"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, March 24, 2017

Fr Cristoforo fires back at False Trad Heretic Skojec

Fr Cristoforo fires back at False Trad Heretic Skojec
Loosely translated...
The effect Among Cristoforo (article OnePeterFive) and reflections on the purpose of our blog "Finan of LindisfarneAn article by Steve Skojec of OnePeterFive is entitled "Anonymity, misinformation and trust: The effect Among Cristoforo."

I will be sincere.This reporter is a serious Catholic (? not hardly) and has a position -from his point of view- honest and irreproachable.Wonders fact as Anonymous of the Cross has been able to achieve fame and make 700,000 views in two months (there I also ask us ...).He feels trap smells. As if the drafts reporting Among Cristoforo were subject to the "too good to be true."His hypothesis, on which points (but not totally), is that our blog can also be a kind of tactic of deliberate "disinformation" regime - which is usually made in the days of communism in the Soviet Union.Ie, claims Steve Skojec, our ability (that of the drafts of Fra Cristoforo), would be to mix things up with plausible false things, exploiting the gullible Catholics wave of pessimism that pervades the believers in this time of confusion.However -and this event demonstrate seriousness and genuine search for the truth of this American-journalist leaves the outstanding issue with that attitude devoid of slander and peremptory judgments.After following the Cristoforo Among items with a mixture of interest and suspicion, Skojec reiterates that no assurance that the Cross Anonymous is voluntarily involved in an operation of misinformation: that if anything until Fra Cristoforo will not come out into the open to reveal their name given that these battles are fought openly.Calls for this to exert a degree of skepticism towards the drafts, even when it happens that Among Cristoforo able to hit a couple of predictions.If it will prove to be true, says Steve, all right. But we do not think that this can not be a tactic used by the congregation (in English "cabal", I assume you refer to the Freemasons, editor's note)!Among cristoforo if it proves true or forger, there will still be other unreliable sources of information. We try not to be gullible because things go wrong.His advice, in closing: walk with caution. Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you when you read certain items. And without letting their guard against the evil assaults.-This article made me think seriously.Apart from the question of the "strategy" KGB-like, that made me smile, gave me an opportunity to re-think the purpose of this blog and share it with readers.As I have repeated many times, we ourselves spectators of drafts, which Fra Cristoforo returns as an ambassador.Do you think we can we deal with coolness and fun these matters so delicate? Absolutely not!Those who read the blog every day you will realize that Among Cristoforo is a real priest. Or if, however, the player does not have the mathematical certainty, warns him in the heart.On the fact of anonymity, however, it remains a deliberate choice. If the times to come will be those who may think, then it will be useful to organize. Needless would stupidly go to slaughter. Because if the Lord has condemned those who are ashamed of him before men, on the other hand advised to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Besides, if you will give life, it gives when the Lord wills it.Back to say that you really need a point of reference for all. And our initial appeal to all journalists of Catholic websites (they have responded only two) was just indicating our intent to come together. Until everybody will follow his own path, vying over who "has more discernment", we get to focus on the real problem.It 's true, we were perhaps bold in speaking that way to the Cardinals of dubia. But in good faith and based on the information we have received. On the net we continue to say that we have discredited them. It 'obvious that it is not read well what we wrote and did not understand our intent.Our appeal is proportional to the urgency of the situation. It seems that everyone is asleep again -even the bergogliani FIRST ORA behind it is not clear what type of security, while the situation of the Church (which is not only the Pope and the bishops, but all of us) precipitates.Every day I hope to read in the newspapers that a holy bishop or a cardinal had the courage to publicly oppose the Pope. But then I think, what would happen? And it is perhaps what prompted Muller to curb 4 Cardinals.

The question is not so simple. And we too can live this way. Rightly we write articles and allow ourselves "poetic license." They would be at the forefront. But our role is also to be able to squeal, scream, shake. This is the net today. And this is the mode that we all share. From the most respected journalists antibergogliani (which in other times would have been put in exile or the stake as opposed to the ecclesiastical hierarchy), to bloggers like us.If this blog will serve to something, it has been first of all seek the truth in this chaos, as is presumably trying to do all Catholics who write network.Our source tells us the information and we spifferiamo to you readers. Meanwhile -like you- expect.There may be one day - not far - in which those who want to attend a true Mass, I will have to do at home or privately. For this anonymity tomorrow will be useful. It does not necessarily mean to be cowards or lacking in virility. It will be functional to form a network of Catholics who want to preserve their faith away from that "extravagant church" mentioned by the Blessed Emmerich.I read today in the network and on social reactions of many - after reading the article by Skojec - who are launching warnings against us. We accept good-hearted, because we are fully aware of what may sound difficult to read certain content. But we still encourage you to be patient-with us- in having confirmation of what we go blurting. Adding the request to pray for us. Currently there are some confirmations of our drafts and others to verify.We are not the enemy to fight us.To conclude the article by Skojec, I make my own his invitation, which is an invitation to prayer, and therefore to be taken seriously enough, despite their differences: walk with prudence and pray to the Holy Spirit when you read certain content on the net .The Holy Spirit really enlighten you on these days.One thing is really mathematics: the confusion comes from the 'root'. If it had not started from the root, we 'branches' of the same tree we would not be constantly in viviere differences.Finan Lindisfarne

TCK:  Skojec is a classic "conservative" Novus Ordite heretic pretending to be Catholic