic Republic and the coming of Antichrist who will carry Israel to world domination – False!
  • In short, the Errors of Russia have nothing to do with the Jewish Power and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion which are perceived by numerous otherwise learned men as an anti-Semitic forgery and a non-threat to Christianity or the West – Once again, this is completely False!
  • Another common misconception asserts that Fatima is entirely a spiritual call to conversion, prayer, penance, sacrifice and reparation, with no other application, no summoning for example of bishops, clergy and laity to actively combat, through their daily duties, liberalism and Organized Evil in the world, and to re-Christianize the temporal order under the Magisterial mandate of Catholic Action – False!
  • Consequent to the aforementioned falsehoods that deny the whole of the Fatima revelation and mandate, another misconception is that Fatima has nothing to do with the social, public and universal reign of Jesus and Mary, His Kingship and Her Queenship, the triumphant world reign of His Sacred Heart together with Her Immaculate Heart – False again!
  • And even as there are mountains of evidence indicating that Russia’s conversion under President Putin, while unquestionably not fully realized at this time, is nonetheless well underway (as Fr. Chazal noted, and this is True!), the erroneous belief nevertheless prevails that Putin is evil incarnate and Russia still the greatest threat to world peace 2False! Nothing is further from the truth! (There is a huge difference between the Errors of Russia of old, which Mary referred to and which are doing more damage now than ever before since the Western Powers have so fully adopted them, and Russia’s present-day spiritual and social transformation-in-progress under Mr. Putin, which, let us say it again, is to a great degree Christian-oriented);
  • Lastly, it is said that Fatima is largely a distraction which keeps many fervent Catholics from engaging in the real fight against evil – False! The reality is that nothing is more powerful against evil than the Virgin of Fatima and Our Lady of the Rosary, who’s been divinely ordained to crush the head of the Serpent.
     In the concise overview of Fatima to which we’ve devoted the current issue of Oportet Christum Regnare is provided some of the weapons of truth the soldier of Christ will need to overcome these popular falsehoods in the ensuing fight. In these pages there are some key points that the reader will find nowhere else. For years we have diligently searched and found virtually nothing, other than a solitary newsletter published half a century ago, in the 1950s. 3 To the best of our knowledge, no other publication in print today and no other Fatima book or commentator has made the connection between the Errors of Russia and the Antichristian Conspiracy of Rabbinic/Talmudic/Zionist origin and overlord-ship, to include the strong Jewish treachery and manipulation at Vatican II, the idolatry of Holocaustism, Israel behind the 9/11 terror attacks and the Talmud-inspired and Mossad-engineered War on Terror leading up to WWIII, the historic authenticity of The Protocols of Zion, etc. And yet these are colossal points to face, reflect and act on, the ramifications of which are far reaching, to say the least.
     Unlike most ordinary Christians, true Christian soldiers never flee from hard truths any more than they do from a hard fight. And given that our publication is produced first and foremost for men that understand their mission as soldiers of Christ (and/or disciplined trainees undergoing a soldierly formation under Catholic Action tutorship via Magisterial guidelines), what you will receive in these pages is Fatima in the spirit of the Church Militant, recalling the Fatima vision of the angel holding a flaming sword; that is to say, with the entire truth comes the Christian warfare inseparable from it – facing all the Errors of Russia as well as accepting the duty to combat them, in both spiritual and temporal domains, and by means of organized (rather than individualized) Catholic Action. God wills it; the Church commands it. Such too is in perfect harmony with the Message of Fatima and the Blessed Virgin’s war against the Devil – as we shall see. Yes, Fatima is a call to action as well as a call to repentance.  
     These truths are particularly critical, not only because Heaven has decreed them, but because much of the Church and the world, weakened by ignorance, sin, apostasy and an over-all collective dispassion for things eternal and divine, have their minds on a million-and-one diabolical distractions to give God’s many grave exhortations any consideration in denouncing the works of Satan and in giving direction to their private lives and to the public life of their nations. Even much of the elect, the remnant, hold to some of those very serious misconceptions about Fatima that we’ve surveyed above and will explore in more detail in this issue, or they shun its more controversial, unsettling or demanding aspects, which omission could not be more pleasing and helpful to Satan inasmuch as, by doing so, they undermine and weaken the very Mission of Mary, whose purpose in leading souls and the world to her Divine Son includes leading and inspiring the fight against His Infernal Enemy. The unheedfulness and faltering of even traditional Catholics in this regard is one of the more troubling recent signs of these tumultuous End Times.
