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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tanks on Move Near Oroville Dam – Big Story Unfolding

Tanks on Move Near Oroville Dam – Big Story Unfolding
It started out as a simple story coming from Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio. Paul reported to me that there sightings of tanks in Marysville, CA., which is just south of the beleaguered Oroville Dam. This is both unusual and unprecedented.

What If the Oroville Dam Collapses?

Paul and I executed a podcast to cover this event although out main focus continued to be what would happen if the Oroville Dam fails. As an aside the number two rice-producing region in the world would be destroyed and there would be no recovery for 3-5 years. The number winter fruit and vegetable growing area would also be destroyed. This would add up to the beginning of famine, not just in the United States but in the world. Additionally, about 20-25% of retail and agriculture for the US comes out of California. The port of Los Angeles is the largest in the world. Goods could be off-loaded, but with the Central Valley under water, resulting from the dam break, there would be little to no distribution of goods and food and the US economy would collapse. And did I forget to mention the danger to nuclear power plants and the 2.5 million people in the Central Valley of California who would be at immediate risk?

Multiple Reports of Tanks in Northern California

Paul Preston later contacted me to tell me that there were reports of tanks and heavy military equipment in the Marysville, CA., area. Shortly are after receiving Paul’s report, I had two more reports on my email. In addition, Paul Preston’s site was also running a report on tanks in No. California.
After receiving the first credible reports on tank movements in NO CAL, I filed this report. It connects the dots between those who have a motive to allow the dam to fail and who would benefit from the spread of utter chaos.

Additionally, when more reports surfaced regarding tank movements in Northern Colorado, I filed this report in response.

More Reports From Around the Country

At first I thought the deployment of tanks No. California was solely about the Oroville Dam. The following is an email I received just over a week ago and it is typical of several communications that I have received.
I have written to you before to express concern over the lack of security at the nuclear power plant that I work at. Well, recently, we have received more attention from Homeland. When I asked why, I was told that “we are going to war and your facility is a likely target”.  As you may recall, we are located in the Oceanside, CA. area.  I think this threat is real for a lot of reasons. 
Thanks for all you do. 
Name withheld by request
Yesterday, as I was discussing these event with Mike Roach, the editorial director of Before Its News, he said he had uncovered information from last year that indicated that dams on the Mississippi River were vulnerable to attack and if they failed, the country could effectively be cut in half. His writers were not interested in the story at that time. We both agreed, it might be time to resurface this story.


Clearly, the Trump administration is expecting attacks on critical infrastructure. There are other implications that I want to cover with regard to this story.
  1. The Oroville Dam is going to fail. Key members of the No. Cal Tea Party are requesting that people evacuate the Central Valley for their own benefit and safety.
  3. WE should be expecting attacks upon our critical infrastructure and you, as an individual, should take every precaution to get ready. This means the accumulation and storing of food, guns, gold, water and medicine.
  5. False flags will clearly be in evidence.
  7. It is probable that we are heading for a major economic catastrophe.
As Steve Quayle says, what is coming is no longer coming, it is here.