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Friday, March 24, 2017

Bombshell from Vatican: Benedict and Francis "in complete disagreement", "never talk to one another"

Bombshell from Vatican: Benedict and Francis "in complete disagreement", "never talk to one another"
Fr. Kramer follows up on this latest breaking story
For 40 years I have been telling people that the crisis in the Church that began after Vatican II would lead to a split in the Church, when there will be two popes. Unlike in past centuries when the papal claimants were rivals who rejected the other's claim, Benedict & Bergoglio thus far have been co-claimants, who both claim the Petrine munus, but both, thus far, accept the other's claim. That will soon change, since the relationship between the two becomes more strained with each passing day. It is inevitable, and is foretold in prophecy: The two co-claimants will become rival claimants: True Pope and false pope (antipope).
I always said you will be able to tell which one is the false pope, because he will permit things like divorce & re-marriage, etc. — and many other such things that a Catholic pope would never allow. Francis is a heretic. He has openly and explicitly rejected Christ's teaching to preach the Gospel to all nations and convert them to our Christian faith, saying it is "solemn nonsense". Francis says it is wrong to do that! He has also openly declared the heresy that faith is not needed for justification and redemption, but that even atheists who follow their conscience are without sin and can gain redemption. He is not a Catholic, but is a heretic.
     Bergoglio's pertinacity is manifest and notorious. He obstinately rejects many manifest & defined dogmas. The conciliar popes like  Paul VI, John Paul II, & Benedict XVI expressed heretical opinions, but pertinacity was not patent: but unlike Bergoglio, they did not directly deny manifest dogmas that are known to even the most ignorant Catbolics, and dogmas that pertain to thd Natural Law.  The Conciliar Popes were certainly material heretics, not entirely innocent (invincible ignorance), but ignorant nevertheless, an therecore culpable but not pertinacious. Even St. Robert Bellarmine who favoured the opinion that a pope cannot be a formal heretic, wrote that a pope can be a a material heretic due to ignorance. Such ignorance can even be culpable, but without the obstinate and knowing refusal to believe, there is no pertinacity, which is the form of the sin of heresy. The conciliar popes were valid popes, since there was no manifest pertinacity. Since Pope Benedict XVI did not renounce the Petrine munus, but explicitly stated his intention to retain it, his "resignation" is null & void, sinnce a valid papal resignation requires a properly expressed (rite manifestetur) renunciation of the munus (Canon 332 § 2. Si contingat ut Romanus Pontifex muneri suo renuntiet, ad validitatem requiritur ut renuntiatio libere fiat et rite manifestetur, non vero ut a quopiam acceptetur.)
     When the break between the two papal claimants takes place, there will be clearly two rival popes and Churches (as foretold by Blessed Anna Katherine Emmerich): Pope Benedict XVI over the Catholic Church, and Antipope Francis over the counterfeit church, that will call itself Catholic, but in reality will be  (and in some places already is) worse than the "reformed curches" of the Sixteenth Century.

Fr. Paul Kramer
Fr. Kramer "Apostate Antipope Francis & One World Religion"