     The consecration of Russia that the Blessed Virgin asked for at Fatima is believed by some Catholics to have already been made by Pope Pius XII, in 1952. Others, the majority of conservative Catholics, I would guess, say that Pope John Paul II performed the consecration in 1984. Neither is true.
     In a letter sent to the American Bishops in 1981, John Joseph Cardinal Carberry, Archbishop of St. Louis, wrote: “Pope Pius XII of blessed memory, on October 31, 1942, in the midst of the Second World War, consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and he made an allusion which could be distinctly interpreted as referring to Russia. In 1952 on July 7, in the Apostolic Letter Sacro vergente anno he explicitly entrusted and consecrated in a very special way to the Immaculate Heart of Mary all the peoples of Russia.” Clearly, these were attempts by a great Pope to honor the wishes of the Blessed Mother. Pius XII, however, may have been so exhaustingly distracted and preoccupied by totalitarianism’s Satanic advance on four fronts at once (Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism and Zionism 4 ), that he failed to follow Mary’s directives exactly as she stipulated, that is, consecrating Russia, by name, and in union with all the Bishops of the world. That was not done. It was never done. It is yet to be done in obedience to Mary’s wishes and in accord with the condition she established for world peace. It is something we must all pray and labor for, to see accomplished sooner rather than later, for the more it is delayed, the more souls will perish and the more ground the forces of Antichrist will gain over the Church and over the nations.
     The same may be said of John Paul II’s 1984 consecration. Sister Lucy herself said the collegial consecration was not done on that occasion. A consecration took place, true enough, but it wasn’t the consecration according to the Virgin’s explicit directives. Of the 1984 event, Lucy said “there was no participation of all the bishops and there was no mention of Russia.” Therefore, it is certain, the true consecration was not done and, consequently, “many bishops attached no importance to this act.”
     All of this is crucial to know, the totality of Fatima imperative, overlooking neither the wonderful hope nor the stern warning of a terrible punishment to come. The hope: “If people do what I ask many souls will be saved and there will be peace.” The warning: “If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church; the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”
     Of the Three Secrets issued by The Virgin of Fatima, many in top positions of authority in the Church were and still are determined to bury the Third Secret, which she wanted revealed to the world in 1960. The Church hierarchy, toying with novelty, flirting with heresy and filled with the spirit of the world, was especially fearful of the release of the Third Secret, as it pointed an accusing finger directly at them. Some critics condemn the great and saintly Pope Pius XII for failing to reveal the Secret, but that’s unfair. The Pontiff died in 1958, two years before the deadline Mary gave for the Third Secret to be divulged. 5 It’s inconceivable that such a great Pope as Pius XII, had he lived two years longer, would not have obeyed Mary’s wishes according to the timeframe she established. We know in fact that a year or so before Pius died, it was 1957 to be exact, the Vatican requested that the Third Secret be forwarded from Portugal to Rome. Why would such a request be made, at that very time, other than because Pius XII was planning on sharing the much-anticipated Final Secret with the world at the appointed time?
The blame for keeping that Secret hidden must fall on the Popes that came after Pius XII, the same Popes that have systematically undermined the Faith, crippled the Church and betrayed Christ with the doctrinally subversive Council of Vatican II, a demonic spirit of novelty, ambiguity and silence in the face of great evils that have poisoned the Church ever since – and which is now even poisoning no small number of Catholic traditionalists (those, for example, foolishly desiring “full communion” with the heretics in Rome). Five Popes since 1960 – John XXIII to Francis I (not counting John Paul I who only reigned for 33 days before being murdered by assassins of the Judeo-Masonic Cryptocracy 6 ) – have failed to comply with the Mother of God’s command with regard to the Third Secret. Disobeying Heaven, they exposed the Church and the world to the fury of hell as punishment for their disobedience (together with our sinfulness).
