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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are You’re Spidey Senses Tingling Yet?

 Are You’re Spidey Senses Tingling Yet?
By:  Eric Gajewski

Danger!  It seems on all fronts that we are being deceived.  Whether it is politically, economically or theologically many more are beginning to have their “spidey senses” tingling.  Let us face it we know who the real fake news is.  It is those who are running the mainstream media outlets.  It is those in both parties politically.  It is those in the Vatican trying to pass off their new religion as “Catholic”.  It is those in the U.N hiding behind environmentalism trying to put together a world government.  It is the Synagogue of Satan who are trying to usher in their new false messiah into the world.  And so on and so forth.  It is truly nice to hear from people who message me saying that they are now seeing what I have been saying all along.  It takes time and effort but the majority have neither apparently.  I ask this question today in general “Are you’re spidey senses tingling yet?”  Are you beginning to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together?  I hope so for what good does it do to put on the spidey suit and not have the gift to sense danger.  Let us take a look at four main areas and analyze.

 Spider Senses are starting to tingle! 

Danger, we are in the endtimes.  So many “Catholics” would laugh you off at first.  However, more recent Popes including Pope St. Pius X have indicated we may be at the end of the rope.  Have you noticed that the modernists of Vatican II are so hopeful for their cause but try to make it seem like the “prophets of doom” are crazy?  Why?  They need to get you to but into their program (which is not Catholic).  Consider all the signs we see whether they are in the heavens or we are talking on the latest days of lot news.  People trying to have sexual relations with robots, children decapitating their parents heads, the chilling of charity, etc  Truth is so hard to find these days and it certainly not coming from the Vatican so what do you expect.?  Consider the endtime scoffers playing their part in fulfilling the Word of God.  Our Lady said at LaSalette that the true children of Light who would recognize this is the end would be FEW (not the majority).  Spend more time on tradcatknight and perhaps you’re spidey sense will begin to tingle.

"2 Peter 3: Endtime Scoffers" 

Danger, Planet X and this pole shift is real.  What?  Yes, you heard me.  There are still too many “Catholics” who do not take these earth changes we are seeing seriously.  On all levels “things” are intensifying (earthquakes, sinkholes, meteors).  Planet X can directly be found in Scripture (the Sign of the Son of Man).  The early church Fathers said it would be some sort of sign seen in the skies literally.  Planet X eventually will be seen in the sky as a red cross.  Fr. Malachi Martin attested to this as well as the dozens of other reputable Planet X researchers suggest.  Our Lady of LaSalette warned of this ongoing pole shift which is causing the strange weather (largely).  Our Lord directly warned Marie Julie Jahenny of a “Radiant Planet” to come to punish the Jews for their conspiracy against Him and His Church.  Scripture gives reference to these New World Order kings and men in general fleeing for their underground bunkers to try and live.  Ain’t gonna happen.  They will die, as well as all those who are not in a state of grace, regardless of where they are in the world.  Don’t be fooled by some of these videos circulating online saying there are already photos of planet x because there truly isn’t.  We still have some ways to go before we eventually see that Red Cross in the sky.  However, we will apparently be seeing the Warning soon to come wherein two stars will seemingly collide and leave behind a third.  This “star” to remain after will be pitched by the mainstream media as a spaceship and Antichrist Maitreya will claim “those experiences’ behind that event.  So they say.  Are you not paying attention to all of the earth changes in more recent times?  Even Our Lady said these were the last warnings before World War 3.

TradCatKnight Exclusive: "The Sign of the Son of Man"  

Danger, Vatican II is not Catholic.  The vast majority were deceived at first by Vatican II.  However, we have the luxury (at the tail end of this apostasy) of being able to look back and connect all the dots to this apostasy.  As I have mentioned Vatican II is truly a bad “B horror movie”. It is a complete rip-off of Catholicism which so many are still following.  However, as of late (thanks to Francis) the spidey senses of a good number have been tingling.  What is going on with Francis is not the question we ought be asking.  The greater question is why are so many still not correctly identifying what is Catholic and what is not?  Archbishop Lefebvre over time finally got it.  The modernists were trying to sucker the SSPX back into the Conciliar Church only to be destroyed.  Bishop Fellay doesn’t get it as he just wants “justice”.  Sadly, the NeoSSPX now says we can accept Vatican II in light of Tradition.  No spidey senses at all for these false traddies.  I remember the last time I was in the Novus Ordo and my spidey senses (aka the Holy Ghost) were going off!  Get out!  And I did….The Catholic Faith does not reside in the “mainstream buildings anymore.  Now that I think about it Vatican II and Francis would make a great comic book itself but sadly we are living “the reality”.  We must continue to pray and fight THE FEW who see clearly (which doesn’t describe these false traditionalist groups/apologists).  

Marie Julie Jahenny "Warnings On Novus Ordo & Planet X"  

Francis not the true Pope.  This is the most recent trend we have in the Church.  More and more people from all the varying “camps” are beginning to see Francis is a true Antipope.  This is bothering some to the point that they must now actually try to defend against it.  Recently, I saw some sad and very pathetic attempt by some false trad priest of the FSSP trying to assert Francis is still the Pope.  Doesn’t surprise me who wrote such a delusional piece considering he still follows Vatican II.  People like their “wonderland”.  It is truly in fantasyland these false traditionalists live in.  A poll I ran last quarter for the website indicated that well over 80% thought Benedict XVI was still Pope given ALL of the evidences collected at this point.  That trend continues to move in our favor daily.  If you’re spidey senses are not going off yet just wait a little longer.  Let us see what “doctrinal rabbit”  Francis will pull out of the hat.  Mad times have in it mad people in it as St. Anthony the Great forewarned.  Thus, it is not the majority who are SANE and who are GETTING IT!  Do you understand now?  Again, the false traddies are apart of that crowd.  They don’t get it either due to pride and/or ignorance.

In closing, can you think of any other areas that your spidey senses have gone off on this past year or so?  What have you woken up to?  The New World Order?  Geo-engineering? Project Bluembeam and the phony ufo/alien invasion coming?   So many areas to consider in this endtimes deception!  Leave your comments below….