     We all know (or should know) what errors, storms and upheavals ravaged the Church and the world from 1960 onward – beginning with the disarming of the Church Militant through the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, the Rome-Synagogue Pact (and years later the Balarmand Agreement in the same spirit of treason against Christ the King and Our Lady of Fatima); Vatican II, the New Mass and the ecclesial rupture that ensued leading a generation of priests to apostatize and millions of people to follow them to their spiritual ruin; the legalization and rapid proliferation of abortion; a skyrocketing divorce and birth control rate among Catholics; a nuclear-armed Israel; the rise of neo-pantheism in the form of the New Age movement; the narcissistic/nihilistic trend among the youth of this time; the Vietnam war, both sides of which were armed and equipped by the same traitorous multinational bankers and businessmen and evildoers in the White House and Congress; the war on men via a jingoistic or effeminate “masculinity,” on women via feminism, equality, sexual liberation and the unburdening from their holy vocation in the home; on youth via public schooling (child abuse in the classroom) and the debauchery of entertainment and culture; class and race warfare; the decriminalization and popular acceptance of sodomy, the mainstreaming of pornography; aggressive/genocidal wars and massive war crimes without end; the displacement of countless millions from war-stricken lands; the plague of famines claiming more millions of innocent lives; corporate war profiteering into the billions; billion-dollar bailouts of mega-corporations on the backs of a heavily burdened middle class; usury, inflation, and out-of-control personal and national debt; government deficit spending into the trillions of dollars; widespread political corruption, demagoguism, despotism and the brutal oppression of peoples; a terrifying and unprecedented explosion of demonic activity, possession and the worship of Satan… It’s more than likely that the crisis of faith and crisis of civilization that resulted from the Judaic-Masonic liberalism and modernism that was unleashed at the Council – a theological and moral French Revolution inside the Churchmight have been largely averted had the Third Secret been made known in 1960 as Mary stipulated, two years prior to the start-up of that infamous Council, and had Russia been consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.
     It is also purported that the Third Secret was disclosed to the world by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000. This too is false. The message that was made public by Rome in 2000 was a counterfeit, a hoax, as it left the most significant parts out, the parts that might have incriminated more than a few high-level Churchmen with the crimes of heresy, schism, scandal, blasphemy, sacrilege and apostasy.    
     There are too, as mentioned, the Errors of Russia that Mary warned about, some among the aforementioned errors and some of which remain unknown to this day to the vast majority of Catholics, including most traditional Catholics, and even unknown to, or censored by, the so-called Fatima “experts.” It might surprise our readers to learn that there are some well-known traditional Catholics who actually dismiss Fatima as of any real importance, and they do what they can to discourage it among Catholics foolish enough to listen to them, and others who value Fatima but whose grasp of the whole of the Message is tragically deficient.
     Books have been authored by certain Fatima “scholars” that are missing huge parts of the story, parts that coincidentally touch on subjects deemed forbidden, off-limits, politically incorrect, extreme paranoia, even anti-Semitic (of course!), which our fearless “experts” avoid like the plague, exulting in the glory of their fame and fortune while shunning the full Message of Our Lady and the correlative Combat for the Faith per the Fatima Mandate.
     All of this is of vital importance, leaving nothing out. If Fatima is not under-stood in its totality, it cannot be fully adhered to as the Blessed Mother and her Divine Son willed, but merely incompletely, half-heartedly and to a great extent inefficaciously. And herein lays a major problem and a formidable obstacle to Fatima. Much like Protestants, and liberal, modernist and conservative Catholics who similarly pick and choose which parts of the Doctrine of Christ and Traditions of the Church they are willing to accept and which parts they ignore or reject in a vain attempt to refute, so has it been with all too many reluctant, mediocre, timid traditionalists who do likewise with the Message of Fatima. It does not seem to matter to them that Fatima perfectly reflects and reinforces Catholic Doctrine and Tradition, and the Christian combat in both spiritual and social dimensions.
     It’s to be expected that the liberals in the Church give little or no importance to Fatima, asserting that it’s more sentimental than doctrinal, or mostly a thing of the past, or that it’s all about mercy and hope but without any application to justice and punishment. In their over-inflated pride they also can’t fathom the thought that such earth-shaking secrets of Heaven would be confided to three insignificant little children, as opposed to illustrious intellectual giants they sanctimoniously imagine themselves to be. Then there are the conservatives who, to their credit, tend to have something of a devotion to Fatima, but who nevertheless blindly follow false leaders who say that the Consecration of Russia was already done and that the Third Secret was already unveiled by the Pope, and that Mary’s Last Secret has nothing to do with all that has gone bad in the Church and the world the past 50 years, the fruit of Vatican II – and even less to do with World Jewry long engaged in the overthrow of God and the Christian nations, which things they find outrageously absurd. Ironically, they are the ones that are outrageously absurd.
     These conservatives may correctly think that Fatima still has a meaningful role to play in their private spiritual lives but wrongly believe it is any longer meant to have much impact on world affairs – and absolutely nothing to do with the combat against Organized Evil or the reestablishment of the Social Kingship of Christ. To them, the idea of the Social Kingship of Christ and Queenship of Mary in the here and now (by social is meant public, political and universal) is as foreign to their Americanist, Protestant, Masonic and Judaic way of thinking as the idea that the profane rite of the New Mass is intrinsically evil, or that Vatican II was anything less than treason against Christ and a Pact with the Devil. They are as wrongful in their view as those traditionalists who cannot see how Bishop Fellay of the Conciliar SSPX is leading the mainstream Traditional Movement into another treasonous Pact with the Devil, even if less overtly than the modernists did at the Council.
     What other ultimate meaning is there to the Consecration of Russia than the official, public, national and global Reign of Jesus through Mary, beginning in Moscow and extending throughout the world? And coming back to the main point relative to Catholics with a sufficiency of grace at least to have returned to the Traditional Mass, how many of them, nominal “traditional Catholics,” continue in their otherwise grace-deficiency – just like their liberal and conservative counterparts – by obstinately denying themselves the divine assistance to embrace the whole truth about Fatima? They conveniently embrace only those certain aspects that are strictly devotional (which is important of course, but that is not the whole of Fatima) but ignore the more controversial and demanding of them, along with the social, militant, counterrevolutionary duties that go with it; accepting those parts that require only a minimal of sacrifice on their part while rejecting those that demand great and heroic sacrifice. What kind of Catholics and true sons of Mary does that make of them? Or, of us, as the case may be? Indeed, let us be on our guard against outspoken and influential traditional Catholics that would lead souls adrift in connection with Fatima. Here’s three examples of what to be on the lookout for:
     (1) Traditional priests sounding more like liberals telling their confused flock that they are not required to believe in Fatima because, so goes the argument, it is a private rather than public revelation. As foremost Fatima authority Father Nicholas Gruner 7 always maintained, the supra-spectacular Miracle of the Sun, which 70,000+ people witnessed first-hand (including many non-believers and even staunch enemies of the Church), elevated Fatima from a private revelation to a public and prophetic one 8 (not meaning that it is part of the Deposit of Faith but definitely an officially recognized Heaven-sent apparition, miracle, prophecy and message which all members of the household of the Lord must believe, conform their lives to, defend and promote). (2) A scholar who fancies himself a traditional Catholic (but who writes much more as a liberal than a Catholic and whose books and articles are much more popular with Protestants than Catholics) has put forth the crazy notion that Fatima is largely a “distraction,” rather than an unprecedented supernatural dynamic in saving souls, rebuilding the Church and combating the Works of Satan in these wicked days. (3) A well-known journalist of celebrity status who has written extensively on Fatima and is closely affiliated with the oldest mainstream faux-traditional Catholic publication, habitually deceives his many readers by deliberately leaving out of his books, articles and talks any of the abundance of evidence linking Fatima and the Errors of Russia to the Jewish Power and the Jewish Peril, lulling his sizeable audiences to sleep (and sabotaging their ability to defend themselves and the Church against so enormous an evil) with the diabolic nonsense that this great menace of Antichristian Jewish fanaticism has nothing to do with the Mystery of Iniquity and is of no real relation to Fatima or concern to Catholics. How intelligent men can truthfully believe such utter idiocy is beyond our understanding.
     And these are just a few examples of how confused many Catholic traditionalists are when it comes to Fatima, and how this has brought many of them under the deadly influence of the Diabolic Disorientation which Sr. Lucy has warned about.
     In the current magazine we cover as many of these points, issues and deceptions as space will allow.                           ___________
   An unprecedented cataclysm hovers over the Church and the world as we approach the 100th anniversary of the miraculous intervention of the Virgin of Fatima – one-hundred years and our Church leaders and mankind in general have yet to obey her heavenly directives. Such is the madness of modern man. And as we just saw the madness is extended to traditional Catholic “experts” who, by omitting a part or parts of the Fatima Message, they compromise the WHOLE of it.
     Latter day popes, bishops and priests are certainly blameworthy for so scalding a negligence, but we faithful are no less guilty of our own terrible dereliction of duty. We’ve been given the weapons but have not made adequate use of them. If more of us prayed the Rosary, and those of us that pray it daily had prayed more fervently and got many others to pray it, Jesus and Mary might have felt compelled to free more of our traditional shepherds and lay “experts” of the errors they preach and publish on Fatima. If we had stormed Heaven with many more earnest Rosaries and First Saturday devotions and other acts of reparation, piety and mercy, and had multiplied the front-line ranks of Marian devotees through the powerful Magisterially-mandated projects and campaigns of Catholic Action, God might have already freed the pope’s stricken mind from its debilitating liberalism, and opened his hardened heart to receive the graces to finally hear and comply with the urgent Message of Fatima – as also to the voice of Catholic Tradition.         
     If we continue neglecting either the basics or the totality of Fatima, we greatly dishonor the Blessed Virgin, offend Her Divine Son, provoke Almighty God, and leave ourselves, our families, our country, Church and civilization, wide open to even greater perils than the modern apostasy, Jewish domination, nuclear war, diabolical disorientation and other current chastisements which are manifestations in these troublesome times of the divine wrath. Neglecting or minimizing the importance and immediate urgency of Fatima in all its components is to play right into the Devil’s hands and to quicken the very Reign of Antichrist!
     But instead of brooding over yesterday’s failures or obsessing over tomorrow’s woes, let us move beyond regret and anxiety and the dread of the unknown to seize the moment as Catholic men with a new resolve and a reinvigorated activism driven by a holy zeal worthy of the name Catholic. It’s the virile and Catholic thing to do – the active life rooted in the interior life – a duty of state incumbent on all Catholics, consecrated and lay. For there is absolutely nothing Catholic about prayer alone. Faith without works is dead. Charity without a zealous external application is a false charity. The Church has stressed this over and over in hundreds of calls to action in the last two centuries alone, dozens of which have been featured in the various back issues of Oportet Christum Regnare and/or in other recent writings of its editor.
     The Serpent is no match for the Mother of God, but if we don’t do our part preparing the way for her immanent and triumphant victory over hell, there is no telling how many souls and families will perish that could otherwise have been saved. That would be a terrible neglect and omission of duty to have to answer for. The present magazine issue devoted to Fatima is another weapon in your hands, to be used in conjunction with the Rosary and the whole arsenal of Fatima. Don’t just read it from cover to cover: rather, meditate on it, make the best use of it, wielding it as your sword of truth by distributing additional copies, edifying minds, rousing souls, making your influence felt.
     But the clock is ticking away and time is running out fast. The time to act is now, not later, not tomorrow, not next week, but now, today, this hour, this moment. If the Message and Mandate of Fatima were but known, how much more Catholic and less liberal, Judaic, sinful and corrupt would be the Church, our country and the world! Fatima or annihilation – it boils down to this – and it’s up to each one of us.
     Yes, the future is in God’s hands – and in Our Lady’s. But we too, soldiers in the service of our heavenly Queen, have a role to play and indeed can make a difference.
     Soldiers of Christ – we know what we must do! Soldiers are meant for battle. Let us, then, going forth with much faith, confidence and courage, battle on.
Hugh Akins +
1 Cardinal Ratzinger himself (the future Pope Benedict XVI) confessed that part of the Secret which the Vatican withheld from the world in 2000 spoke of “a bad council and a bad Mass,” according to the testimony of Benedict’s close friend and confidant, Father Ingo Dollinger.
2 Regular readers of this publication know that President Putin, with all his shortcomings, is not only a defender of Christianity, but that he has already on a few occasions shown great personal and official interest in Fatima and the Consecration of his native Russia.
3 Father Leonard Feeney correctly stated in an article titled “Our Lady of Fatima Warned Us,” (The Point, May, 1957), that Bolshevism and Zionism were Russia’s two greatest errors.
4 Unknown to most Catholics, Pius XII was very concerned at this time with the frightful prospects of violent Zionist Jews, materially supported by very powerful Zionist Jews and “Christians” of Wall Street, Washington and London, gaining a strong foothold in the Holy Land. Having received numerous disturbing reports from trusted churchmen abroad, he, like they, greatly deplored “Israeli incursions” and “Jewish imperialism.” The historic facts remain regardless how much they have been deliberately censored by an increasingly Judaized Church, media and world, and how few even learned traditional Catholics know of such things today.
5 Sister Lucy was actually of the opinion that this Secret should not have been made known before 1960, because she explained the contents would not have been as clearly understood beforehand. Events of 1960 and immediately after had to come to pass first, to make that Secret better understood. A number of competent scholars are of the opinion (and we agree with them) that one such future event was certainly the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).
6 Adding still more suspicions to his already highly questionable premature demise, John Paul I happened to be very interested in Fatima. He had met with Sister Lucy while he was yet Cardinal Luciani, and possibly would have made the Third Secret known during his reign. It is not far-fetched, given all that is known about such criminal intrigues in the Vatican, Rome, Italy, and everywhere else, to consider as a strong possibility that one of the reasons the Pope was murdered was to keep him from unveiling the Third Secret.
7 Fr. Gruner, RIP, was the exception to the rule of Fatima “experts” withholding key parts of the Fatima Message. No one has done more than he to uphold and propagate the whole of Fatima, as evidenced by his years of selfless labors as the “Fatima Priest,” by his worldwide Marian apostolate that even assisted a number of cardinals, bishops and clergy to become more Fatima-minded, by rocking the boat on Fatima among Vatican liberals, Freemasons and their Talmudic Overlords, by his efforts exposing the Jewish Peril such as his strong promotion of the works of Fr. Kramer, which dealt with the evil of Zionism as well as the other issues connected to Fatima, by his maintaining friendly and public relations with such leading anti-Zionist publications as American Free Press and The Barnes Review, and by his expressed intentions of giving my book, Synagogue Rising, a very broad dissemination among his huge number of supporters. He told a mutual priest friend that he wanted to fund a 2nd printing of 50,000 copies of the book, and followed up by asking a member of his Fatima Center advisory committee to begin preparations for that project (Synagogue Rising addresses all those components of the Fatima message that others expediently disregard or censor). Fr. Gruner was called to his eternal reward before he could follow through on those plans. And speaking of Fr. Gruner, it saddens me to say so but it needs pointing out: the NY/Canada-based Fatima Center (FC) that he founded and wonderfully directed for more than four decades has, much like the SSPX and also like the Society after having done much good, has taken a wrong turn following each of their saintly founders’ passing into eternity. Both SSPX and the FC are now either in liberal or incompetent hands. It can only be one or the other, realizing our worst fears. As for the FC, look no further than the latest mailing (March, 2017), a booklet by Matt Gaspers titled Fatima, Islam and Our Lady’s Coming Triumph, which, while presenting much truth, is nonetheless riddled with brazen falsehoods, omissions, innuendos, and most disgraceful of all, nothing less than Zionist propaganda about Islam, Judaism, Putin and Russia, thereby lending considerable credibility to the lies perpetuated by the Synagogue of Satan AND AGAINST THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA – an undeniable characteristic of contemporary traditional Catholics in general. After 40 years of promoting the Fatima Center, this writer now finds himself in the difficult position of not being able to dissuade League members, subscribers, friends and supporters who feel morally compelled to no longer support the Fatima Center (I know of several dozens). It’s all too tragic that it has come to this but, to continue supporting them, it is convincingly argued by intelligent and pious Fatima votaries, would be to encourage them in the Zionist disinformation they just published and thereby to contribute to the anti-Fatima diabolic disorientation. – Ed.
8 Confirming what Fr. Gruner believed, Cardinal Ribeiro of Lisbon made this observation in 1972: “The Cova da Iria is truly the altar of the world.” It is that for certain. But His Eminence would not have said such a thing were Fatima nothing more than a private prophecy.